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Ignite Energy, the Opportunity Of A Lifetime Or Maybe Not?

MLM electric companies operating in the Texas deregulated electricity market: Ignite Energy, Ambit Energy, Affordable Energy, GME, Zurvita Energy, and probably more.

Family Wants Me To Sign Up With Ignite Energy?

Ignite Energy like most MLM opportunities is one of those things you eventually will hear from a family, friend, neighbor, or complete stranger. This energy company started up here in Texas by a very smart and creative marketer and he brought on some key players from the now bankrupt Vartec\Excel Telecommunications MLM business. This new Multi-Level Marketing Company called Ignite quickly organized meetings throughout the state that are much like going to a church where the sermon is about an amazing money making opportunity.

The Hit TV Show Office Makes a Funny Yet Solid Point About MLM Schemes

If you haven’t seen the show, “The Office” you need to as it is the funniest show I have ever seen. One of The Office episodes makes a great point about MLM opportunities like Ignite. Michael Scott, the office manager at Dunder Mifflin tries to recruit his employees into joining an MLM scheme that he claims is not a pyramid. Check it out. I am sure you will likely laugh even if you do love the idea of the Ignite Energy opportunity.

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Ignite Top Money Earners

Several top money earners rolled over from Excel into the Ignite Energy opportunity. These key money makers also had that charisma to head up and lead the meetings and inject the needed energy into the new representatives throughout the state of Texas trying to cash in on Texas electricity deregulation. The meetings have been a success and now it is hard to travel through a town in Texas without seeing an Ignite magnetic sticker on the side of someone’s car. Unlike Mary Kay, Avon, and Quickstar there is no inventory to hold on to and then turn around and sell. This means the capital investment in the opportunity is small. For many, this lure of a low cost low maintenance business is what draws them in. The residual money is paid out to sponsors on several levels as overrides from the sales of the representatives underneath them grow larger. A small percentage of income paid residually from each rep underneath you could amount to tens of thousands of dollars a month. The problem is not with the Ignite Energy the company but with some of the sales people MLM companies can attract.  The way it normally happens is you will have a rep you sponsor into the business and they will usually sign up about 1 friend and 2 – 3 family members as residential electricity customers and that will be about it. The rep is required to pay their yearly membership dues to stay in the business and if they sponsor someone they will get a large payment for this. The rep ends up making more money by sponsoring someone then they will from the electric customers they or their reps gather. The ones who make overrides from those they sponsor are the ones who sign up multiple reps and see to it that they get their minimum sales quota that is required for both them and the sponsor to make the residual money off of. In our opinion an affiliate type of pay program is a better choice where you concentrate on signing up electric service customers rather than building a downline. If Ignite Energy has an affiliate option we encourage you to do this instead.

Charismatic MLM Evangelists Travel Like A Tent Miracle Meeting Worker

The go getters in the Ignite business opportunity and any other MLM opp end up becoming a charismatic character that new comers begin drooling over and driving far and wide just to hear how they made it big in the MLM opportunity. This charismatic MLM’er is the one that makes the big money by gaining large crowds and creating that momentum that will drive his sales force into signing up more reps and customers into the business. He remains the top dog while his followers barely manage to meet their sales quotas. That is ok for the big guy as he gets large overrides on each rep that signs up in the opportunity even if only a few customers are signed up. This means that the newcomer signs up his family and friends and the sponsor leader receives a big check for the new representative joining the business. As the MLM business grows and you analyze the sales commissions you notice that most of the money being generated is from reps joining the business rather then energy customers signing up for home or commercial electricity. Building a large congregation to help spread the miracle of MLM by word of mouth is the goal and serves the MLM evangelist by creating the same enthusiasm of a fake miracle worker bringing in large offerings. In our opinion a much better use of your time would be in signing up with Ignite through an affiliate type of pay plan rather than trying to build a large downline. You can make money through an MLM downline but statistically not very many people make the kind of money you might see in a perfect world commission example that you see on opportunity presentation charts. An easy way to determine if you have a statistical chance at being a winner in an MLM work from home opp is to ask for a income disclosure statement. This type of statement will show how many people in Ignite make over $100,000 or more as well as other income tiers. You can review this and determine base don how many have reached a certain income level if you have a chance. We also recommend inquiring about how early did those making that kind of money join the opportunity to help in making your decision.

How Do The Real Money Makers Make It Big?

Next time you are asked to join an “opportunity” be sure to pay close attention to how the real money makers make their money. They are not sitting idly by as the money flows in. They are the charismatic leaders up on stage that travels the roads of Texas in a tour van as if living it up like a rock n’ roll rock star. Whether or not these guys are raking it in yet is beside the point. They fake it til’ they make it and reap the rewards with the less charismatic passerby’s never realizing the difference. Once the MLM Company goes bankrupt the big guys move on to the next biggest and best MLM opportunity on the scene. This is a characterization of what some of the sales people who join an MLM company like Ignite Energy are like and typically do. There are reputable people in MLM companies including Ignite Energy and it is important you sign up with someone who is not giving false claims of riches or exaggerated stories about success.

Should I Join The Ignite MLM Company?

If you truly must join the Ignite Energy opportunity you will want to take a survey of what is at stake. Will you be ok if 10 years down the road the business is bankrupt and you lose all your residual income? Are you willing to start working as a traveling salesman? All the big money makers travel throughout the state promoting the business. Do you realize the opportunity takes really hard work and a natural ability to be outspoken and zealous about the business to anybody and everybody? Are you prepared to go in it realizing most of the people you talk into the business will be wasting their money so you can get paid? Statistically only the leaders make the money while the grunts that sign up their friends and family and stay home are basically making money for the leader. If you are the type to go out and spread the Ignite gospel aware that you are selling something that will waist that persons time and money then you may be able to do this otherwise it’s best to leave this opportunity alone. Stream Energy is the channel that deals directly with the public, Ignite Energy is the MLM division that provides the opportunity available to independent representatives. If Ignite Energy offers an affiliate program for just signing up electric service customers we believe in our opinion that you should consider doing this instead.

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Some other MLM electric companies in Texas are, Affordable Energy, Ambit Energy, and Zurvita Energy

Other opps not considered MLM: New Age Energy Power Brokers

Learn more about traditional Texas electric companies that do not operate as an MLM company: Champion Energy, Bounce Energy, Startex Power, Spark Energy, Green Mountain Energy and many more at Electricity Bid.com

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  1. Unlike Ignite our startup fee is only $99.95 and right now its only $49.95( Limited Time) The emphasis is on the residual and building a customer base.

    Ignite pays .50 Cents per month residual to a Sales Representative that signs a personal residential customer even if that customer were to use 2000 kilowatts of electricity

    per month. Our company would pay $6.00 per month for that same customer with that 2000 kilowatt usage.

    We are currently doing business in Texas and will be in New York the first quarter of 2008.

    We are able to provide service to commercial and residential customers.We will accept new service, apartments, no minimum requirements for businesses which makes us attractive for the small business owners.

    Contact me if you are serious.

    I am one of the Founders.

    Sign Up With Dynastar Energy

  2. CharlieH

    I think the NetWORK marketing industry has a bad name as people who get involved think they are joining a get rich quick scheme that requires no work.
    The reason the top earners make so much money is they work harder than anyone else to establish their business.
    I would tell anyone that is thinking of signing up for Ignite not to get in it unless they are going to committ to doing the minimum required to qualify for all levels of payment. If they don't, they only have themselves to blame.
    You can't knock the people that are making money because the people who don't make money or think they got scammed didn't WORK.

  3. IfUcanSleepDoIt

    The bulk of revenue that most MLM make are form the sign up fee and not from the products or services they sell. This is why most reps that concentrated on selling and not recruiting ends up disillutioned and quit. The Top Dogs does not care if you quit because the residual income that you left will go upline and ends up in their pocket, one way or the other.

    Yes, this is a great opportunity to make money, but at whose expense. If you want to make money the hard way, selling their products, then be prepared to work hard and long with no benefits, vacation or sick time. The easier way is recruiting. Think about that carefully. Do you smell a fish?

    Learn to ask the question; "Where is the money coming from"? Do not take their word for it. Do the math yourself and see if what they are telling you make sense. If possible, get an official revenue report from the government. Then you'll know exactly where the money is coming from and what you're getting in to. Do not believe the report they flash on their power point presentations, maybe true, but I would doubt it very much. Read the fine prints.

    Chances are, when you ask these many questions, they will stop recruiting you. They don't want people that ask too many questions. They just want people to buy in to their phylosophy and do as they do. Have you heard of the "Lemmings".

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  5. Ambit Chick

    The person that wrote the above article about Ignite and about Ambit as well has some nerve. They can't even spell!

  6. Triumphant Success

    It is noteworthy that the reason that we all pay to be a part of the game (up front or monthly, depending on the MLM) is because if we do not pay a cost, then where does the money that we want to be the recipient of come from?

    Also, the reason that Ignite doesn't use advertising instead of through referal is because they DON'T HAVE TO! (lol)

    Why would they? They offer an excellent product (Cheap Energy) and that is something hard to refuse. And with no advertising division? That's one place that our profit can come from; it frees up more money to work with at that point.

  7. Wayne

    Triumphant Success said exactly what his pyramid buddies told him to say. Believe it IF you like getting the shaft.

  8. triumphant success

    (Wayne) "Believe it IF you like getting the shaft."

    Apparently this is supposed to mean that what I said isn't true. That you'd be getting the 'shaft' if you listen to my lies.

    Wayne, it is obvious to me now that I have been wasting my time responding to your postings. The things that you say have no basis on truth, NOR do you actually listen to other people's statements.

    If you even paid a small amount of attention to my previous posting, you would see that I admitted that a large portion of our income in MLM's is from a monthly or upfront payment to become a part of the company. In other words, yes you pay to play.

    But in your stupor, you didn't even catch that part, and you just spat it out that I'm a liar and for no one to listen to me.

    HA! Your debating skills insult my sensibility and I am embarrassed to have wasted so much time responding to your postings.

  9. Johnny

    I have seen firsthand what a pyramid game is about. I believe Wayne. Triumphant Success is a Triumphant scammer.

  10. Wayne

    Triumph: What makes you think I care what you think of my debating skills. I could care less. I am just trying to raise awareness of the FACT that a pyramid is a pyramid is a pyramid. It doesn't matter that you have a product. That is just a cover. PYRAMID GAMES ARE ILLEGAL. Call you local bunco squad and Ask this specific question "Is a Pyramid game an ILLEGAL undertaking"? They will tell you YES> The fact that you derive MOST of your income from recruitment of suckers to play the pyramid makes it a pyramid. I say it again. Your "product" is information. Information that I am willing to GIVE AWAY. So & So will be a better Energy Plan for you if you switch and you can switch for FREE.

  11. ANYONE who wants to choose their own Energy, Click my name, go to the site, click compare and use the information to make your own choice of Electricity. Don't rely on these MLM monsters to do it for you.

