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Texas Commercial Electric Rate Trend Line

Commercial Rate Trend

Commercial electric rates ended lower at year end and then spiked up along with oil when a barrel of oil sold at $100. The rest of the energy sector followed and that bottom in electric rates appears to be over.

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Commercial Electric Rates in Texas have had their ups and downs during the year 2007 and a small window was available a couple weeks (Dec 18 – 28, 2007) to go and lock in near the bottom of where energy rates have been this year. That opportunity is over as the prices have bounced off of the support line back up again. Take notice just how often the bounce has occurred this year off this support line and ask yourself how many more times is it going to bounce before the rate starts heading back up. We may have seen the last of those low electric rates for sometime as you will notice rates can hover at their highs for sometime until they come back down again to their lows.

Waiting To Lock In

If you are waiting to lock in on a commercial electric rate until they come back down you may be spending more money doing this way then just locking in on something short term as you try and make up your mind. Electric companies in Texas generally charge a premium electric rate while you are off contract until you sign back up again. For those holding off it would be better to go ahead and sign up on something even if just for 1, 2 or 3 months. Electric rates on the shorter terms are much better then the longer term energy contracts. As an energy consultant I would however recommend going on a longer term contract for 8, 9 or 12 months as rates are still quite low in comparison to where they have been this year. By locking in while rates are low you will be insuring yourself against a rate spike that might go even higher.

Proposal Of Commercial Electric Rate Choices

If you are interested in receiving a proposal of different fixed rate term prices from multiple energy providers as well as other variable rate products you may be able to combine with fixed to reduce your cost even further then give us a call and we can assist in putting a proposal together. There are several ways to take advantage of where the market is at and one of our energy consultants can assist in directing you to the best possible option.

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