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Champion Electric

Champion Energy

Cheapest recommended residential Texas electric company rates are listed in the compare tool to the right. To compare Champion Energy with other electricity providers in TX please type in your zip code to the right and click on “Compare”. If you do not live in either Dallas or Houston you may still click on the button and enter your zip code to check rates in your area.

Champion Energy offers only one term for their residential electric plan, we currently recommend Startex Power over Champion Energy at this time. They have the cheapest electric rate and there is no monthly service fee. As of February 2009 their electric rate is 11.3 cents kWh with no monthly service fee and this is for 12 or 6 months fixed(as of Feb 23 2009). I have yet to see a better offer then this.

Since these electric rates have been published electric rates could come up across the board among all providers if the energy market makes a move up. Feb 2009 represents a fresh low in energy prices.

If you would like to see the cheapest electric providers rates and terms of service in comparison to Champion Energy’s current electric rates you may click on the yellow gold boxes above. Enter your zip code and all available terms with Startex Power will come up at their lowest available prices. This is their promotional electric rate and you can sign up on this promotional offer using the promo box above. The promo code is built into the link so their will be no need to enter it as it will be filled in for you.

Since we wrote about this offer in February the Texas electric market could have gone up or down since then. Because of this the discount rate now could be higher or lower from what was offered in February 2009. Once you lock in to the electric rate it is fixed but Texas electric rates change quite frequently with the commodities market so it is important to lock in at the right time.

Texas Residential Electricity Explained

Residential electric companies competing in Texas have begun to offer several different electric rate products that are a mix match of both fixed terms and variable rates. What first looks to be like a great offer can come back to sting you later. The latest issue I have seen is with Texas Retail Electric Providers requesting that you sign a 12 month contract to be on their variable rate. The issue we have with this is that these energy companies are working with a base energy rate that they do little in the form of hedging.

This means if the rate skyrockets they pass that issue on to you and you end up paying a really high bill one month when the variable market goes through the roof. To request that the customer sign a contract to a rate they have no guarantee on is a bit insulting to me. Most electric companies out there however will have you sign a 6, 12 month or longer contract for a fixed electric rate.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with this as they have bought and hedged this energy at this term in order for you to buy it and insure that you pay that same rate the rest of the year. There is an actual service being performed here and a reason you need to sign a contract. If you were to break the contract early if perhaps energy rates went down and then signed up with a different electric company your previous electric company would be out of pocket for the difference in the rate they sold you and where the market is at now. Since they bought this electricity back when the market was higher they now have to sell it back at a lower price then they paid for it.

They end up losing money on you leaving and going somewhere else. The variable market rate however is not hedged and is basically just an index price. The retail electric provider adds their adder onto the index price and that is their margin. They don’t hedge the energy but allow it to go up and down and sell it as a market rate with you carrying the risk. There is no reason to sign a contract on this type of rate as the risk is past on to the customer.

Learn more about Texas Electricity

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  1. RaY J. Davis

    I am the president and C.E,O. of MedWise, Ltd located at 4500 Blalock Rd, Houston, Texas.

    I also own the building located at 4480 Blalock Rd. Houston, Texas. Both buildings are in the 77041 AC.

    Yesterday, without any prior warning, you had Cernterpoint Energy turn off the power at the building located at 4480 Blalock.

    I was told by a Centerpoint employee that you instructed them to deliberately wait until closing time to turn off the power?

    As a result of your careless and deliberate actions, you have caused undue hardship on our various organizations housed in this facility.

    Preliminary estimates of potential damages caused by your actions are in the thousands of dollars. These include, but are not limited to, probable destruction to our very sensitive medical supplies as well as serious damage to our extremely sensitive and expensive electronic audio and video equipment in our recording studio.

    Just an example of the serious nature of the electronic equipment alone. This equipement cost over one million dollars when installed.

    The medical supplies are another issue altogether. Beyond the replacement costs they also involve patients health and well being, Medicare, Medicaid and other various federal, state and local regulations.

    You need to have your top executive contact me immediately. Immediately means by 9:00 A.M. April 22, 2008.

    I can be reached at; Office 713-934-4500
    Cell 281-389-7604

    If I have not heard from your "Executive Representative", (Decision Maker) by then, I will contact my attorney and begin legal actions against your organization including all of its' managers and executives.

    If you chose to believe that this is some sort of prank email, then I will definitely see you in court.

    By the way, I believe that my cumulative organizations, housed in my two #20,000 SF facilities, spent a combined total of over $ 100,000 with your company last year for electrcity.

    Ray J. Davis

  2. ratrodsurfer

    While the website states 11.1 per kwh the real rate is over 16. Do your research before signing up.

  3. j.brooks

    You should be ashamed of yourselves. My daughter is pregneant with her first child and you cut off her electricity. She paid her bill but you just could not wait for it to clear so you left her in 98 to 105 heat. You should know that this is one of the hottest months in Texas. SHAME ON YOU.

  4. Lenny Robinson

    Hi I am in search for yet another electric company. I have to tell you I am under contract. I feel I have to know where my options are. From what I am hearing from friends and family you are a reasonable electric company. My contract is up in nov I believe I have option of oct. If you could get back to me and let me know price per kilowatt, I have a house so will be waiting to hear from u. thanks Lenny

  5. Cynthia Leon

    Pls contract me ASAP! I signed up in Aug 28th, 10:40 AM, I spoke to Kim confirmation # 114341
    I haven't seen a bill yet, nor does anyone answer on the 1+877-653-5090

    This is very upsetting, pls help

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