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NFL Broadcast Turns Lights Out During Eagles Cowboys Game

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Green Energy Is Big Business

The NFL on Sunday November 4 2007 decided to turn off their lights in the studio and turn the NBC logo green. They said that by turning the logo green for all the TV viewers out there they could effectively power a typical US home for about 1 month. I went to their website today and they have it branded green as well. This green energy theme has been running on several stations for a few weeks now. I believe it has something to do with green energy lobbyists or perhaps energy companies who want to advertise how they are improving the environment. Which ever is the real answer we are seeing a burgeoning green energy industry. This green energy business is a several billion dollar industry and however good it may seem there are many many businesses exploiting it both politically and to add a little green to the bottom line.

NBC Goes Green

Green Mountain Electric Company

Are People Confusing Global Warming And Green Energy?

With Al Gore’s Inconvenient Truth movie and the British now saying they will not show the movie in their classrooms because of several innacuracy’s and a US political agenda we begin to wonder how the US has gotten so caught up with this global warming idea. The ability to go back and forth between global warming and green energy makes it seem that we are talking about the same thing. The truth is that green energy and not polluting the environment is a real issue while global warming is a hoax. To confuse the two is the stuff retards are made of. CO2 going into the atmosphere is not pollution and does not create a global warming effect. 99 percent of our CO2 comes from plants and the ocean. CO2 is a necessary part of the environment and having more of it does not hurt the environmeny. A coal fired power plant spewing out actual pollution however is a concern because it really does cause harm to the environment. Finding green energy solutions is an important part to fighting such things as coal power plants.

Let’s Get It Straight Finally

So let’s get it straight. Green energy is the real issue and we should be creating more of it. Global warming and creating more CO2 should not be confused with alternative green energy. Wouldn’t it be great to finally debunk Al Gore’s conspiracy about global warming. There actually is a video out that the BBC bought that counters Al Gore’s claims. It should be coming out in the next year and hopefully will get a wider viewing. I know that many of us would watch it and give our two cents to give an alternate point of view to this ridiculous political issue. Maybe then we can start talking about taxes, social welfare, small business laws and other important topics we actually care about.

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