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Cirro Energy Residential Electric Rates

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Understanding Cirro Energy’s Variable Rate Plan

I was speaking with a few different people today regarding the Cirro Energy Residential Electric Rate. The electric rate was quoted to me in the TXU\Oncor area which is the Dallas area as being at 10.45 cents per kwh for 12 months. The lady said this was a fixed rate for 12 months. This would be a great energy rate for 12 months if this were in fact true. I haven’t seen a 12 month rate that low in a couple months. I went out to the Cirro Energy facts label to verify if this was accurate. The facts label shows that the 12 month rate is a changing rate. Prior to the decrease to 10.45 cents a kwh the rate was at 11.36 cents kwh. So far the rate does not seem that bad but the rate also includes a $5.25 monthly customer service charge if you do not use over 1,000 kwh of energy a month. There is also a $4.95 monthly meter read fee that all customers must pay. This is more then $10 a month in additional charges a Cirro Energy customer might have to pay in addition to the kwh charges. At the least the customer will need to pay the $4.95 meter read fee in additional charges. If you end up having to pay both of the extra charges your rate would be around 11.4 cents kwh. This is comparable to other fixed rates but for a variable rate plan you are locked in to this would be terrible. You are locked into a rate you have no idea what it will do. A variable rate plan should let you out at any time. The provider is protected but you the consumer are locked in regardless of what the market may do. Because of the advantage the energy provider has you would expect to see a variable rate like this a little lower then 11.4 cents on the first month since you can already lock in at this price on a fixed hedged energy price. I would recommend avoiding this rate plan as it is bent more in the advantage of the electric provider then the consumer.

Trying To Get Accurate Rate Plan Information

I tried to get information on what customers have historically had to pay after the 1st months electric rate from Cirro Energy but they were unable to provide to me this information. The 12 month variable rate plan seems a little fishy to me and I would not contract in for 12 months on a rate you have no idea what it will do over the entire 12 month term. If the company would provide some historical data on how the energy rate performs I might be more inclined to appreciate the variable rate but there is nothing available and the extra charges you have to pay are abnormal in comparison to some of the other Retail Electric Provider’s out there in the Texas market.

Comparable Alternative to Cirro Energy’s Variable Energy Rate

If you need something lower but comparable to the Cirro Energy 12 month variable rate plan we have a suggestion. Startex Power has a variable plan that allows you to follow the market but does not lock you in to a term contract.

If you would like to be on a month to month with no contract they offer a 1 month promo rate at 9.4 cents kWh and after that they charge a no contract rate that changes each month with the market.

After the 1st month which is just a promo rate you can track historically what the next month’s rate has looked like below:

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  1. azadus


    Just saw your page, I'm about to renew my 6 month contract with Cirro…was doing a little shopping around to make sure I wasn't getting shafted. So far I think I'd still stick with them

    I found that for the six months, my average monthly rate, including customer charges was 12 cents per kWh.

    From what I've read, the gripe with Cirro isn't really the rates, but what happens when your contract lapses and you get charged the maximum rate.

    With regards to other providers, while they give their cent per kwh rate, there's no information on what their customer charges are so it's still a gamble anyway. And since Cirro's lowest rate is 10.80 cents and the lowest rate I've seen so far is 9.80 cents, even with the same customer charges the difference is still one cent.

    I think I can live with that.

    Here's a table of my monthly charges so far…

    November – 530 kWh = $64.57
    December – 806 kWh = $95.37
    January – 633 kWh = $76.07
    February – 501 kWh = $61.32
    March – 792 kwh = $93.81

    Totals = 3262 kWh = $391.14
    Per kWh = 0.1199 ~ 0.12 cents

  2. Davv

    I am totally disappointed in Cirro Energy and would not renew or recommand it to any one. There are better options and better customer care out there than waste time and money with Cirro Energy.

  3. Derek

    I took a 12 month fixed rate promotional from Cirro @ .09 pr/kw June of 2009. It's worked superbly. I've no complaints. Customer care was good when I had a question about my bill (and it was accurate). They have a A+ rating with the BBB. I've noticed their rate for renewal is higher than one or two competitors (I was looking at their renewal 12 month fixed). As such Ive been shopping around and while they're not the lowest they're competitive. Most of the companies are charging a "Customer Fee" (ridiculous). I've notice I usually use less than 1000kw monthly so I have to focus on those companies that have the best rate for my type of usage. I've noticed that when you click on the companies' term and conditions they do spell out their additional fees. So far in 75052 for someone who uses less than 1000kw Champion seems to have the best rate @ .10kw but there is a monthly customer fee. Cirro for their promotional last year had no monthly customer fee just a flat .09 regardless of how much you used. This is the way it should be in my opinion.

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