  12. Blondie

    First of all, the person writing the article needs to use the dictionary a little more. I can't believe the proof reader didn't catch the word "sells" when the writer obviously meant "sales". Then there is "fake it tell they make it". Should be 'til (short for until). And the word is passersby. (Credibility issue)

    As far as Wayne & Johnny are concerned, it sounds like sour grapes to me. Obviously they tried something similar & were failures because they didn't work their businesses. The key thing here is the word "netWORK" marketing.

    As Wayne said, pyramids are illegal & IGNITE is not illegal. In fact it is licensed by the state of Texas & Georgia. You just don't wake up one day & decide to sell energy in any state. It requires millions & months or years to get a license.

    What do you suppose it costs to start up a McDonald's or Starbuck's? IGNITE is a business, not a hobby. You have to wake up everyday & work your BUSINESS. No one guarantees you any amount of money, but it is structured so that you can get an immediate return on your measley little $329 investment & build residual income. But you do have to WORK!

    What would you call the structure of our local TXU Energy or American Airlines? There's a guy at the top (CEO), then a President, a couple of VPs, some regional managers, district managers and the little peons at the bottom doing all the work while the guy at the top is making millions. Sounds like a "PYRAMID" to me.

    I'm a stay at home granny making an extra bit of money & not begrudging the guys at the top whatever they get. They work a heck of a lot harder than I'm willing to. And they blazed the trail when IGNITE had no credibility at all.

    So cry your pity party tears & lose out on the best opportunity you'll ever have come your way. It's happening with or without you & though you'll never admit it, you passed up, or failed, at the chance of a life time.

    Since you're too lazy or not smart enough to work the business, at least be smart enough to save some money & be my customer.

    • Rebeca

      Apparently you are a very clever lady.
      I am a business student and the networking business model has taken my attention lately. I love to share thoughts with open minded and smart people like you. Sorry if my writing skills are not perfect but I am also an ESL student.

      Anyways, if you are in the state of Texas I would love to talk business with you one day.

      Same goes to Triumphant Success and The Numbers Chick.

      Rebeca Turcios

  13. Triumphant Success


    I love a good debate, but there isn't going to be one here…


    Oh well.

    For any interested, see Ambit Energy Scam to see Wayne and Johnny ripped to shreds by me and my buddies, cause we already did it over there, we don't have to waste our time doing it over here.

  14. Triumphant Success

    Bottom line is this… (to sum it up)

    A pyramid is illegal in the state of Texas.

    Ambit and Ignite are currently flourishing as companies.

    Ambit and Ignite do not fit the definition of a pyramid, which has been defined numerous times for the I'm Addicted To Ducks Anonymous (IATDA) club (Wayne and Johnny), which explains why they are still alive and well and expanding.

    Thus, Ambit and Ignite are not pyramids. They have both been alive for many years. Any legal action that would have been taken would have been enforced long ago.


    Just hot air coming from the general direction of the IATDA club.

  15. Blondie


    We are on the same side & I find it interesting that Wayne & Johnny couldn't find anything to say about my comments. Funny how ignorance can run amuck & then just disappear.

    Just a little history as I've heard it, Ambit is about half as old as Ignite & has only around 60,000 customers compared to Ignite's 400,000. My information is that Ambit copied nearly letter for letter the Ignite setup then got into some trouble & had to regroup. I also heard they lost their license in Illinois & are in the process of, or just got it back.

    We both know how the "they said" stuff goes around. At any rate, unless Wayne & Johnny are doing some reasearch in order to have an intelligent rebuttle, I guess we've heard the last from them.

    By the way, I cannot find anywhere in this article who actually wrote it. I think that person also needs some education before writing something about which they obviously know nothing.

    I was not familiar with this sight until a friend sent it to me & I don't know if I could find it again if I lost the link he sent. Any info is appreciated. Awaiting your reply.

  16. The numbers girl

    Ok, I have a friend trying to get me to do ignite in Georgia. I pulled the income reports and they speak for themselves, it is not feesable to do this. Pull the reports from 07 and 06 and take a look at who makes the money and the percentages. I am a Sr. Loan Officer and a numbers girl so I know my stuff. Its in black and white, go look at it for yourself.

  17. Davidrmm

    Numbers girl where do you get the 07 and 06 reports you referred to. I thought ignite just entered Georgia gas market.

    I am looking at Ignite and trying to understand
    if it is feasible. You have to go 5 levels to get any kind of residual income that you can see. My tired brain questions the ability to pay out at all levels as they say they do but wasn't sure I was doing correctly. They get 20.00 per month for the associates web site. What does it cost to maintain generic web sites?

    One question is if you sign up as a customer to Ignite (Stream Energy) Will you save money on your monthly bill? They seem to be competitive.

    Second question if you can save someone money by reducing their energy bill what is wrong with getting a commission or being paid for obtaining that customer?

  18. Realty Guy

    I have also been approached in GA. What info did you find? How can I pull a report of some financials, they are a private company.

  19. spirit1

    I don't understand the negativity in regards to MLM.I am going to follow Warren Buffett!! He believes in MLM!!!! Pretty smart? Or should I listen to the EXCUSE man? If he had residual income coming into his or her bank account every month, would their be this non-sense? Look I just lost a fortune in Real Estate! Scam?? Just the Tuition I needed to pay,to START my next venture!!!!!!

    See YOU at the TOP!!!

    • cassandra

      New company & same great opportunity but even better!! If you know how ignite works, then you know it is a dream come true to be at the beginning of the start up! The opportunity is here!! Check out my website http://casgloria.mymomentis.biz

  20. Iamin

    I also don't understand the negativity. I have signed up as a Sales Associate. I am a hard work worker. I feel that the sign-up fee and website fee is far less that what I spent this weekend out eating food that I don't need or enjoy and buying clothes that I don't also need. At least I am investing in something that will give me a return on my investments.

    I am on the "Band Wagon".

  21. rodolfo jimenez

    I am looking at a way where I can retire and selling Stream Energy through Ignite could be that door that I need to open. Could you send me information as to how I can be one of your players in this program. I am a retired person and used to sell insurance for over 40 years, I can be a great asset in your organization.

    • Cliff Love

      I too am in the Ignite organization and I urge you to ignore these morons that only like to see their names in print.

      I suggest you go to a local meeting and meet people who are in the organization and make up your own mind after investigating for yourself.

      If I can be of assistence to you do not hesitate to contact me at the numbers below.

  22. Mustaffa

    Ambit is an MLM where less than one tenth of one percent ever make any serious dough. They even publish that in their literature. They charge almost $400.00 to sign up and basically pay you with your own money for the first couple months untill you have signed up all your friends and family and paid ambit an additional $20.00 per month for your web site. Then you realize you are not the one in 10,000 who are going make top money in this hoke deal but they now have more customers and you have about half your original $400.00 back in so called commissions. It is a waste of your time and money, but a good scam for them.

  23. SkippyD

    A MLM is a legal pyramid – plain & simple. They do just enough to be legal, but it is still the same basic idea – the more you recruit, the more you make. Regardless of whether you are "selling" cosmetics, jewelry, phone service, gas service, or "buying items from yourself that you would normally buy from a store" – you don't profit from those items; you profit from how many other suckers you can recruit. Ironically, the only ones you will see here or any other non-MLM site defending them are the ones who were already suckered into paying their "fee". They will now defend their MLM to the death because otherwise they would have to admit that they too were suckered. You can dress it up in any little package you want, you can change your name like Amway did, you can take a bankrupt MLM like Excel and start a new one called Ignite – either way a sucker is born everyday! Don't let that be you!

  24. For those considering joining Ignite Energy or Ambit Energy I would like to make you aware of a new development. There is a conventional Texas electric company by the name of Affordable Energy that has decided to increase its market share using the MLM sales model just like Ambit or Ignite. Affordable Energy currently sells electric service in Texas and New York. You are allowed to sell both commercial energy and residential in this business opportunity unlike Ignite and Ambit. They pay about $4 – $6 a month per personally sponsored residential customer and of course multiple other ways to get paid residually as well as fast start bonuses through their own MLM commission pay plan. Affordable Energy is relaunching their MLM business on May 31st in a very big way and will be selling an air conditioning efficiency product called Permafrost allowing them into all 50 states. They have an exclusive to sell Permafrost and will be in all states with a sales force in place while being approved to sell electricity in those states as they expand. Get in at the beginning! The enrollment fee is discounted up until May 31st Sign up Today!

  25. HHH

    I don't know much about Ignite but a friend of mine was telling me about it. Ran into a lady at the bank who had at least $600 worth of checks from Ignite that she was depositing.

    I probably won't do it because to make the "big" money it is a lot of hard work and there are a couple of other things that I could work hard at and probably make more (I hope). But for you guys that keep talking about pyramid schemes. Of course this is one but don't be silly about it. Your job is a pyramid scheme. No matter what you do for a living, you're only paid a fraction of what you're actually worth and the rest goes to the owner of the company, to your manager and/or to upper management. That is the nature of business.

    One of the reasons that MLMs have such a bad reputation is that they lack class. They approach you in the grocery stores while you're shopping or in the bank while you're waiting in line. They're salespeople are non-professionals and it shows. A scared non-professional is going to hit up their family members as if their life depends on it and then quit selling once it takes them outside of their comfort zone. It makes it hard on a new person coming in because the company's reputation is so bad by then. What's also terrible is when your upline pushes you to engage in these types of unprofessional behavior.

    How much residual does one receive per month from Ignite energy customers (not downline reps but actual customers).

  26. realtygirl

    Well, I got into Ignite and my downline is already having some serious problems with getting one of his associates qualified for gas and his associates' customer qualified. Then he found out that Every since May 9th he is still in pending mode himself. Therefore, he can't even get paid even if he had all his points before the deadline. And they say if you join you won't have any problems being qualified because you are an associate. MLM is hard work and I am willing to work hard, but when you have problems with the system your hard work is invane.

  27. David B

    You guys are losers and wrong. I am in Ignite and kicking butt. 99% of the people are negative in the world. Look at the problems we have today. I am a sales person for over 25 years and I know how people work. In a ny sales force 80 percent of the sales is done by 20% of the people. MLM is no exception. The questions is people get into these programs with no prior training or knowledge in selling. Traditionally, I have found people are lazy. The question have for all people is "Have you worked on your Fortune Today?" The answer is no. I work a major national media company earning over $100k per year. Sounds good? Well I have been at the same position and at the same salary for over 9 years. I work and get the money to give to the man who has been in his position for over 25 years. That's a Pyramid. Secondly, look on the back of a dollar. Yes, there is a pyramid the strongest structure known to mankind.

    So, stop crying for being an under achiever and stop taking financial advice from poor people. Hello….

