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Commercial Electric Rate Rise Higher 2 days in a row

Commercial Electric Rates In Texas

In Texas, commercial electric rates have risen higher for the 2nd day in a row. This rise in energy prices has partially to do with natural gas storage reports being less then expected. For those who may not ne aware you will many times see electric rates react as volatile as natural gas itself since the correlation is so strongly tied to it. If you think about it, Texas commercial electricity is produced primarily from natural gas power generating plants. Because of the type of power generating facilities we rely upon in Texas we have to ride the ups and downs of these energy spikes like it is the norm.

If you look at the Texas Commercial Electric Rate Chart for today (Feb 6 2008) you can see that electric rates are about in the middle of where they have been all year. The prices bounced off the 7.7 cents support quite a few times and will likely not come back down there for several months. These rates are for commercial customers using over 1,000,000 kWh of usage a year. If you do not use that much we can put your company in an aggregation to obtain similar competitive rates.

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Feb 6 2008 Texas Commercial Electric Rates

Other States Don’t Have The Electric Rate Price Spikes

In other states you may notice that the energy is not nearly as volatile as they may have quite a few nuclear power generation facilities and other alternative power generating plants to provide their electricity. Texas has a large enough natural gas power plant infrastructure that it will be awhile before we transition over to more diverse power sources. Part of the volatility also has to do with maxing out the supply of natural gas as we use it to heat our homes and produce our electricity. Texas commercial electricity becomes a hot topic because of the predicament we currently find ourselves with the absolute need for fossil fuel.

New Fuel Sources Will Bring Down Electric Rates

10 years from now natural gas will no longer be our primary fuel source. Just look at a historical energy source chart and you will see that as one energy source becomes cheapest it eventually becomes the primary source of fuel for power generation. This type of historical data can be traced all the way back to the late 1800’s. Nuclear shows to be the likely winner as the fuel source that will soon overtake fossil fuels altogether. You may have noticed that thin film solar panels have also made some startling headway with the most recent news showing applied materials putting it on the roof of their manufacturing facility able to produce 3,000 megawatt hours a year. If thin film solar continues successfully and follows the path of Applied Materials we may very well see all Texas commercial electricity customers retrofitting their roofs with thin film solar panels. If this ends up being the success story Applied Materials is making it out to be then Solar could be the primary fuel source for electricity generation and not the predictable source many think it will be of nuclear.


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