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Green Mountain Electric Company

Green Mountain Energy offers some great renewable electricity rates and they have one of the most lenient credit requirements. You can compare Green Mountain Energy with Champion Energy and Bounce Energy to help determine which renewable electricity rate is the cheapest. All providers allow for you to sign up online and will approve you online. If for someone reason you are asked for a large deposit you cannot afford just keep trying until you get one of the providers who will pass you on credit. To learn more or sign just click on the “continue” link in the electricity comparison chart.

Green Energy is the new fad it seems these days with electric rate marketing. The Texas electric companies are now buying just enough green energy credits to have green energy injected into the grid to make their product “green”. Keep in mind that most of the energy is still being created using coal and natural gas fired power plants. The motive isn’t to save the environment but it does help give the Texas consumer that good feeling that they might be doing something. The issue at hand is when an electric provider offers green energy with a high markup. Some Texas electric companies have profited even more by offering a green energy product and then marking up the profit margin higher then usual as they know people are buying the option to save the environment rather then shopping for the best price on Texas electricity. Green electricity is more expensive so the higher price is justified so long as it isn’t raised so high that it could be considered price gouging. Most consumers have not the slightest idea how much more it costs to produce green renewable electricity and so they will pay the higher price without even knowing they may have been took.

A better option then just going with the first green energy plan you happen to see is to buy your own green energy credits from a company that sells green renewable energy credits. You can actually do this and it will have the same effect. Go ahead and buy your electricity from the cheapest electric provider in Texas but then buy some green energy credits on the side to save the environment. You will be doing the same thing and saving a little money at the same time. Green Mountain Energy is the most noticable electric company with green energy products because they have the “Green” name in their brand. Now, almost all Texas electric providers offer a green energy product, even TXU. TXU happens to own several dirty coal powered power generation facilities but they too offer green energy plans. So if you are going to save the environment just keep in mind the electric companies aren’t in it for the earth and humanitarian reasons you may be in it for.

Green Mountain Energy is a good electric company as far as their ability to consistently offer competitive Texas commercial electricity products. The retail electric provider also offers some of the best residential electric rates in Texas. Green Mountain has better prices for commercial businesses then they do in their residential sales division. They are a large wholesale electric provider, have good books, and a positive track record with their customers, energy brokers, and consultants. They operate in several states and are one of the fastest growing energy companies in the United States.

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  1. Green Mountain recently was awarded the JD Power award for the best electric provider in Texas. We pay residual commissions on both residental and commercial customers' usage, not just a set amount per month.

    We have excellent recruiting bonuses when taking a position as a representative and building a downline but if you want to build a conventional business that is an option as well. Some motivated reps do both.

    We are redefining the MLM business in the energy field. We have an excellent compensation plan. Be sure to view our business model in the website field above. With what T. Boone Pickens wants to do with wind power, the timing could not be better.

    If you want to learn more, do your due diligence and contact me thru this website here:

    Thank you,
    Bob Conlon

  2. Dovie Garcia

    I have tried to contact Green Mountain to cancel the work order for electric services located at 8938 Duane St. Houston, Texas 77051. Will this comment be sent to the correct department.

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