  28. Wealthbuilder

    MLM's are work, it's a business. There are no "schemes." The people who are negative about it have no real insight. I realize that there is a certain level of ignorence because the people have not yet been educated how it really works. THIS IS NOT A GET RICH SCHEME. IT TAKES WORK AND SWEAT. And yes, if you are not a "people" person and will not get out of a shell, THEN DON'T DO IT! Pretty simple huh? Don't bash the others who see it, AND TREAT IT AS A TRUE BUSINESS. UNLIKE YOUR YOUR 9-5 RUT OF A JOB; you know, the type of job where you work for SOMEONE ELSE. Oh by the way, about pyramids…if you work for someone else, or even a church, YOU'RE IN A PYRAMID, AND UNLESS YOUR THE PASTOR, CEO OR PRINCIPAL, YOU'RE ON THE BOTTOM TOO. The beautiful part of NETWORK MARKETING IS EVERYONE GETS THE SAME OPPORTUNITY FROM THE START. And that's why, people work hard and treat it like a business, to move up and Grow their business. WOW, what an interesting concept.
    As far as the company making money on the "starup" fees, well guess what, they have people to pay too. That's called a business. That's called a "back office." Thank God for the back office that helps independent associates run their own businesses.
    HMMM> i wonder, how much does it take to open an Starbucks…1M? more? And when does that owner see a profit? Months, Years?

    If anyone is interested, watch "Brilliant Compensation" at http://www.brilliantexchange.com first, then get back with me and I'll actually HELP YOU run your own MLM, rather Network Marketing business too.


    If i don't ever visit this site again, do your own real research into IT, AND MORE SO YOURSELF. Then make an opinion.

  29. Wealthbuilder

    OH AND ANOTHER THING, the fact that most call it IGNITE ENERGY, clearly means that you have done ZERO research.

    Ignite is a marketing company. Stream Energy is an energy company.

    Do your homework

  30. spooon

    I don't get it. Why do people get all crazy over something that works. Sure only some make 500k+ per year but they earned that.

    I have no prior network marketing background before joining Ignite yet I make enough to cover my $20/month + some house bills just on my residual monthly income alone. I've only been doing this 9 months working 5 hrs a week.

    I have a BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin. That Degree is 100x harder than what I do with Ignite. But I still chose to do it because I know it works because I took a chance. Now I train my downline to do the same. My 7 personal associates have turned into 72 at 9 levels deep with 182 energy customers paying ME.

    What is funny is I only got 12 personal energy customers and 7 associates and it has grown nicely with the 5 hrs I work it.

    Get on a team that trains well and is on top of things.

    This is not a get rich quick deal. This is a business that needs work and attention. Some people want the huge dollars and then cry when they don't make it in 1 yr. Shoot a bit lower and you will be surprised what happens.

    my training website http://mlmandlaw.blogspot.com/

    • Michael

      Got a kick out of reading some of theses postings.. 🙂 I will be sigining up with Ignite myself. I've been to a couple of meetings and like the progress of the company. The fact that they made $5 billion in only 2 states is big. People assume when you sign someone up, you get paid too. That's not how it works people.. Do your homework..

      I see you have 7 associates, that is good my friend ! Keep it going !

  31. Surprised

    After reading a number of these posts, I was surprised at how much misunderstanding there is of network marketing "pyramids". David B above has hit some very true points. I think everyone would be surprised to find out we are all involved in network marketing. Have any of you seen a good movie in the past month? Or visited a great restaurant? Gotten any good deals on appliances, cars, or golf clubs? The point is if you or friends of yours have had anything good happen to them or for them, they probably told you about it. Of course, you have probably told someone about the good deals or nice restaurants that you have encountered. The difference is, you and your friends or family probably did not get paid for telling someone about the last great movie you referred them to.

    After attending an Ignite academy, I was impressed to find that not one speaker said this is easy although it is simple. As a matter of fact, one speaker said "This is network marketing, not network lotto!!" They tell you up front what it will take to be successful- need to get 3 people to sell and get the 10 personal Stream Energy customers and to teach the three people how to do the same. Yes, it cost me 329.00 dollars upfront to get started a month ago. The same day, I got back 200.00 dollars for signing myself as a Stream Energy customer along with my sister-in-law since I have the website. They also tell you that you will not be successful unless you do the above. I figure at this point, I have 129 dollars at risk but since I will not quit until I have accomplished my goal, I basically have nothing at risk compared to the 80,000 dollars risked to start my furniture store. Most working class people, as I am, do not have 300,00-500,000 dollars to open a franchise and if they did and wanted to make more money, they would have to open more franchises due to the time and space limitations of a traditional business. What attracted me to this Ignite/Stream business was the fact that you are not selling anything nor do you have to stock anything and since everbody has already already has the product (electricity or natural gas for their homes), eventually, this business will be available through out most of the country. Right now, it is only available in Texas and Georgia. All you do is switch the company that bills them if it will save them some money. I have the opportunity to save people money and to show this opportunity to others and get paid for doing both. Is this for everyone? No. It will take hard work and commitment just like any start-up business does. Everyone would like to make more money but few are willing to do what it takes.

    I believe everyone here would love to own 10,000 shares of Walmart stock right now. If those stocks were offered to us 20 years ago for $1000.00, I venture to say none of us would have bought a single share for fear of loss on an unknown company at that time. Right now, Ignite/Stream is growing at the fastest rate of any company in American history including Walmart, Google, and MSN so I figured this is my opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a growing business. Another wise man once said: "There are two types of people, the ones that believe they can, and the ones that believe they can't. Both are usually right." Whether you are network marketing for Igniteinc or another company, for you to be successful, you must have faith in your company, product and most importantly, yourself!!
    Good luck in your ventures,

  32. L. Sanders

    Since you see yourself as a watchdog for the rest of us, why isn't your identity clearly posted so we can check you out? The thing about slander is that it doesn't matter if it is the whole truth or even truth at all because if you say it to enough people it seems to be true. I suspect you are a competitor and instead of competing you stoop to this level. I am an Ignite Associate and could not be more impressed with the integrity of the company. I am not alone among professionals that have joined with this company to become the fastest growing business in history, and we have just begun! Ignite and Stream Energy is still here, in their fourth year of business, passing Google, Yahoo, Ebay and Walmart in growth this year to provide energy for over 400,000 customers in Texas alone. It is sad to me that some people will believe your propaganda and lose their dream, and worse, their opportunity to be a partner in the greatest transfer of wealth in history. It is hard work but that is the American way of realizing the American dream of being successful and secure in a pursuit of happiness. Shame on you for trying to steal that from others. And by the way, who are you anyway???

  33. PyramidsAREscams

    Sit down and draw a pyramid taking into account the $400 dollar riders. After you have drawn yourself into the bottom of a “downline” then drawn your self some riders. When you have a few riders and you have your money back (hypothetically) then get a few more riders. NOW you are doing the math. Look and see how many riders it takes to jump on the pyramid to advance your position to the second level. It’s a lot, isn’t it? It only gets bigger and harder to recruit the suckers (riders). It’s been said before. Every time someone joins the pyramid they stand a mathematically smaller chance of being successful at the recruitment of new suckers. It’s also been said that the residual income in this thing is next to worthless. That is why they want you to become a representative. It’s not that hard to see the truth if you really look. This is a math problem folks. To reach the 4th or 5th or 6th level in a pyramid is an astronomical undertaking not to mention the people who get hurt along the way. Try the numbers. You will find some truth there. You won’t find it at an Ambit or an Ignite “meeting”.

  34. Wealthbuilder

    Wow, how long did it take for you to figure that out? Like mentioned above, life is a pyramid. Your job, your church, your own government. As a matter of fact, last I knew, it's one of the strongest stuctures know to man. Since your such a math genious, you also know that the Mayans and Egyptians both built the structures. Reach into your wallet and pull out a dollar, if you have one to spare, and look on the back of it. Wow, what do you see? Since you're really smart, you also know that the FreeMasons "control" the world government, including America, founded by several freemasons. Do you even know what the freemason symbol is? Again, do your research.

    Not only did I "hypothetically" make my money back the first night I started building my Part Time fortune, I actually received a check less than two weeks for $407. Guess what, it didn't bounce. Wow. And I also magically received my first residual check 3 months later after I worked my tail off building my business.

    But by the sound of your input, you don't know what true hard work is. You probably don't "believe" in "those things." Guess what, "those things" are what you shop at every day. Their called businesses.

    This isn't a job, it's a business. What other business can you start for $299. and make a profit days later? If I open a Starbucks, it'll cost me at least 1M and won't profit for over a year. YOU do the math! Try building a business and get out of the rat race.

    As a matter of fact, if you're not business minded, don't do it. But don't knock it. Every business person I show the plan LOVES it. Because to a business person, it makes sense. To a CPA's and lawyers, it makes sense. And it's so ethical, it's amazing.

    Start first by reading the Bible, then "Richest Man in Babylon. Also, "Think and Grow Rich" by Napolean Hill. "Rich Dad Poor Dad" Robert Kyosaki is just right for you. "How to Win Friends and Influence People" Dale Carnegie. And anything put out by Stepen Covey. Good starter books.

    Here's to a prosperous life! Be Blessed to be a blessing! Excuse the slight reply. But I LOVE helping others build their own business and helping other people save money on their electricity bill by using a strong company.

    This is the best business in today's economy. All your expenses are rising but your boring paycheck isn't.

  35. PyramidsAREscams

    So by your own admission, Ignite IS a Pyramid. Been waiting for one of you pundits to admit that. Pyramids don't have products remember? Ignite doesn't have a product. Information about where to get the cheapest electricity IS NOT a product. It available FREE to the public in the upper left hand corner.
    You sound like a preacher gone awry in your last post. You justify your dishonesty by using models such as the Egyptians, the Free masons, and even the founders. I will acknowledge that the pyramid did have history there but the pyramid SCAM does not.

  36. soldonleza

    OK I was asked by a friend to go into the AMBIT SCAM… Instead I actuall joined the Service for my home and IT SUXS ASS. It's been 8 months and stil my bills are horrible. I guess that's how they pay their pyramid agents by over charging my ass. Anyways I am about to call Direct Energy anyone else have any other / cheaper electic company??? PLEASe help

  37. NeverAgain

    My husband is a professional. So Ignite immediately targeted him. It sounded like the best MLM we had seen.

    Immediately we found Customer Service to be lacking. Withing 6 months we had 2 customers leaving because of the bad customer service.

    His upline, began routinely attacking him for not adding on to his team to her satisfaction.

    The final straw was when we went to a big Ignite meeting in Houston and had an minor accident during the lunch break so we went home. We called his upline, who was at the event, to let her know what happened. Was she concerned or even compassionate? No! First she was upset that we called during the presentation, then her concern was that he had missed valuable training – which she DID NOT offer to teach him.

    We canceled the website, and refused to sign any more contracts. Now we're switching to a new electricity provider, because their great rates are no longer that great.

    More recently, a customer just contacted us that Stream will not let her switch electricity providers. When we called for her, we got nowhere. I'm suggesting she file a complaint against Ignite with the FTC, ERCOT, and whoever else might care.

