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Del Rio Texas Electric Companies | Comparing Electric Rates

Del Rio Has Several Electric Companies

In Val Verde County you will find a little over 30 different competitive electric companies offering their own particular brand of both fixed and variable electric prices. If you are a commercial business and are using less then 25,000 kWh in a year then I would suggest going with Reliant or TXU as they will usually have a better rate then the other Texas electric providers competing in the area. If you use more then this then I would suggest working with a Texas energy consultant to have them go out to some of the more competitive electric companies and bid down the electric rate. Electricity Bid offers an energy consulting option that just requires that you fill out the usage request form to get started. This will allow them to pull the historical electric usage data for the facility so that they can find out how you use your energy. They can fashion an electric rate with either fixed, variable or both that will save you the most money over the course of the year. Electricity Bid also can perform a predominant use study for Del Rio manufacturing facilities that have been required to provide proof that they use their facility for manufacturing and production purposes in order to waive potential taxes on the electricity they use there. You can speak to an Electricity Bid Texas energy consultant to learn more about commercial energy options for your facility in Del Rio Texas. Speak to a Texas energy consultant

Residential Electric Rates In Del Rio Texas

If you need a low cost residential electric rate in Del Rio Texas then I would suggest going with Startex Power. Startex has had the lowest 12 month fixed rate term for some time now and I haven’t seen anything as good since last year when Spark Energy was advertising a comparable offer. Spark’s electric rates are not very good this year (2009). You can sign up with Startex Power’s promotional rate here: Startex Energy

Electric Bill Questions?

If you would just like to talk about your electric bill that doesn’t make sense or need other Electricity advice or clarification about a topic related to Del Rio Texas Electric Companies you can call Electricity Bid at the button below. One of our consultants will be happy to help explain or clarify something you see on your bill or any other related energy concern.

Feel free to call one of our energy consultants at 1-800-971-4020

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