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Affordable Energy

Affordable Energy

A New Texas Electric MLM Company

There is a new MLM Energy company offering an opportunity in a similar fashion to Ambit Energy and Ignite Energy although they have made their compensation plan quite a bit more attractive. The company goes by the name of Affordable Energy and is a licensed Retail Electric Provider in Texas and offers patented energy efficiency products in all states and internationally.

Positive Aspects To Texas Affordable Energy

Affordable Energy has been in business for 1 year or so and are beginning to kick start the company into gear to take advantage of the Texas deregulated electricity market. Multi-level marketing is one of those things you can make big money at if you get in on it early before the momentum dies off. This company is just getting started and with their competitive compensation plan they are offering their independent sales representatives a much better commission then in comparison to Ambit Energy or Ignite. MLM can be a mistake if you go into it hoping to become rich but do nothing to work at it and grow your business. This opportunity is only worth the effort if you are willing to give your hard work and time to it. Follow the steps given by those who know how to build a successful MLM business and you will do fine. Be aware of the pitfalls and failures of MLM and take advantage of the positives of a new MLM start up and watch the momentum explode your business.

Affordable Electric Rates

Selling Electricity To Residential and Commercial Customers

By selling electricity to residential and commercial electric customers in Texas you can create a business that will pay you residual commissions throughout the life of the contract. You will also receive an upfront one time payment for any customers you sign up which will help keep a sizable income coming in as you build your sales organization. The concentration is on gathering electricity customers. They want you to obtain at least 5 Texas electric customers before you qualify to receive the full compensation plan. The time and effort to take advantage of the full compensation plan is simple and quick and allows those starting early to take advantage of downline residual commissions as your sales downline grows larger and gains additional legs.

PUCT (Public Utility Commission) Licensed REP And Sales Organization

At this time the founding partners of this PUCT licensed Retail Electric Provider are trying to build a team of sales representatives that will grow this business to where Ignite and Ambit are and hopefully overtake them in the process. By getting into this business at the ground level there is the potential to make a large amount of money that isn’t available with some of the other available companies and options out there.

Help In Building Your Business

The founding partners are available to help a new business sales representative build their business and gather the needed 5 electric customers. Meetings, conference calls, and training videos are all being planned and produced at this time and will be available soon. This business really is on the ground floor and so any seasoned or unseasoned MLM’ers should give this company a call or email to see how you can get involved. You may sign up or learn more at Affordable Energy

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  1. Affordable Energy is re-launching on May 31, 2008 and will be set to enter all 50 states with a new product line…

  2. I enrolled with Affordable Energy yesterday. I have not spoken to anyone at your site. Please stop my enrollment. I will not be using Affordable Energy for my electricity needs.

    Thank you.

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  5. Nancy

    I live in Southern California. Is it possible to do this business out here with corporations and small to medium sized businesses? What cities could I operate my business in? I've tried to get information online, but not really knowing where to look, I'm having a bit of trouble. Do you know of a company called Izagg Energy in California? Thanks for your input.

    • From what I understand Izagg is a broker and would pay you 40% on 3 mils of commission. Ambit Energy pays you close to 3 mils or more depending on how you sell for them. As you can see there can be a lot more made by selling for an energy company rather then for a broker depending on the energy company your selling for.

    • i am a broker with affordable energy and i have to tell you they are the best. they have the best team in the business if you get some time give me a call and i can review it with you. the opportunities with them are endless and it is just beginning

      Vinnie Sanzone

  6. LYNN

    My bill with Ambit energy are great during winter and spring at average of $100 for a 3 bedroom house but summer and fall my bill averages at about $250 or higher. Unfortunately, I have been disconnected twice in two years and that means my electric rate will be at 17.5. for the next 6 mths. Now my new bill is over $300 vs $120 for October. I am now looking for another provider. BEWARE

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