    Like all MLMs that we've encountered, Ignite has attracted many dishonest, dishonoring individuals. If you're a shark, this company is a great place for you. Good luck

  38. BeenAPPRoached


    I have been to one of the IGNITE presentations.
    The scam starts with the way you get invited to the meeting and i will tell you why… a firend of mine asked me if i could meet with him one evening for some coffee….then when we met, he said that he needed to go somewhere and meet with someone for a business proposal. Next you know, i was taken into a big room with lots of "Draw that happy face" types around and another group of the clueless types LIKE ME " which i am pissed off at this point" to be in that position.
    respecting my friend, i sat through the first half of the presentation …and guess what…i heard the same lines : """Start first by reading the Bible, then “Richest Man in Babylon. Also, “Think and Grow Rich” by Napolean Hill. “Rich Dad Poor Dad” Robert Kyosaki is just right for you. “How to Win Friends and Influence People” Dale Carnegie. And anything put out by Stepen Covey. Good starter books.

    Here’s to a prosperous life! Be Blessed to be a blessing! Excuse the slight reply. But I LOVE helping others build their own business and helping other people save money on their electricity bill by using a strong company.

    This is the best business in today’s economy. All your expenses are rising but your boring paycheck isn’t."""

    it even starts with you being LURED into attending their meetings, almost kidnapped.

    NO, I am not an IGNITE rep. and never will be.
    I am running my own personal business and Thank god generating my 12-15K x month……i am a hard working guy, i can see a scam as i see one. i WOULD never make a friend pay so i can make money from his money.
    one question here, what would happen once IGNITE goes under? for the IGNITE Reps must be a problem….not for the guys making the big checks sitting on top of the Pyramid looking down and pushing the leaders and Managers to recruit more so they can keep on making the $175 for every newcomer.

    in case you're wondering, my friend decided that we are not friends anymore….after i turned this opportunity down. Oh well. if that is what IGNITE is about.

  39. Teacherman

    BeenAPPRoached your friend sounds like a jerk for misleading you but you also come off as a little bit of a jerk yourself so you might be a good match. Every business will have bad eggs I guess.

    Yes I am in ignite and I have been to meetings at 2 different locations in Houston. What I like about the meeting is this. No one and I mean no one ever tried to pressure me when I was making my decision and I have never seen anyone pressured at a meeting I have been in since joining. They give the information and leave it at that.

    They do recognize the people that are doing well and yes they do applaud after speakers. I must be strange I guess but I never had a problem with it.

    I have not made a huge amount of money but its my own fault since I have only recently applied myself to it. It finally clicked with me that this is a business that you can make not just a little bit of money but a ton of money. It takes time and effort but it can be done. As a high school teacher, who loves teaching, I had long come to grips with the fact that I would never be wealthy. This business has opened a window that can help change that.

    This is for those people who seem to think it is a sin to be a network marketer. Many businesses do network marketing. When I moved into my first apartment I got $400 off and my friend who lived in the same building at the time also got $200 off for referring the building to me. Should he have felt guilty? Did that money come out of thin air? No it came out of the rent I would be paying.

    Direct TV offers it's customers $50 off for every new customer that they refer and they also give that new customer $50 off of their bill. I wonder where that money comes from? Should the new or old customer feel guilty.

    If you open a business, selling shoes for instance, should you not sell to your friends so you will not feel guilty taking their money? Should you not tell friends and strangers about the business since it might be construed as unprofessional?

    BTW if IGNITE does go under it will be no different than when any other business you work for goes under.

  40. Sandralee

    I just started with Ignite and to be honest I can't really see a pyramid scheme. I love the fact that I don't have to to be tied to a 9 to 5 job and I make my own hours. I believe if you want to be a success at anything and make money you have to work hard. I may not be making six figures yet but I will. Everyone is getting a service. I know people higher up are making more than me but they also started at the bottom one time. Also I never looked at my electric bill and just assumed I was paying the same as everyone else. Ignite showed me I could lower my bill. They provided me a service. Now as a representative I am providing information at no cost to the customer. It comes down to that I am making more money than I put out. You have to start somewhere and I will get to the top. Every body gets something, it's your fault if you don't apply yourself to the program.

  41. dhendry

    I just found this site and decided to jump into the fray. I'm sorry for beenapproached (hereafter referred to as BA)because he got invited to a meeting on a false pretense. I don't do business that way. How mny TV ads and other ways to genereate business can say that? He made the statement that he would never make someone pay so that he could make money from their money. What do you think your business does, Mr. BA? Do you not make money from other people in your business, or do they just give it to you? We all make money either from products or services and MLM companies are no different. As far as calling an MLM a pyrimid, yes, it looks that way on paper. The truth is that a good MLM company looks more like a cube–each person entering at the bottom has the same opportunity to make it to the top. What about a real pyrimid like GM or Ford? What chance does an individual have when they walk in the door at the bottom floor to become the CEO? Draw the graph with the CEO at the top, the VPs under that, regional managers, plant managers, and on down to the labor force. You now have a true picture of a pyramid and it is pretty rigid. There are many opportunities in this country to make money and if it is leagal and works for someone and you haven't tried it, don't knock it. The best thing about the service industry MLM is no inventory and no reorders. You can't beat a deal like that. Way to go teacherman.

  42. Esther

    I don't understand all this negativity towards Ambit. I have quite a few friends that are doing great working as consultants for them. I was their customer for few months they did what they promised and i joined their team of consultants. I made the sign up fee of $399 back in first few weeks and started making money for my self. So far i have no complaints about Ambit Hopefully they will not change their business ethics.

  43. PyramidsAREscams

    Recently in the Ambit thread, an Ambit "Be a Rep" pusher told me that the "average" rep has 20 reps under him. 20 X 20= 400. Well, draw yourself in that pile. It gonna take 800 more reps to put you on level 2. To get to level 3 from where you are is gonna take 2400. To get you to level 4, 5600 people are going to have to become reps. 12000 will put you on level 5. All of these numbers are what it takes from the bottom of an "average" pile.
    When someone tells you they have an "average" of 20 reps, they are scamming you. There is no average in a pyramid. Draw it for yourself.

    • kbreez

      You're numbers are wrong; and Ambit is a totally legit business. As others here have mentioned, you have no idea what you're talking about when it comes to legit MLM businesses; which is what Ambit, Ignite, and many others are. In a pyramid scheme, those at the bottom can inherently not surpass or even reach those above them. In MLM businesses this is possible, and has been done many times over in many of the well known MLMs.

  44. It's late. I'm tired… labor day celeb starts in a few hours. Check out our biz model above and email me if you want to learn about a great comp plan with the #1 electric company in TX. Do due diligence here: viacon.gmrep.com

    Bob Conlon

  45. brutus

    Sandralee, good job and great attitude, would like to speak with you about how you are doing with ignite… best way to contact?

  46. PyramidsAREscams

    This entry is too good to NOT post over here also…

    A pyramid scheme is a fraudulent system of making money which requires an endless stream of recruits for success. Recruits (a) give money to recruiters and (b) enlist fresh recruits to give them money.

    A pyramid scheme is called a pyramid scheme because of the shape of a pyramid: a three dimensional triangle. If a pyramid were started by a human being at the top with just 10 people beneath him, and 100 beneath them, and 1000 beneath them, etc., the pyramid would involve everyone on earth in just ten layers of people with one con man on top. The human pyramid would be about 60 feet high and the bottom layer would have more than 4.5 billion people!

    A diagram might help see this:

    Thus, in very short order, 10 recruiting 10 and so on would reach 10 billion, well in excess of the earth’s population. If the entire population of earth were 5 billion and we all got involved in a pyramid scheme, the bottom layer would consist of about 90 percent of the planet, i.e., about 4.5 billion people. Thus, for 500 million people to be WINNERS, 4.5 billion must be LOSERS.

    In a straightforward pyramid scheme, a recruit is asked to give a sum of money, say $100, to a recruiter. The new recruit then enlists, say, 10 more recruits, to give up $100 each. In the simplest example, the recruiter keeps all the money he gets from his recruits. In our example, each recruit gives up $100 in exchange for $900 ($100 from each of his 10 recruits minus the $100 he gave his own recruiter). In order for no one to lose money, the recruiting must go on forever. On a planet with a limited number of people, even if the planet is as large as Earth and has almost 6 billion potential recruits, one runs out of new recruits rather quickly.

  47. There is a new MLM Energy company offering an opportunity in a similar fashion to Ambit Energy and Ignite Energy although they have made their compensation plan quite a bit more attractive. The company goes by the name of Affordable Energy and is a licensed Retail Electric Provider in Texas and offers patented energy efficiency products in all states and internationally.

    Join our team and enroll as an Independent Sales Associate in Affordable Energy Today!
    We are partnered with one of the founders of the company located in Texas. http://www.affordableenergy.com/newyorkstate
    Associate #101375

  48. MaxEnergy

    I just want to say that if Ignite is MLM company of Stream Energy, I wonder how they generate money. Suppose three guys below you make up the 329.00 that everybody has to pay, there are no extra money to share with. There must be more than half people quiting or not active so that the extra money go to the riches. My point is if you decided to join Ignite, do not quit. If you do so, you just make rich people richer.

  49. Just the Facts

    When you really think about it, Ambit and Ignite are no different than any other business. Are you not working hard at what ever company you work for at what ever level you are … and are there not always people at the top that are making tons of money more than you? Does the CEO of your company make more than you? Of course he/she does. So is your company a pyramid too using the "pyramids are bad" logic. Bottom line, every company that has more than one employee could be seen as a pyramid… and pyramids are strong. Is your company strong? Is it illegal? Just because people at the top make more does not mean it is illegal …no more than Coke, or Chick-fil-A, or McDonalds, or any other business. Let common sense rule!

  50. skeptical

    I must say I tend to agree with PyramidsAREscams. I have attended several Ignite meetings so far. The first meeting was very large and attended by about 100 people. I did not have a chance to ask the questions I had. Another meeting was a very small affair with only about twenty in attendance. I was able to ask my questions one on one to the presenter who had flown in from Texas and was one of the "real" money makers. Being skeptical of MLM schemes to begin with I ask several questions, one being how are the successful ones specifically making the big money? I never did get my question fully answered other than being shown a chart that had a confusing numbers game shown. All this did was confuse me even more. After several other questions I began to get the feeling I was being precieved as negative and a threat, someone on the other side of the room even made a less than flattering comment about my questions that I was unable to hear but those present all laughed at the comment. From that point on I was given a polite but rather cold shoulder. What I came away with was that something about this whole thing did not add up and did not feel right. One thing I have learned over the years is to trust that feeling. One last thing I did when I got home was call a local radio host that deals with advice on scams and money lossing ventures. I was able to speak with one of his councilors about Ignite. The councilor said they have heard of the Ignite group and have not heard anything one way or the other but that I should be careful and do some research. Further, these type businesses are usually hard to make money with unless you get in on the ground level. They advised I ask how many actual members have already been signed up in my state and if that number is large chances are I will not have much success making any real big money.

