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Texas State Credit and Reimbursements for Energy Efficient Homes

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Have you heard that the state will reimburse you in whole or atleast in part for doing things to your home to make it more energy efficient like buying those LED or halogen lightbulbs and replacing old air conditioners? Your right, the government will provide assistance and to find out how you only have to check the Governments Database on Energy Efficient Credits.

Texas Energy Efficient Credits Database

Now you are rewarded for using less energy. What could be a better way to encourage the state to go green then by giving you cold hard cash? This database should make it easy to find the program and steps to take to increase your homes energy efficiency. Businesses can take advantage of these programs too and just add that money to the bottom line. The initial investment is usually under $10,000 on the high end and as low as $1,000 for homes. You will usually make this money back in one year and the government will give you money for doing it. Think about it, the utilities do not have to build out additonal power infrastructure which saves them money, and helps the environment. If we can have one less coal fired power plant burning then just think of the benefits you provide your state by getting started with this program. It’s worth it to take a look.

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  1. Daniel

    my question is if I spend approximately 20,000 dollars in converting my home into solar powered house, how much is the government going to help me with and-or give me back at the time of the income tax return from this single investment.

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