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Nassau Bay Texas

Commercial Energy Rates and Aggregations

Harris County Texas Electric Company Best Rate Comparison

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Nassau Bay is in an area of Texas near Houston that is deregulated. What this means to a commercial business is the ability to choose a competitive electric rate from several electric providers. What Electricity Bid works to do for Texas businesses is to work the electric rate down among the most competitive electric providers in order to provide a truly discounted electric rate then you would be able to achieve on your own. We do this several ways. One way we are able to accomplish this is through our aggregation service. We combine multiple companies into a large aggregate and take this usage out to the providers to compete and bid on. Commercial businesses in the aggregation are grouped based on how they use their energy. For instance, they would be grouped by high medium or low load profile. This allows for the most competitive pricing without any business riding the coat tails of another on order to help them save. This keeps the process safe and discounted for everyone allowing for a win win situation for all businesses in the aggregation.

Using A Reverse Auction To Drive Down Prices

We can also work the rate down outside of an aggregation structure by having the providers enter into a reverse auction where we work the energy price down to as low as we can get it. Electricity Bid then drafts a detailed proposal and analysis showing what the energy rate is made up of and how much the savings comes out to in an apples to apples comparison over your current Retail Electric Provider. If this sounds like something your company would be interested please give us a call at the link below.

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Building Permits

If you are constructing a new facility you will first want to get the needed building permits so that temporary power can be turned on to begin construction. You may go to Nassau Bay’s City website to fill out the building permit form.

Residential Electricity

If you need a low cost residential electricity provider in Nassau Bay Texas you can go to the front of the site and look under the section called “Residential”. We update the site with the most competitive electric providers on a monthly basis. You should be able to find what you need there. These companies have many terms to choose from and two of them do not charge any type of monthly customer service charge which can often times offset what looks like a cheap electric rate.

Electricity Bid – Residential Electric Rate Comparison

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