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Oncor Electric Delivery

There are energy efficiency programs for manufacturers in cooperation with the state of Texas and Oncor Electric Delivery previously TXU Electric Delivery. Oncor serves the Dallas Fort Worth metropolitan area of the state and can assist in retrofitting a manufacturing facility with the needed demand saving devices and measures to drastically cut the cost of the facilities electricity. In some cases a return on a minimum $10,000 investment in energy saving steps can show a 50% return on investment in 1 year. Try making that in the stock market in a year!

Generally money is enough incentive to get started. Where do I start?

To get started you need to become familiar with Oncor Electric Deliveries steps. There are a few pages of application information you need to fill out regarding the facility to qualify and inform the Oncor agent who will be assisting you along in the process of adding 10’s of thousands of dollars to the bottom line. This doesn’t just benefit you but benefits Oncor as well and the state. Less plants and electricity infrastructure needs to be built if demand loads are reduced in energy consuming facilities like manufacturing facilities. The Energy delivery company have just as much to gain as you do and are required by the state to meet a certain goal each year so if you don’t find them first they may eventually be calling or knocking on your door.

Energy Efficiency Program

If you want to take advantage of some load management programs to bring down the electricity demand used in the facility during peak demand times then you can effectively add even more dollars to the bottom line. Oncor has a few steps you can take to benefit in this way as well with their load management program.

Oncor Load Management Program

Again, these programs are for the Dallas and Fort Worth Texas area for industrial and manufacturing facilities. These services are mainly free services with a small investment from the company which is usually recouped in less then a year.

If you have further questions about this or need help with the process you can give us a call and we can do the leg work for you.
Speak to one of our energy consultants at 1-800-971-4020

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  1. Martin Thomson

    I live at 1406 byron ave. Odessa tx.
    I would like someone to check the alley
    in that area the trees are in the
    power lines.I hope this is the right
    place to let you know about this
    problem. Thanks.

  2. Anonymous

    Oncor sucks. Ever watch their people in trucks just sit around and talk, and we pay for this BS in our bills. I need to put my application into occur as I am a class A BS person. I will bet I can waste more than they can. geez, this whole thing sucks with their hands in the pot. ONCOR SUCKS.

  3. I figured out why Oncor Delivery came out to my house yesterday. The electric company that resells or leases lines to my electric company was probably whining because they can't rack up profits on my electric bill like in past especially in summer time when the electric company makes their highest profits, and notice my bill usage is lower than some of my neighbors for last 2 years. A friend of mine told me the electric company sends out Oncor Delivery to pull meter off to see if anyone has tampered with or tryed to roll back readings.

    Well I have news for you reseller, I don't cheat! I invested and insulated my attic with 4 inches of insulation, tore out sheetrock in hottest backroom of my house and insulated walls with John Manville insulation, installed vents at gable ends of house, built solar window screens for my windows, added high velocity fans in rooms to circulate my air, and push up thermostat in summer.

    In your face electric reseller! That's why my electric bills are lower. Don't be coming up with some lame story about electric meters are defective and try to back charge customers on their electric bill that insulated their houses to lower electric usage either.

  4. mark schneberger

    Oncor has been insisting on destroying a 100 yr old tree that is 6 ft away from their power lines instead of "their" mandated 7 ft. This tree HAS NEVER interfered with their lines and NEVER WILL! Their is absolutely NO common sense. Nor do they provide any recourse. No route for arbitration. Nothing but our way or the highway. ONCOR SUCKS !

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