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Houston Texas Electric Company

Houston TDSP Charges and Comparing Electric Companies

When you live in Texas you will notice that you will always have to pay a TDSP charge to Centerpoint Energy in order for them to maintain the pole and wires that connect up to your home or business. There is no way around this. They have a monopoly over the wires and you may see there is not an additional set of wires coming to your facility for you to be able to call an alternate company to somehow achieve a lower charge on your TDSP portion on the electric bill.

You Can Negotiate A Lower Electric Rate Then You May Think

That all being said you can negotiate a lower electric rate for the energy only portion on the bill. This is the commodity rate that the Retail Electric Provider charges you. They go out and buy energy that has been generated from coal, wind, natural gas, nuclear, and hydrogen power and then convert it to a fixed or variable electric rate. For most companies a fixed electric rate would be the way to go but for those of you who do not have enough historical usage on the books you might want to try a variable rate for about 6 months and then convert it into fixed once the providers are better able to determine just how you use your energy. Another great thing about commercial variable rates is the fact that they have averaged lower then the average fixed rate over the last 2 1/2 years. The commercial variable rate is also known as the MCPE rate and is managed by the Texas grid management system (ERCOT).

Here Is Where To Go To Compare Electric Companies Each Month

If you would like to compare electric rates in Houston Texas you can go to the following webpage to look at a few of the most competitive retail electric providers for the month. These electric rates are updated each month.

Houston Electric Company Rate Comparison

If you would like to know more about fixed rate and variable rate options for your Houston Company then please feel free to give an energy consultant a call today.

Speak to an Energy Consultant

For Houston Residential Customers Needing To Compare Rates

If you are looking for a low cost residential electric rate or just the consumer choice for the best residential electric provider in Texas then we have researched a few that have rates that are as near to the bottom of the retail electric rate as you can go.

Startex Power usually has the best 12 month fixed rate. Here is their discount link: Startex Discount 12 month fixed rate offer

Need a Rate with No Deposit Required?

Bounce Energy offers a low rate with no monthly customer charge, a no deposit electric rate with those with bad credit and other flexible terms and options. This Texas electric provider has a very good system in place for taking care of their customers by billing them accurately, proactively moving them to a lower electric rate when available and other popular fixed rate terms and renewable energy choices.

To compare updated Texas residential electric rate be sure to visit our current Texas residential electric rates page.

If you would like to compare with another provider that offers close to the same prices as well as a competitive residential variable rate then we recommend Startex Power. They have a monthly variable rate that makes it so you do not have to be locked into a contract for any set period of time. The rate follows the natural gas market so it can be very low at times and potentially higher then you may want at times. This is a good rate if you just do not want to be locked into a contract.

Startex Power Residential Rate Plans

If you need to track the variable rate each month to see where it is at from month to month that is easily done. Startex offers a webpage that updates this variable rate so you can manage your homes energy expenses each month without being left in the dark.

Check it out here.

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