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Spark Energy Houston

Spark Energy’s discount promotional code offered through this site has expired. You may compare multiple electricity providers in Houston by using our comparison tool. Just enter your zip code to get started. The Houston electricity rate chart compares prices from cheapest to most expensive and averages in all fees and charges. We attempt to make every rate as clear and transparent as possible so you know exactly what your rate will be without having a surprise later on your first months electric bill.

Feel free to call us with any questions you may have about Spark Energy and their electricity rate plans at 1-800-971-4020.

Spark Energy is headquartered in Houston Texas and has been in business since the Texas electricity market became deregulated back in 2002. They have gone through some management changes and at this time provide ethical business practices and low prices on electric rates for both residential and commercial customers in Texas. The energy company also provides natural gas sales in several states and for large commercial facilities in Texas. At this time the residential market is not participating in the natural gas deregulation process. Because of this residential customers have to use the natural gas provider in their area wich is generally either Centerpoint or Atmos Energy.

Houston Texas Energy Companies

Houston Texas actually has several energy companies headquartered in the metro area and if you remember Enron at one time was located here. Enron is now bankrupt and no longer in business but as you can see the city of Houston is a very large energy corridor for the state of Texas.

How Does Spark Energy Compare

Spark Energy continues to compare very well with several other electric providers. Energy brokers can assist in bringing the Spark Energy Electric rate down further through the reverse auction process where multiple electric providers compete for a commercial accounts business. The reverse bid assists Texas companies in achieving an electric rate they would not be able to achieve on their own. There are two ways that assist in lowering the rate. The reverse auction we have already talked about is one way and the aggregation service we provide is the other means. By aggregating several businesses in Houston and throughout the state into a large usage account where each business in the account has the same load factor we are able to provide a truly discounted electric rate that would not otherwise be possible.

Harris County Texas Electric Company Best Rate Comparison

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To learn more about achieving a discount electric rate through Spark Energy or another provider in Houston Texas click here.

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  1. David Suchowiecky

    Our Spark Electricity bill was the same as the month before even though we experienced 15 days without electricity due to hurricane Ike. We need an adjustment on our next bill since the $500 + bill was already paid automatically. Please reply to my cell 713-865-1077 or by email dsuchowiecky@comcast.net

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