  51. Jimsenergy

    It deeply saddens me to hear the bad comments directed towards Ignite or any other legitimate direct sale companies. I would venture a guess and say most here would consider me at least partially successful with Ignite. No, I cant quit my current job as a cabinet installer nor can my wife quit her teaching job. I can say in 5 mos I have made enough to start an IRA and max it out for the year and my checks are progressively getting bigger. Its hard work and I give my heart and soul to people that join in one of my downlines. Its not the meetings my friends. Its the time I sit at the table and help people make a few calls and go see a few people about an opportunity they can reject at any time. Its about training people to use the websites and running a real business. Yes , and sometimes it is a being with a person crying as they cannot take the abuse some people give as a punishment for trying something different. Ive had half the people I personally sponserd quit or just say they are not going to be active in the business anymore and thats OK. I am still friends with those people and none have changed their gas bill over to a competitor out of respect for my efforts with them. Id mow their yard tomorrow if they needed the help. I dont quit on anybody until they say they dont want to do it anymore. I dont call them quitters. I call them starters. A good leader combined with the business model of a legitimate network marketing company is the greatest way to offer products to the public. One that is going to greatly increase with the times ahead.

  52. ambit energy doesnt charge antthing to their customers and also gives them unbelieveable incentives,starting from vacation vouchers to points on their kilowatt usage to redeem towards vacations , flyaways, ETC. But the best thing is that they offer their customers FREE ELECTRICITY…..upon certain requirement which ….even my old grandmother can fulfill….i understand all the comotion….but take a look at Ambit in a different way……especialy with a calm head….

  53. areyoupeopleforreal

    wow. people have this much time to focus on whether or not what someone else is doing is a pyramid or not? really? who knew.

    the truth of the matter is that if each of us take responsibility for our own lives and circumstances then the world would be better off. it is not anyone's place to convince others of what they should or should not be doing. the only ruler of your universe is you.

    if you think mlm's are scams, don't join. if you think it is a great way to make income…then go for it. follow your OWN dreams!

    i am NOT my brother's keeper and neither are you. that is actually just something people say to justify telling other people what to do. people are not designed to be 'kept'…pets are. your only task on this earth is to figure out why you are here. live your life with compassion, understanding, and purpose. period. i can assure you that your purpose in life does not revolve around telling others what they should or should not do.

    kudo's to wealthbuilder for defending the right of people to choose for themselves. as for those of you who are content with the belief that those things which you know little to nothing about are scams…so be it. think as you may. and while you are sitting there, about 46 levels down in the pyramid you call your job… wealth builder will be showing people how they can change their life if they CHOOSE. and each of them have the right to say YES or NO. his role is only to take the information to the people. if you choose to make someone else rich…do so, and be happy with it. just don't get so upset with the people who choose a different path.

    i own three businesses and have no stake in this topic either way…but really people…do me a favor…

    LIVE YOUR LIFE FOR YOU! There's more work that needs to be done in the mirror than across the aisle.

  54. Each1Teach1

    The energy(time,effort & money) you put into ANYTHING, is the energy(money, freedom) you'll recieve. Simple & Plain… I'd rather build residual income from a small investment to eventually become financially free, than to continue to work for companies who don't REALLY care about your livelyhood. Makes sense doesn't it? STOP COMPLAINING, START CREATING!!!

  55. Juan Moreno

    Pretty obvious who areyoupeopleforreal is "keeping". These people are eaten up with GREED. They will say anything.

  56. OMG!

    All I can say is if a subject (in this case Ignite) is raising this much controversy, stay away! Like the old saying "When in doubt, don't."

  57. ResponsibleFor Mysel

    I know I should not get into this fray because one can never convince a closed mind… but here I go.

    MLM (multi-level Marketing) is not equal to a pyramid.. or to be more legally correct a "Ponzi" scheme. A Ponzi scheme is one where you are always looking for a greater fool to bring in since their entry cost is what funds the payoffs for the higher levels.. in a MLM the selling of a product or service is what funds the "commissions" (overrides, bonuses or whatever you want to call them). To be succinct Ponzi's are illegal MLM are legit.

    Ignite is the MLM or marketing of Stream Energy – it is a member of the Direct Sellers Association (DSA) whose membership include other such well know MLM's as Mary Kay and Shaklee. MLM is one of the fastest going marketing segments because of its success in making money for both the "retailer"and the associates. That being said, MLM is not a "get rich quick scheme" you are going to get out of it what effort you put into it. Many traditional retailer are augmenting their traditional distribution methods with MLM programs.

    What an MLM really provides is a way to leverage yourself through the recruitment and training of others to sell a product or provide a service. In most traditional MLMs that most are familiar, you are selling a product – you buy the product from the company then sell that product to your customer at a higher price, the more product you sell, the lower the price is from the company thus a greater profit… as the volume of product sold increases, the deeper the discount. And one way to increase your volume is to increase the number of associates underneath you (or your downline in MLM vocabulary). Pretty simple stuff really… not hard to understand, not easy but doable.

    Now Ignite being an MLM follows pretty much the same structure but we provide our customers with competitive rates on electricity in TX and natural gas in GA. No one, I repeat no one makes a cent off of new associate until that associate has gotten at least 2 electrical or gas customers( in actuality four "energy" points, but the optional website for the business counts as 2). The compensation plan can be reviewed at company's website. The over-riding point I want to make is that yes, one makes money for bringing in an associate BUT ONLY AFTER THAT ASSOCIATE HAS SIGNED UP CUSTOMERS FOR ENERGY SERVICES. The bonus and residual are only paid as long as you maintain your required number of personal customers for your "leadership" level in the company. (Currently the highest leadership level only needs to maintain 20 personal customers to qualify for bonuses and residual)

    Can someone come into the company and not make any money? – MOST ASSUREDLY – if they do not get customers. Do they have to recruit others to be associates? – no but the compensation plan is designed to encourage team building because the more associates getting customers, means more customers for the parent company (again simple to understand).

    One finally point to I want to make is it is a business not a job – you get paid for results not for efforts. Of course that might be foreign concept for some. I might spend a couple of hours over several days talking to a likely prospect who decides not to become an associate – I get nothing. If I bring in an associate and that person does not get his/her required customers, I get nothing again. So it behooves me to spend extra time training a new associated to make them successful so I can successful – doesn't sound like I am trying to take advantage of them does it?

    Anyway MLM is a successful and valid business model, it is not a get rich quick scheme and you have to work at it to make money. For those willing to work, you can make a good amount of money. Is MLM for everyone – no. So if you do not want to participate , please don't. But also please don't call it a scam because it isn't. I have two other businesses besides my business in Ignite – I have worked for myself for the past 14 years in both of those businesses and have been successful enough to be comfortable even in these troubled times. I see the value and benefit of MLM in today's world and am enjoying the process. If you are interested in MLM in general or Ignite in particular, by all means find out first hand by researching their web-site – talking to someone who is in or going to one of several hundred meetings being held weekly state-wide in Texas or Georgia. But evaluate it yourself – decide if its for your personality or not… but do not let someone else decide for you.

  58. MRjotat

    Skeptical and all the others on here who can't get outside the box, everything is a pyramid. It is the system. Hell, the government is a pyramid! Example: Take a good look at your job. Who owns the company? Who is under them? Wake up people! In MLM everyone has the same opportunity. Bill Gates makes Billions but the new kid that just got on is making 12 dollars an hour. That's the pyramid scheme!

  59. NTxokie

    Ignite as orignally setup would have a $99 annual fee but that has never been charged to the reps above me. They have been in the business for several years.

    It is a $329 initial investment and $25 month overhead. I made money in several mlms with a far greater investment and overhead. This is a product that everyone already buys and it is priced at the low end of the market price. most marketing company products are priced 60% or more above the locally available products like say at Wallymart.

    I have already made back my orginal investment and then some. I am in my 9th week in the business.

    This is the best MLM opportunity I have ever seen. If you are looking for a program, this is it. If not. Be well, live free.

  60. Hey folks,

    Really great info on Ignite, but I would highly recommend all that are working hard to look at Primerica. Your commission's and your future financial freedom for your family would be astronomical compared to what you recieve with Ignite. Just an idea? Primerica has been around for over 30 years and getting to skyrocket in the financial services industry. Word to the wise. $99 only to join and $25 for your online office. Good luck to all.

  61. Ignite me

    This is for PyramidsAREscams

    The Ignite business asks 3 to get 3 to get 3…


    Here are 17 levels of ignite's plan. One thing you fail to realize that this is not the perfect world and not everybody will be motivated or dedicated enough to do 3 business partners and 10 customers. However, because of this, people that are dedicated will have a very good chance to make decent residual income. I worked the ignite business about 3yrs ago, I worked it for about 6 months very hard and then kinda of fizzled out. However, my team is about 300 strong if you average out my earnings i am receiving about $800 a month for the past 2 yrs.

    The money that is paid out to the associates is mainly money that would have been spent on advertising.

    Ignite so far has made roughly 2.8 billion dollars in electricity sales revenue where they have paid out $120 million dollars to associates. I highly doubt that ignite has made $2.8 billion dollars on associate sign-ups.

    This is a valid business plan that is highly regulated by the public utility commission of texas (PUCT). You can always contact them if you have any questions on the validity of the business.

  62. Ron Pritchard

    I have been reading all this pro and con about energy MLMs because there is one in prelaunch in California called Zervita. Is this just another scam like all the rest? I went to a meeting this morning where huge income claims were being made. I smell a real rat here. Can anyone tell me anything about this Zervita?

  63. PyramidsAREscams

    Then by your own admission. This is a pyramid. What you fail to mention is that the population of Texas is roughly 25 Million. You run out of citizens on the 15th level and furthermore not everyone in Texas is an Electric consumer. What's more? Not everyone in Texas is able to switch their electric provider. Thank You for your post!

  64. Andrew Carlisle

    The Pyramid actually runs out quicker that. I just attended one of those get togethers a friend talked me into and the way it goes when you first get in you are a 'director' and you must get the three associates below you PLUS 10 customer accounts ( people who just buy their electricity from Stream who you sign up) Actually you only need 8 if you change over yourself AND pay the $24.99 a month for the Web Site. That puts you one step up and you then have to get an additional 10 customer accounts. To move up another notch you have to have three people below you who all got three more that all got their minimum 8 customer accounts and then you have to get an additional 10 more customer accounts. after that there is only one more step up you can do and it is like before you need three people below you who all reach the level you were at before.

