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How I Found The Cheapest Houston Electric Company

Getting A Headache Finding The Right Company

I woke up one day still mad from the electric bill I received the previous day that was over $500 . My usage wasn’t that bad and that is when I realized I might be getting gouged with a rate I could probably drop for something better. I realize part of this is my fault for letting things go so long without researching or doing anything. There is a lot of spam and garbage internet sites out there that just don’t have good information or atleast it might be good but it is outdated information. I decided to just get on the phone and give as many Texas electric providers a call as possible.

Calling The Electric Companies

I called just about all of these electric companies and one thing that stood out was the slight subtleties of the rate plans being offered. Some providers were charging the best rate but it would be a variable electric rate. This basically means they can raise the rate at anytime for whatever reason they want. The fact that the want me to sign a 12 month contract to get on a rate that they could raise higher during the contract made no sense to me. After I figured out that the 12 month variable rate contract was more of a gimmick then saving money I decided to keep looking. I stressed to the energy companies that I need a fixed rate and I don’t want there to be a monthly customer service charge unless the rate is exceptionally good.

TXU Electric, Reliant And The Rest Of Them

I called Reliant Electric Company, TXU Electric, Spark Energy, Startex Power, Accent Energy, Amigo Energy, Trickster Energy (name withheld by legal), Cirro Energy, Ambit Energy, Texas Power, Champion Energy, and several others I cannot remember the name of right now. Cirro Energy and Texas Power wanted me to sign a contract on a variable rate. I declined these two offers after understanding I would be getting into an energy rate that could change during the course of the contract with no way to back out of the contract if I become unhappy with the rate. Startex had a variable rate that allowed you out of the contract if at any time you are not satisfied with it. I wrote down their variable rate as well as their fixed rate term rates as well. Champion Energy had only one term to choose from at 12 months and it was a fixed electric rate. I wrote them down too as they were one of the lowest I found.

Wrapping Up The Research

After researching all the electric providers I could find I determined that Startex Power was the Houston Electric Company who had the very best 12 month electric rate for the Houston Texas area. As of January 2008 their rate was 11.1 cents kWh for 12 months with no monthly customer service charge. For most other terms I found that Startex Power also had the lowest electric rates.

Startex Power – Check Rates

Cheap Electric Providers In Dallas Texas

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  1. I hope no one is foolish enough to buy based on this 'study'. Do your own research at http://www.powertochoose.org and, in spite of what the "admin" says, look closely at Ambit Energy.

    At 10.94 cents per kiloWatthour FIXED on a 12 month contract PLUS a free, no-strings-attached 3-day / 2-night, 3-star Marriott Hotel stay in one of 25 resort location PLUS Energy Useage Rewards Points which accumulate toward NINE incredible travel deals, PLUS the ability to earn one of six vacation packages just for introducing Ambit Energy to five friends, family, coworkers, etc., you won't find a much better deal out there.

    Light to your life,

      • electricitybid


        Many would agree with you. Do you find them to be a rip off because of their electric rate prices, there opportunity fee, something else, or all of these things?

  2. Customer

    Don't know where you found your information, but Champion's lowest rate was 14.2 and Startex was 14.9. Where on earth did you find 11.1??? I realize it's been a few months, but the lowest I have found is 13.0

  3. mizzy

    as of 8-1-08 in Houston

    Startex is 13.9cents for 10 months or lock in 14.6kWh for 3 years – no monthly fee

    Champions is 14.2 cents per kWh for a year with a $4.95 monthly fee

    Affordable is 14 cents per kWh for a year with a $6.95 monthly fee OR you can lock in 14.2 cents per kWh for 3 years with $6.95 monthly fee. Affordable also has a referral program. https://affordableenergy.com/join.asp

  4. Glenn

    Thanks for the advice!!!

    I had never heard of StarTex Power. I checked around too but found that your suggestion of StarTex Power was the best one. I signed up with them today for a 1 year deal with a fixed rated of 11.4 Cents/KWh

  5. Matthew Schwartz

    Star Tex power is great if you have an apartment, but on moving into a house with a 12-month fixed rate they required a $450 security deposit! Ridiculous!

  6. Matthew Schwartz

    Star Tex is great for an apartment but on moving into a house they wanted a $450 security deposit on a 12-month fixed rate. Ridiculous!

  7. D Ajo

    I will not recommend Dynowatt Electric company. I am currently a victim of the company and I cannot wait for my contract to me up and I will drop them like a ball never to return as a customer again.

    So, stay away from their offers. They do not provide you with all the details until you are signed up and locked in, then you will know what you got yourself into…not good for you but great for them.

  8. HR

    Although Startec is cheap they want a huge deposit. mine was for $450. Looks like i have to check else where.

  9. Mona

    Stream Energy is a Rip off. I just paid my bill for two months and the same day these clowns turned off my light serve. I have been with them for several years with several accounts with them and they have no customer service at all. If you want a good company, please dont use these company.

  10. kip

    If you want to cancel a contract just have someone you know set up electricity for you at the same address. Anytime an account is set up it "force moves out" the previous.

    Typically companies only have safeguards in place to charge you a cancellation fee if you're switching to another provider(goes thru ERCOT). I don't know many companies that can legally penalize you for "moving out".

    Alternatively you can call them and tell them you're "moving to another address" and you "want to cancel/move out". Wait until the same day or the day before it's about to cancel and call them. Electric companies cannot cancel a "move out" request without at least 2 days notice so they will just enroll you another account. At that point your previous contract should have been nulled, just request for a different plan.

    of course these things will subject you to another deposit(if you have poor credit)… although you should be able to get the old deposit returned to you.

    I don't recommend smaller companies. Reliant and TXU sometimes will have higher prices, but will be a little more up front with their dealings. With obscure companies you run the risk of getting into a bait and switch scenario.

  11. Baylor Bear

    I work part time for a camera store and we recently used Brazos Energy for our store. We got a rate of 5.8 cents and then they allowed all of the employees to sign up on a group plan for our apartments. We all got a rate of 6.8 cents for one year, beating anything I could find on the internet hands down!

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