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How do I enroll in an energy efficiency program?

Texas Utilities Offer Energy Efficiency Programs

CenterPoint Energy offers a program they call the Commercial and Industrial Retro-Commissioning Program. This program would benefit Houston Texas area commercial and industrial businesses who want to save more money on their electric bill by taking steps to update some of their old boilers, light ballasts, and other energy hogs. CenterPoint will come into the facility and locate low cost ways to retrofit the facility to save on peak demand costs. A licensed agent from CenterPoint will come in for free to do a detailed study and suggest the needed changes as well as assist with the changes in exchange that the facility will invest at least $10,000 in some of the recommended ideas.

Facility Services Managers Can Reduce Electricity

The new energy efficiency program CenterPoint offers is similar to an engine tune-up for your car. It doesn’t cost a lot but will save your company money in short order. The Retro-Commissioning Program is set up to achieve both energy and peak demand savings in the Houston area. A systematic evaluation of the electric energy-using systems and machines combined with an immediate implementation of low-cost retro-fitting measures will dramtically reduce electricity costs. This is a win win as CenterPoint does not have to build additional infrastructure if customers will become more energy efficient. This free service will give a facility a competitive edge and can easily justify a facility services manager’s job and salary.

Why is CenterPoint Doing This For Free?

According to Senate Bill 7 passed by the Texas Legislature in 1999 they have too. The Houston Utility must meet a 10% reduction in its annual utility area demand growth.

The Process

To Retro-fit the facility there are two simple steps:


The CenterPoint Energy Consultant will evaluate the energy-using systems in the facility and their condition. They will look for low cost opportunities to improve the energy performance of these systems. A detailed written report shows all the ways to improve the facilities efficiency.


To implement the recommendations you can either select a contractor of your choice or have your own staff implement the agreed upon changes to the facility. The recommendations provided have a 1 year back or less making the financial aspect of it a no brainer. All facility managers in Texas should be jumping on board to do this program and if they are not then why not? The only requirement is that you do have to make a minimum investment of $10,000 and have the project completed in 1 year.

Retro-Commissioning Changes

Non-optional control strategies are made more flexible, faulty equipment is replaced; nothing is left deferred but is handled in one quick stroke across the board. Facility Owner’s generally are not aware just how much they could save by changing some things in their facility. CenterPoint brings the brains to you so there is no need to stress as they will study the facility and provide a written report detailing what needs to be done.

Extra Benefits To The Facility

The changes can result in:

Reduced Maintenance And Repair Costs

Extend The Life Of The Facilities Equipment

More Comfortable Work Environment

Ability To Work With Expert Engineers

Learn About Effective Building Operation

Identify Capital Projects Funded By CenterPoint Energy

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