    The real kicker is that the BIG payout doesn't come untill you have FIVE levels below you where you get $5 per month for every customer that the associates on that level sign up. The Customers that YOU PERSONALLY get to switch to Stream Electric will only pay you a measly 50 cents per month…

    so lets look at the pyramid again:

    3 plus 84 customers plus 74.97/month for web page
    9 plus 252 customers plus 224.91/month for web page
    27 plus 756 customers plus 674.73/month for web page
    81 plus 2268 customers plus 2024.19/month for web page
    243 plus 6804 customers plus 6072.57/month for web page
    729 plus 20412 customers plus 18217.71/month for web page
    2187 plus 61236 customers plus 54653.13/month for web page
    6561 plus 183708 customers plus 163959.39/month for web page
    19683 plus 551124 customers plus 491878.17/month for web page
    59049 plus 1653372 customers plus 1475634.51/month for web page
    177147 plus 4960116 customers plus 4426903.53/month for web page
    531441 plus 14880348 customers plus 13280710.59/month for web page

    Well, WOW, That is only 12 levels there is a requirement for there to be almost 15 million electrical customers for the bottom leve1 to get THEIR customers not to mention allowing people below then to get any customers…also it seems the web page income has risen to an astounding $13+ Million a month..

    Let's say that Level NINE is the LAST level to rise to the TOP level of Presidential Director or whatever they call it.

    19683 associates plus 551124 customers plus 491878.17/month for web page

    Level 10 would stay the same however even though these people don't rise to the top level:

    59049 associates plus 1653372 customers plus 1475634.51/month for web page

    Level 11 changes because this level only has to have 18 customers (plus themselves plus pay for the web site) and LEvel 11 is:

    177147 associates plus 3188646 customers plus 4426903.53/month for web page

    Level 12:

    531441 plus 4251528 customers plus 13280710.59/month for web page.

    Opps something I just realized is that I for got that the customer numbers are actually CUMULATIVE…so the Total number of required customers for each respecive level is the total for that level PLUS the total for all the levels above.

    SO the total numbers of customers for this Hypothetical scenario of Level 9 being the last level to max out is:826644

    Level 10: 2480016
    Level 11: 5598662
    Level 12: 9850190

    This Scenario has level 12 is already required to sign up 100% of all residential customers in Texas.

    This represents 531,441 associates that have as a group no hope of ever progessing to the next level and are each earning $4 per month from their residuals. This level will most certainly have close a 100% dropout rate as far as continuing to pay for web services.

    The 117,114 'Directors' in Level 11 will be receiving $9.50 per month residuals from THEIR 18 customers plus $6 residuals (.25 x 3 associates x 8 customers per associate on level 12) from their associates…Total $15.50 which ALSO does not pay for the web page expenses.

    The lowest level that (as a whole) returns a profit is Level 10 consisting of 59,049 associates. On average their residuals are
    $14 + $13.5 + $18 for a total of $45.5 a whole $20 over and above the cost of the web page…

    Let's call level 10 Break even then, the net total of $20 residuals they are receiving per month probably don't even cover expenses they incur trying to recruit new members. Level 9 is getting about enough residuals to Pay for their electric bill and the web page so they will probably stay happy even if they never advance further.

    This results in a Total of 29,523 Associates who are actually making money with this system versus a total of 734832 associates who are losing money and 59,049 who are only breaking even.

    The Ignite Energy residuals JACKPOT is people who have customers 5 levels below them, here is where they get paid $5 per every customer on that level…Even with this PERFECT pyramid where 100% of all residential customers switch to STEAM, Level 7 is the lowest Level that will have 5 levels underneath it, and that level has a grand total of 2,187 Associates on it.

    In conclusion, while this may not fit the legal definition of a Pyramid or a Ponzi scheme, the fact remains that even if the yramid developes perfectly with 100% participation by the electrical customers the end result is that

    3,276 Associates reach Top Level earning the promised 'Thousands of dollars per month'

    These are standing upon the shoulders of the 26,244 Assosiates that are making a few hundred per month and the 59,049 who are just breaking even.

    And all of this is made possible by the 734832 associates below who signed up a hypothetical 7,440,174 customers that actually LOSE money with this system.

    26,244 a few hundred $
    59,049 Nil
    734,832 Lose money..

    Looks like a pyramid to me..OF course this 100% participation is an impossibility, it can be scaled down to a more reasonable 11% participation (higher than Steam energy will EVER get) just by going up two more levels 100%/3/3= 11%..

    This results in 243 BIG earners, 2,916 making a few hundred, 6,561 break even, and 78732 LOSERS.

    In either scenario the thing that is constant is that the members who are either not making anything or are actually losing money are responsible for signing up over 96% of Steam Energy's Residential electric customers, and those who are making the BIG MONEY were responsibly for signing less than 1/2 of 1% of the customers from which Steam energy derives it's income..

    Now from a standpoint of WILL I PAY LESS MONEY WITH STEAM ELECTRIC IF I BECOME A CUSTOMER? You judge for yourself…

    Now alot of the payouts that they discussed at the meeting I went to were a little unclear once you get past the top levels what I do know is this:

    If you become a Steam electric customer with this system, there is going to be a monthy payout to the levels above you of AT LEAST $5 for the guy 5 levels up, .25, for the three levels in between that guy and the person who actually signed you up and .50 to the person who actually signed you up. That is a minimum $6.25 per month. The actual payout for those three levels in between increases if they 'go up a level' to .50 for one level up and .75 for two levels up…ALSO…the TOP DOGS who are getting $5 per customer for everyone in the level 5 below them also get a .25 residual ad infinitum for each customer signed up 6 levels below them or lower..

    The Point is that STEAM Energy, rather than paying a commission to the sales person who is responsible for getting your business, they must pay every month to all the levels who are above you a total of at least $10 and maybe more before they even start going about the business of providing you with electricity…So you can bet that if they are paying out money every month that expense is passed directly on to the customer….

    AHA!!! EUREKA!!! THIS IS WHY STEAM ENERGY CHARGES 2 CENTS MORE PER KWH IF YOUR USAGE IS 500 KWH or LESS!!! From looking at available electric rates there are SEVERAL 1 year fixed rate plans that are cheaper than STEAM, Champion 9.3 cents/kwh 4.95 base charge, and Startes Power 10 cents/KWh no base charge.

    This is opposed to the 11.9 to 12.5 c/kwh that Steam charges in my area (If my average usage is 1000 KWH)…They appear to be charging me a little more than 2 cents more than their competitors times 1000 KWH is an extra $20 bucks per month that they can use to pay out the 'residuals'. However if my average usage is 500kwh or less I am paying 4 cents more per kwh so they can still have their $20 to pay out the residuals on my account.. And in Section 22 of the Fine Print they state that if your Meter has ZERO Usage in a month you will be charge a $5 service fee plus an additional fee of $3-9 depending on your area. So it appears they will get their money to pay the residuals whether or not you choose to overpay for their electricity or not…NO WONDER the mostaccounts that they require any associate to ever maintain is 28! (plus switch their own electric service Plus pay monthly for the web page of course). IT is probably a full time job just maintaining those few accounts…

    Which is PROBABLY why Steam energy offers, strangely enough, something that no other service providor seems to have: 6 Month fixed plans!! THESE rates are cheaper than either their Month to Month plans OR their 1 year fixed rate plans…That seems weird doesn't it? These rates vary depending on the service area and are between 1.2 cents to 2.2 cents cheaper than the 1 year fixed rate plan…These rates are actually a little less than 1 cent per KWH more that what I could get with Champion Energy and only .3 cents more than the Startex rate…

    Perhaps these competitive rates are to to help in getting people switched over with the end result that they will be paying higher charges in the future in order to pay those residual checks!!

    Anyway, like I said I went to one of those meetings for IGNITE that a friend asked me to attend and I promised him I would give it serious thought and due diligence…I started my research the same time I started this 'Comment' and I think that if you have read this my conclusions are clear and irrefutable.

    You might argue that a person can get into this system and rise to the top and make the big money and I do not refute that. Even after the pyramid is 100% Maxed out and EVERYONE is a Steam customer it is of course possible for a person to climb the ladder by taking customers from other people but that doesn't change the fact that ON AVERAGE the people on the bottom will lose money when the pyramid mazes out AND the number of people on the bottom losing money will VASTLY OUTNUMBER the number or people at the top making money.

    This is by definition a Pyramid, with a twist that apparently makes it legal. New entries to the program cannot make money except by recruiting new members who recruit new members and so on…The thing which saves this from being an outright PONZI SCAM is the source of the pyramid's income. One Income source is of course the Monthly charge for the Web services of 24.99. They say that having the web page isn't REQUIRED but from what my friend showed my the web page prety much necessary to keep track of the people below you to make sure that they are doing all the stuff they need to be doing to go up a level so that YOU can go up a level. I don't know if the Web Page servic is a separate thing or if it contributes anything to the 'residual' checks but it DOES bring in ALOT of money.

    The other income stream is of course the sale of Electricity…..Overpriced Electricity…..The Genius who came up with this plan saw a way of getting around the illegality of the PONZI scam by replacing the income stream. Instead of new members paying in Money that is used to pay out members higher on the pyramid, new members INSTEAD sign up 10 new customers to get their electricity from STEAM Electric and pay inflated prices!

    For every person who reaches level 5 it requires there to me at least 10,192 people to be overpaying for their electricity with STEAM.

    I guess what makes it easier to swallow is that YOU PERSONALLY only have to convince 28 people among your friends and family to sign up to pay $20 or so more per month for their electricity and the rest of the OTHER 10,192 people are just friends and family of those recruited below you.

    So the Power of THIS MLM scheme is the Ability through NETWORKING of being able to get slightly more than 10,000 people to overpay for electricity each month so that one person can reach the top level of the payout ladder.

    Witness the Awesome power of NETWORKING!!!

    ANdrew Scott Carlisle

  65. PyramidsAREscams

    YOU are right. I forgot about the progressive thing so the means 25 million doesn't even progress to the 12th level. Haven't done the math but you have to add each level as you go up (or down).

  66. thank God someone is looking out for the public in Texas. Thank you guys for all the math and research. The sad truth is how our Texas Senate passed legislation for this stuff to attack the Texas people and they do nothing to correct their mistakes. Maybe the L. Govenor can shut these people down and not stick their head in the sand.

  67. you have convinced m

    Thanks for all the input on this topic. I went last night to a meeting and was excited about the challange. As i explained to the people at the meeting I need to check the pro's and cons before I do anything. Of course there are professional sales people and social gathering professionals (people who belong to a lot of groups of one kind or another)that will have the ability to reach out or the ability to know how to sell to people. Anyone else will may not succeded do to the trend listed above.

    Bottom line if you want it and have the knowledge along with the drive to do it go for it. Not for me!

  68. Sales Proffessional

    Andrew…Many Thanks.

    I was about to begin researching this MLM to show my wife (who was approached about becoming an associate) what she would need to put into this in order to make anything of it. You have done a great job in providing anyone interested a look at what to expect.

    This opportunity would take twice as much time and effort to make half of what could be made respectively somewhere else selling an actual product or service.

    …thank you again for saving me time and money and in helping me explain this MLM & its pitfalls to my wife.

