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Cold Fusion

Cold fusion is one of those sciences that most professors will snicker at because it always comes out in pseudo science reports and news organizations but never hits the respected science journals. There was that radioactive boy scout several years ago that tried to make a nuclear reaction using content from smoke detectors and you occasionally hear of similar students making fusion in their basements. The problem arises when you try and reproduce the experiment claims. The claims can never be reproduced in a laboratory and people are left wondering if this pursuit in the cold fusion arena is just a big sham. For a chemist or physics professor to make mention of cold fusion too often in a positive way could group him with some of the loonies so you usually don’t hear much about it. This has changed of recent as the US navy’s Space and naval warfare systems center (SPAWAR) in  San Diego, 

California has produced verifiable fusion that isn’t exactly cold fusion but is based on similar ideas. The results can be easily reproduced in a lab environment . So far the experiment has been reproduced several times by quite a few notable scientists.

This is a low energy nuclear reaction cell that was made at the University of California, Berkeley, US. The University is attempting to reproduce the experiments that the US Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center, San Diego were able to produce. 
Cold Fusion

The Pons and Martin Fleischmann experiment of 1989 started off the cold fusion debates and the squawk box of fusion energy has come and gone during these many years. The debate is back and people are beginning to talk. Pons and Martin claimed that nuclei could be forced to fuse and release excess energy at regular room temperature. This research could not be reproduced every time but it could on a sporadic basis. This was not enough to give the experiment the needed press but it did make it necessary to perform further study on this new energy source. The American Chemical Society will be holding a new long waited fusion conference that will delve into these new experiments by the Navy’s SPAWAR center. This time the experiments can be reproduced and the publicity and debate could spur on more studies into producing a new energy source.Appearing at conferences and symposiums regarding cold fusion will allow the scientific community to accept fusion as real science and allow more educators and researchers to work on making fusion technology. Because the cold fusion experiment is easily reproducible it should be a success as these conferences get going.  Also having these new papers and cold fusion experiments accepted into peer reviewed scientific journals will be major starting point to making this energy source an acceptable scientific subject worth talking about.

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