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Ambit Energy Electric Company

Ambit Energy Company’s Comparison To The Others

Ambit Energy as of April 2009 currently shows a superior rating in regards to consumer complaints and filings over some of the top electric companies in Texas. TXU Energy and Stream Energy also known as Ignite Energy so more consumer complaints in regards to billing, slamming and cramming issues. When comparing Ambit Energy in regards to consumer complaints it is important to consider how many total customers a Texas electricity company has. The number of complaints as a percentage of total customers may add a better perspective on what Texas electric company actually has the worst track record.

The Ambit Energy multi-level marketing company seems to be a close copy to Ignite Energy but with a little less history as they started a couple years after Ignite started. The interesting thing about these Texas electric companies is their pattern of having some of the same corporate execs and marketing managers. They seem to go from one MLM opportunity to another. One after another these MLM companies go bankrupt or break a law or two and they are no more. This problematic industry doesn’t always go up in flames as we see that Herbalife is a thriving MLM business for more then 10 years and traded heavily on the stock exchange. Mary Kay is another example of an MLM business that has managed to thrive. The issue is when these companies hire unscrupulous business managers who have a history of screwing their customers and the representatives that join the organization to sell their products. Ambit Energy and Ignite Energy have their share of such help. There is a great resource to learn more about the history of these companies, how they came to being, and the background on the corporate guys running the show.

Cult Like MLM Behavior

The Ambit Energy electric company is one of those things that facilitates a bit of cult like behavior among the recruits. It is much worse then a big Wal Mart employee convention. What happens is the representative trying to recruit you as a salesmen will make you a “believer” in the opportunity. You will see how you could compound and compound the percentage of sales as 3 direct recruits each gather 3 and those each gather 3. Before you know it you are calculating millions of dollars that await you if you sign up enthusiastic MLM reps like you. You will quickly discover that not everyone is as enthusiastic as you when it comes to selling the electricity and the opportunity to others. In other words, this business takes a lot of gumption and hard work. This is no easy routine. You have to work the crowd at the meetings, make believers, travel the state and sign up customers and recruits. The goal is to sign up some highly motivated recruits that will go out and get the needed electricity customers so you can make commissions on their energy customers.  These electric customers are their family and friends. Your recruits at this point are so amazed by the notion of being a millionaire that they convince their family and friends to sign up on an electric rate that is substantially higher then what is currently available among various other Texas retail electric providers. The family and friends begin to get upset after a  few months of bills and bad customer service experiences. The recruit starts to realize that the real money is in signing up other recruits. A large bonus check is given each time you sign up a new rep to work the business. The electric customer that signs up becomes a small but needed part of the business while signing up new reps becomes the primary goal. Eventually the reps become unmotivated, the customers choose a different energy provider and the MLM business starts making less and less money. A serious MLM rep might make some good money for awhile but the residual money does go down as the years move on. The MLM reps who started at the beginning of the opportunity and worked it hard are the ones who make the millions and hundreds of thousands. The other MLM reps are basically paying the fortunes to the corporate execs and beginning MLM reps who helped kick start the business.

The Shame Of It All

The shame in this opportunity is that the money is not long lasting, it does take a lot of travel at meetings across the state to keep a money making MLM going and family and friends get talked into doing something they really don’t want to do. If you have been asked to sign up on the Ambit Energy electric rate you may want to check out and compare it with various other providers. You might also want to check out for information on how this could be something you want to avoid. If you would like an alternative electric rate for your residential home electric needs then you should check out Startex Power who has the lowest electric rate out there right now for both a 6 month and 12 month electric rate term. There are not additional bogus customer service charges with this rate. The energy charges will just consist of the kwh rate times the amount of usage you use.

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  1. maxcom99

    Nothing wrong with MLM more importantly Ambit Energy prides itself on customer service. I take issue with your statement of bad customer service experiences. Yes I am in Ambit and proud to say so.

  2. Admin, Must be Startex that you work for huh?
    AMBIT as Max said is a very customer oriented company. Mr. Thompson's family has a long history of customer driven traditional businesses.
    Please Please Please do not judge this company if you really have NO CLUE what you are talking about.

  3. Wrangler25

    The best place to check on Ambit's history is the Better Business Bureau. Only nine complaints in 3 years, considering Ambits wide scope of customers, and all but one were rectified satisfactorily. One customer chose not to agree to the solution offered by the company. With all the talk about scams going around, it is best to go to the source. You can't believe everything you read anyway. If you want to believe there is a scam, you can find anything you want to supposedly prove your point if you look hard enough. Ambit is a legit company providing affordable utilities, and that is something the other competing companies don't appreciate. Personally I am a distributor of Ambit utilities and very glad to be. My team has been very supportive and strives to be committed to the financial future of every single consultant and customer. A scam seeks to take unfair advantage of people and their finances, on the contrary I am helping people save money as they pay their utility bills, and providing some with an opportunity to create meaningful income doing the same thing I do. Can you say as much for the monopoly energy providers? How many MLM'ever provide an esential product or service below retail cost? Usually it is the other way around.

  4. You were doing a great job bashing Ambit until your last 3 lines and thats when all your credibility went out the window.Competitors always find a way to expose themselves.Thanks!

  5. Dr. Weblog

    My electrical consumption is anywhere from 3,500 kilowatts to just a little over 4,000 kilowatts per month. (I'm wondering if I have a bad electrical meter) An electrical bill over $800 per month is just crazy!! I contacted 15 electrical companies and finally found Ambit Energy. Ambit Energy's rate in my area was .095 cents cheaper per kilowatt and it didn’t cost me anything to switch over! BTW, the other 14 electrical companies wanted a $450 to $500 deposit; Ambit Energy DID NOT request a deposit! (Ya my credit was screwed up after losing my career job after 9/11) The best part about switching to Ambit Energy is the referral program they have that can reduce my electrical bill to zero dollars every month!! This is not a pyramid scam. I refer people I know to Ambit Energy and my monthly bill is reduced. This is a lot easier than having to work a second job just to pay my electric bill. Scam or not, I’m receiving the same electricity from Ambit Energy cheaper then what Commerce Energy was sticking it to me with! If anything, I learned not to trust a California company to provide me with Texas power!!

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