  69. Susan Jane


    Your math on the matter of Ignite/Stream is meticulous. I am so glad to hear from a person who is not a zombie member of this "club."
    My husband of 25 years plus has been body snatched by this organization. About 90% of what he talks about is Ignite/Stream. He has pestered our children, our next door neighbors until it's embarassing. He was trying to recruit me into this endeavor, but automatically, after hearing some of his "presentation" I smelled a rat. Ponzi scheme/pyramid immediately came to mind. We have not agreed on this for over a year, and counting. He paid $300 for the privilege of being a representative. From what I can figure, he's received an $11 return from his investment. in one year's time.
    That's sad enough, but dig this! My husband is a long haul truck driver, and we live in a mid-Atlantic state. Once in awhile, he passes through Texas or Georgia, where Ignite/Stream operates. He has NO WAY to recruit customers or other reps due to his job, geographics. The ass that recruited him KNEW this, but promised my husband that he would build his business for him. This never happened! Yet, my husband continues to believe that this pyramid scheme is the greatest thing ever. My husband is now trying to convince me that moving to Texas from our home on the East Coast is the wisest thing to do, very necessary to his "important calling." No, my husband is not some wuss or idiot, despite his obsession. He's a retired military man, very strong-minded, and a real leader. I know he's still there somewhere, under the Ignite BS. How could someone like my husband be taken in by this bunkum? What do they do with folks to convince them to be a part of this organization? Brainwash them? It would seem so. I will show him your figures about Ignite/Stream, and hope that your info will get through to him. Thank you for writing your views.

  70. Ignited

    For all of you that say Ignite is a scam.
    You know nothing about Ignite or you got in and stopped working the Business. (Quitter)
    I would never ask you to get into this Business because you are like AIDS.
    You will never get anywhere in life, if you do you would hurt someone to get there.

    People, go to a credible source if you want to know about Ignite or Stream Energy.
    IE: Texas PUC – BBB. Not theses internet lawyers.
    If you are going to let someone that has no clue of what they are talking about take your dream away. I would not want you in my business nor would anyone else.
    If you would like the Truth, fine an Ignite Associate let them show you our PLAN.
    If we were a scam why are the TX / Georgia Government switching our Customers?

    What you are hearing are other Energy Companies in TX & GA saying all of this to keep you away from us. (Ignite)

    Ignite is a Business, you have to work it, if not shut up and get on with your life. We are here to make money.

    Wealthbuilder & David B You got it going on. I’ll see you at the TOP.

    Tag TEAM killeen

  71. Ignited

    Susan Jane
    Your Husband did NOT follow the plan and yes it would be hard to do this business away from Texas. This is a great Business and maybe if you were in TX it could work.
    Good luck

  72. Love all the comments on this page but if you really want to expand your business let's say 4 states for gas and 8 states for electricity and not only to residential customers but to commercial accounts also. Please check out my website ccmgasbroker.com for a brand new opportunity and anywhere in the us. We get paid $1's not pennies for accounts. Our product website is YourGasGuy.com. Thank you all and have a wonderful day!

  73. The Ignite and Stream opprotunity is just what is says, that is, an opprotunity for one to have dinner, meet people, go out of town, text message, talk on the phone, e-mail, go to meetings, and have an affair and call it working your business. No wonder the people in ignite defend it so. The fact is that these people not only lie about their business, but they convince themselves that their actions are justified. How convenient. Ignite is a cancer in out society that is tearing families apart, creating a false promise of untold wealth, underminding the basic fabric of work ethics,underminding the intergrety of of existing work agencies, critical of career minded people, and creating a philosophy that they are authorities on every aspects of one's life,including time management, relationship status, money, life priorities, family, and everything else related to one's personal and private lives.If you want to hear more then go to one of their powerful meetings and you can see for yourself. They love people they can use, so if you are easily suckered, or a love one, please stay home. Once they have you they don't easily let you slip away.

  74. Bobby

    WOW! I am amazed by all of the expert advise given in this blog. It is reassuring to know that I have so many friends who care about my future. I feel confident that the old Texas electric companies in business before deregulation had your best interest at heart. And I am confident that all of their door to door salespersons, and of course all of their telemarketers have only your best interest at heart; and have only told you the whole truth and nothing but the truth about the products they are providing for you, free of charge of course? They are of course only of the finest character and impeccably dressed. They would never think of taking advantage of some poor old woman, half blind, and hard of hearing; and their only concern is to save them from being taken advantage of. Surely they would never consider putting them into a multi-year contract at the highest rates allowed by Texas law. Come on folks. Ignite is winning award after award; awards that you don't win by taking advantage of people. You don't become the largest CREP in Texas by taking advantage of people. A lot of people don't make money with Ignite. Do you know why? You have to work hard. Does every small business owner make money? If you want to make money with Ignite you can; YOU WILL HAVE TO WORK HARD. If W-O-R-K is a dirty word to you don't do this. If you 'sponsor' "broke uncle Harry" he probably isn't going to make any money; shame on you for taking advantage of him. I investigated this company intensely befor investing in this opportunity; I have made money. I invested in the Stock Market; LOST MY SHIRT. Maybe you should invest in some Texas utility stocks, if you think that isn't a scam. Don't knock Ignite until you have tried it; until you have treated it like any other business investment. How many years and how much money will YOU invest in a traditional buiness, before you earn a profit; if ever? Better yer, just go spend all your money on the Texas Lottery; after all that isn't meant to take advantage of anybody, and everybody wins. Right?

  75. Bobby

    WOW! I am amazed by all of the expert advise given in this blog. It is reassuring to know that I have so many friends who care about my future. I feel confident that the old Texas electric companies in business before deregulation had your best interest at heart. And I am confident that all of their door to door salespersons, and of course all of their telemarketers have only your best interest at heart; and have only told you the whole truth and nothing but the truth about the products they are providing for you, free of charge of course? They are of course only of the finest character and impeccably dressed. They would never think of taking advantage of some poor old woman, half blind, and hard of hearing; and their only concern is to save them from being taken advantage of. Surely they would never consider putting them into a multi-year contract at the highest rates allowed by Texas law. Come on folks. Ignite is winning award after award; awards that you don't win by taking advantage of people. You don't become the largest CREP in Texas by taking advantage of people. A lot of people don't make money with Ignite. Do you know why? You have to work hard. Does every small business owner make money? If you want to make money with Ignite you can; YOU WILL HAVE TO WORK HARD. If W-O-R-K is a dirty word to you don't do this. If you 'sponsor' "broke uncle Harry" he probably isn't going to make any money; shame on you for taking advantage of him. I investigated this company intensely before investing in this opportunity; I have made money. I invested in the Stock Market; LOST MY SHIRT. Maybe you should invest in some Texas utility stocks, if you think that isn't a scam. Don't knock Ignite until you have tried it; until you have treated it like any other business investment. How many years and how much money will YOU invest in a traditional business, before you earn a profit; if ever? Better yet, just go spend all your money on the Texas Lottery; after all that isn't meant to take advantage of anybody, and everybody wins. Right?

  76. Saxman

    I appreciate Andrew's analytical mind and his logic, but I appreciate the advise of those who actually are working their Ignite business and are doing well and have stepped up to th plate and commented here. Andrew, Ignite is not for everyone anymore than any business. No matter what business industry or business model one pursues, there are going to be winners and losers. That is why those who own successful businesses earn so much more than those who don't — it is because of the inherent risk and successes. If everyone could rise to the top of the food chain in any business, there would be no need to pursue entrenpeurship. I spent my career as an IRS agent and Texas State Auditor auditing all sorts of Ponzi schemes and Pyramid schemes all over the nation. I have done my due dilligence prior to joining Ignite/Stream Energy. Over the years I have also been involved in many MLM and made very little money. But I don't have a problem with a business that has figured out how to make money, become financial strong, conservative in positioning, and pass on some of the wealth to ordinary people. I applaud legal MLM's for doing that. I also applaud the people who are willing to put in the work that it takes to get a piece of that wealth. Andrew, you could have thought of this idea yourself. If you had $50 million dollars to hand over to each state you would do business in, as a reserve component, never to be touched or utilized for business operations and you could stand up to a 10 year background check for 1 year, you could have your utility company.

    Don't fall into the trap of thinking that just because something looks like the shape of a pyramid when you work out the numbers of dollars paid out or recruits brought into a business makes it something diabolical and illegal. Your definition of a pyramid scheme or pyramid is wrong. I am an expert at knowing what pyramid is because I spend much of my life going after them and shutting them down. The true and basic definition of a pyramid scheme is where the principle means for earning income or progressing through the organization is via recruitment. No one at Ignite is paid 1 dime until a service is rendered, i.e., a customer is garnered, an electricity bill is generated, and paid. A service has to be rendered or product has to be sold. We provide a service. We don't sell products. I find that the price we charge for our service is competitive. We are not in business to compete with price any more than a good car dealer or furniture store. We provide a personal service to people. We educate people and help them along. The fact that Stream can pay $6 – $7.50 of every bill in commissions is a good thing if you imagine what the incumbents have been charging for many years and not paying commissions to agents or rebates to customers, meaning they were keeping all those profits for themselves. Now, our concept not only saves people money, but also helps ordinary people have a business that can add life-changing income to their household.

    Not every person in this business is going to make it to the top. Some will drop off, some will just not have the right stuff to get to the top, and some will be content with a certain income stream at a certan level, and all those scenarios are beautiful. This is America. Dreams are made here. For 40 plus years I worked like a slave trading my hours for dollars but never created any wealth. I retired from the military after 25 years of Infantry and worked for corporate America as an Auditor but with all of that no wealth. Excel created 2,000 millionaires. Andrew probably has a problem with that. Ignite/Stream will, in my opinion, create more millionaires than Excel. Not having 100% market share is the state of Texas is not a shame. No company has 100% market share of any business. Please be realistic, but we have the chance to expand to other states and create additional market share and the world and create additional market share.

    I have had businesses and websites and paid more in overhead cost than I pay with Ignite/Stream. I pay $24.95 per month for 2 websites. It comes out to about $12.50 per website. Okay so you multiply that over 50,000,000 associates for example and that comes out to $1,250,000,000. Why is there a problem with the company making money on the websites. Do you have a problem with any other company charging for website construction, hosting, and monthly fees? I have paid much more than that for websites. Business is Business! I have everything I need to manage my business within my website. You don't know the power of our websites because you are not an associate so you can't see it. For what I can accomplish with these websites, I would have to pay large sums of overhead to people to perform the funtions I have at my fingertips.

    Do you think Ray Crock worried about there only being a limited number of people who would eat beef when he started his McDonald's franchises? Keep opening McDonald's until you run out of beef eaters. In the meantime a bunch or ordinary people have an opportunity to make some crazy money along the way until that happens. I'm not mad at him. None of you should be. Ma'am if your husband is a trucker and going about all over the nation, tell him to talk to some truckers who want to make an extra income each month. He could build his business just among truckers. The smart man who signed him up probably had in mind that your husband can reach a demographic that could give him a niche. So rather than complain, look at the advantages your husband has. The rest of you have listened to Andrew and did not get into this business because of reading Andrew computations, I feel sorry for you because you missed out on a wonderful opportunity to make a difference in your life and the life of your family. But, as long as that is the case, there will be more money for me and those of us who see this for what it is — business.

