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La Porte Texas Electric Company

How A Commercial Business Can Obtain Discount Electricity

If you are a commercial business in La Porte Texas you can use us to obtain a discount electric rate. What we do is combine multiple companies into a large aggregate and go out to multiple electric companies to achieve a true discount electric rate.

If your interested in seeing what electric rates in Texas have done this month you can look at the below chart. We update this Texas electric rate chart on a monthly basis. We also offer a Texas historical electric rate graph that shows what electric rates have done over the last year.

Texas Commercial Electric Rate Chart

Above is a commercial electric rate chart for the La Porte Texas area to give you some idea of where commercial electricity prices are at. Commercial electric rates differ based on a commercial facilities demand usage, and load factor. This chart only serves as a general barometer of what you can expect. Please call for an update at 1-800-971-4020.

La Porte Texas Residential Electric Company

If you are a home owner or are moving into a new residence or apartment we would like to recommend a Retail Electric Provider. This energy provider works with both commercial businesses and residential customers. They consistently offer the lowest electric rate for this area of Texas. Their name is Startex Energy Services and as of this month they have beat out the rest of the competition. Electric rates change quite frequently but since November 2007 to February 2009 you can lock in at the cheapest Texas residential rate of 11.0 cents with no monthly customer service charge as of Feb 2009. If you are shopping around you will notice that this is far better then what many of the other low cost energy providers are selling.

Be careful as some providers have been offering a 1st month variable rate that looks very attractive but they want you to sign a 12 month contract. Only sign a term contract if the rate is locked in otherwise the provider is protected if the market moves but you are not. After a few months into a variable energy contract you may be paying a much higher electric rate then you ever intended to do. If you need a month to month variable rate where you are not locked into a contract because of a situation such as moving out of state soon then we recommend Startex Power. As of November they have a no term contract rate at 9.4 cents for the first month and then the last 2 months of historical rate changes are on their site so you know exactly what the rate has done in the past. The ethics are on your side with this company. They are not out to get you but do have some very good energy products for both homes and businesses.

Sign Up With Startex Power

After the 1st month which is just a promo rate you can track what the next month’s rate will be here on a monthly basis from the link below:

Track Historical Rate




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