    Keep in mind that in any real estate brokerage, accounting firm, law firm, etc., there is a pyramid-type structure. The partners are at the top of the food chain and make most of the money, and as you walk the stairway down to the bottom rung you find the lower paid people there. You and can spend your whole career in a firm and never become partner or manager, but you can still earn some pretty decent money trading hours for dollars. Also, I have never met a CEO that wanted to do all the work himself, so he has to clone him/herself with many layers of people in order to accomplish the mission. J Paul Getty said he would rather have 100 people each doing 1% of the work than to have 1 person doing all the work. So, every business model uses MLM to various degrees. I have audited every type of business model there is so I know firsthand.

    If you get into this business and build out each store (if you will allow me to use store) you will make money. Not everyone on your team in each store is going to share your work ethic, drive, and motivation, but even if you are able to make the models work to some percentage of the ideal, you will have residuals for your life that would require you to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars in a CD in order to obtain. Just to have a $260 per month lifetime residual that can be accomplished at your 3rd level with 39 associates on your team, you would have to invest over $300,000 with a bank and leave it there, at today's interest rates. I invested $329 on time and I now have a residual far greater than $260 per month and I didn't have to give anyone bank or stockbroker $300,000 to hold indefinitely, yet my residual in excess of $260 is indefinite. So, for all of you who listened to Andrew, you have allowed Andrew to rob you of a chance to change your life. I grew picking cotton. Everyone I knew picked cotton. For me to invest $329 and be able to make the money I am making is utterly amazing. I am still hungry so I am going for more.

    For all of you who are with Ignite/Stream and are working hard, I say see you at the top or as close to it as I can get. See you in other states. See you in other parts of the world. To all the naysayers, I hope you have great and wealthy children who will take care of you in your old age. I have great kids, but relying on them to take care of me is a scary thought.

  77. Saxman

    None of Andrew's numbers match any of our business models. His numbers must be from some other company because they are not representaitive of our business plan at Ignite/Stream Energy. Also, Andrew uses the word promised and promises. Ignite/Stream Energy does not make any promises as to anything relating to a person's income or what one will be able to attain. The business models are published for the whole world to see. There is nothing hidden. If a person wants to come into our organization and go to work and build his/her business instead of griping and complaining, they will be succesful. There is no doubt.If a country boy like me raised picking cotton and going to segregated schools can make this work, anyone can. I have met anyone in this business that was putting forth the effort who was not making money. Most of the people I know have receive their $329 returned back to them in 24 hours to 1 week. But, I tend to spend time around positive and motivated people who go to work and make something happen.

  78. IgniteDr

    Well put, Saxman!

    People will believe what they want to believe. Corporate America and network marketing both have their pros and cons. It is up to us to decide whether the opportunity is worth pursuing or not.

    I was in corporate America for 20 years…part of that time as an executive for a giant network marketing company. I am currently the owner of a traditional "brick and mortar" business…and am also involved in network marketing (Ignite, for one). For me, it works.

    My traditional business (in an industry that I love) keeps me busy approximately 60-80 hours a week. During the past 2.5 years that I have had my traditional business, I am sorry to state that I have not been able to devote more than 1 hour / month to the Ignite business. Yet, because of how well the Ignite business works, my monthlies continue to increase, because I have some in my downline that see the possibilities. I truly hope to make 2010 a year in which I am able to devote significantly more time to the Ignite business, as I truly wish to help others. It may be a catch phrase for some, but I am sincere when I state this.

    To those who may think this is a scam – you are absolutely entitled to your opinion and, you are correct in that this business is not for you.

    To those of you who see the possibilities – you, too, are entitled to your opinion (to which I happen to agree) and, I truly believe that IF YOU PUT IN THE WORK REQUIRED, you can become successful to the degree you desire.

    Do YOUR OWN due diligence. I did, and I am happier for it!


  79. Has anyone read the law suite against ignite filed in federal court by Clearman law firm in Houstopn. To read it go to wwwclearmanlaw.com Very interesting stuff. It is always best to sort fact from fiction. Make sure you scroll down to read the facts about some of the characters in ignite.It pays to be enlightened.

  80. Has any body read the federal law suite against ignite/stream filed by a law firm in Houston It is very inlightening. To read it go to wwwclearmanlaw.com on the webb. Make sure to read the entire suite. It reveals a lot of interesting facts about ignite and some of the characters involved.

  81. Kim Smith

    Which one of you guys are Ignite Reps? Or do you know where i can find a list of Ignite Reps?

  82. I just became an Ignite, Independent Associate and willing to take my chances with the company. I don't beleive all the bad comment posted here. If you are thinking about becoming an Independent Associate in Georgia contact me and I will get you started on your way to making some cash. I need some customers. Thanks in advance.

  83. It seems the people who talk negative about the industry are people who failed in the business. All the negative press always comes from someone who didn't make any money after two weeks. In network marketing only 5% of the people who get in will make the money. The truth being is that these are the people who are willing to stick it out and learn how to effectively build a network marketing business. The other 95% gave up and now talk bad about the industry.
    If your looking for a quick buck MLM isn't for you. It's a long term investment and an investment in yourself. Why do Robert Kiyosaki and Donald Trump recommend getting into a network marketing business? They know that this is the cheapest and easiest way to learn leadership skills and start your own business. What other businesses are out there that will pay you weekly residual income with such a low investment? I personally like the network marketing model your essentially doing more with less.The key to success in MLM/NWM is a large group of people doing consistent little things. Bottom line keep it simple people try to make it difficult with these so called marketing systems. Learn the basics. I do not know much about Ignite and do not care to. I myself I am in a energy network marketing company called Ambit Energy. I would take a look at Ambit before deciding on Ignite. They pay more levels up to 6 the bonuses are more and you actually get paid more for customers who use more energy. Not to mention their in 3 states TX,IL, and NY. I also forgot Ambit is the only energy provider I know of that gives free electricity and travel to it's customers for referring Ambit. The consultants also can get free electricity for gathering 15 customers. Most of the people I work with in Ambit came from Ignite. Just do your due diligence in doing research. I recommend looking at least 3 companies. Pick something you would be comfortable showing your friends or family.If you have no belief in it no one else will. There are network marketing companies for anything you can imagine.

  84. JC Moore

    Read most of the comments but it is very confusing. I am embarassed to say I was pressured into one of these ventures. I hate a business where you have pester people constantly 'about getting into the business' and if I hear one more time 'he/she is the top money earner' I am going to throw up. Have yet to see anyone close to me, that I actually know make real money, in debt yes because they are always going to surge meetings, ignition conventions etc. but where is the real money? At the very top, I presume. My skills lie in a different field and that is where I need to devote my time. Just sorry I got involve with this, it's not been something I can be passionate about besides I don't want to alienate my friends and family for some illusion of great wealth that will never happen.

  85. eyes wide open

    check out the federal lawsuite at clearmanlaw.com gives a lot of detail about ignite and some of the people in it

  86. M House

    I went to an Ignite seminar but left with some unanswered questions. Does anyone know if after the initial sign up cost there is a yearly fee/due to be paid? Also, is there a quota in recruiting or new customers to be met in order to remain at a certain leadership level?

    • Bill

      No yearly fee. Just a one time fee to build 4 seperate lines of business all working simultaneously. It's a fabulous compensation plan and a brilliant use for network marketing. Electricity is something everyone uses and already has in their budget. I love the company. It has truly changed my life!

  87. Ignite Rep

    Pyramids scams happen becuase the only money coming in is from those who sign on, ignite is not a scam because those who sign on earn a commission from all the profits they make off the customers they bring in. Its works cause the electric companies make millions! They can pay commissions rather than pay radio and tv and other types of advertising its totally legal. I wont leave my info because I dont work with naysayers.
    Its not get rich quick it takes time to build. Do nothing Get nothing!

    • Me Too

      I agree with you 100% Ignite Rep! A lot of people have a case of wood butts…..I would, but…….. Ignite is a life changing business. Col. Saunders got turned down 1008 times before someone bought his “Original Recipe” . I was told this many years ago. I am glad he had a dream, and nothing could stop him from achieving his goals.

  88. Keith H

    Well guess the Koolaide drinkers can laugh all the way to the bank. However, the fact of the matter is by Ignite’s own income disclosure statement 97% will loose money. How you splain dat?
    $300 to join, $300 web fees. Average weighted income of 97% of associates is $316/ year. But there is no money in whistle blowing, plenty in pipe dreams though.
    Maybe chalk it up as entertainment.

  89. Ignite is a great company currently expanding all over the United States. What began in Texas has now spread into Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Maryland with New Jersey coming on board this month. The company is accomplishing all this in the worst economy since the Great Depression. There will always be nay sayers and negative people surrounding any idea. I say don't let someone's incorrect opinion about something prevent you from finding out the possibilities for yourself! With every new state expansion a new ground floor opportunity presents itself to all our Ignite associates don't sit back and watch get involved and start making some money! The money it takes to start and maintain this business is less than two pairs of athletic shoes at footlocker be for real you going to let something like that prevent you from trying something new. Then you should probably just keep doing what your doing getting the same results you always have… For more info about this opportunity and how to be successful at it visit my blog http://partnerwithchris.com/blog

  90. matt

    Let me start by saying that I am NOT involved with Ignite, or Stream…yet. I am commenting on this whole string of comments because Ignite does not meet the definition of a Multi-Level Marketing company. Truly – by definition – MLM companies & pyramids/Ponzi Schemes mean that the people coming in pay their way in so that the people higher up in the chain can get paid. With Ignite, the way I understand it, you DON'T have to 'buy in' to Ignite to make money – you can make money solely on the residuals for the people you've helped switch to Stream to save money on their electric bill – and the money you make in residuals doesn't come out of the earnings from the person below you, it comes back to you as a thank-you from Stream.

    Downline – yes. MLM – nope.

    I am a real estate agent with Keller Williams Real Estate, and our company is constantly being accused of being a MLM/Pyramid scheme…which it's not. It's the same concept – when money is paid it's not paid when someone below me sells real estate, it's paid back from the owners' profits as a thank-you for growing the company. Completely different concept, and there are always going to be people who don't fully understand the difference – and don't care to. Don't be one of them.

  91. ItsMe

    I'm not too familiar with Ignite, but I did happen to see a few things someone wrote about them which caught my attention. I do know that they are totally debt free right now. And they are the Largest competitive retail electric provider in America right now. I'm no genius, but that seems somewhat stable to me.

  92. Gary

    Someone once ask how many people make it to the top level of Ignite? The answer is simple, all the ones that don't quit. It's a legitimate business. In fact the energy commission that oversees energy regulation would not let Ignite into the energy market if it was a scam. It's not a get rich quick scheme. You need to work hard and long and if you do this, it will payoff. I'm a small business man making a comfortable living from Ignite and yes I do work hard.

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