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Pasadena Tx Electric Companies

Commercial Energy Choices In Pasadena Tx

When searching for an affordable energy option in Pasadena Tx you actually have a large selection of energy providers to choose from. There are about 40 different electric companies to compare electric rates with. If you need commercial electricity or large industrial electricity you sometimes need to narrow down your search to those providers that offer more advanced energy products. A large industrial customer can buy a large block of energy at wholesale, combine products using such things as heat factor, MCPE pricing, and fixed prices. Sometimes if we have enough similar business users up for renewal at the same time we can aggregate several companies together to buy their energy at a much lower cost. Aggregating Pasadena grocery stores is one example of using similar businesses to obtain a discount electric rate. Aggregation also works for restaurants, hospitals, chemical plants, and several other types of businesses. The best way to see if your Pasadena Tx business would qualify for one of these energy procurement strategies is to call an energy consultant to see where you would best fit. Electricity Bid works to make sure Pasadena Texas business customers get the cheapest rate from a pool of the most competitive Pasadena Tx electric providers bidding on your account. The reverse auction process insures you get a cheaper electric rate then if you were to go to the same energy companies directly to obtain an electric rate.

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Residential Electric Rate Comparison and Choices in Pasadena

When comparing residential electric rates in Pasadena you need to first understand the two most popular types of electric contracts. Providers offer a variable electric rate that usually has a 1st month teaser rate and then it can go up on you after that. The other type of product is the fixed electric rate that is created using natural gas futures contracts. The electric company buys and hedges part of their energy by trading natural gas futures. They then create an electric rate that is highly correlated to natural gas energy.

If you were to go look at a natural gas chart you would see that a 12 month fixed electric rate and a 36 month electric rate have a similarity to the natural gas futures. If the 36 month electric rate is higher then the 12 month rate then that just means natural gas futures were higher for 36 months then they were for 12 months. This also means that energy traders expect that electric rates have a likelyhood of going up in the short term then they do in the long term. This helps to understand why you are not always rewarded with a lower electric rate on a long term contract.

You can compare residential electric rates at Texas historical residential electric rates

If you find yourself with questions after comparing Pasadena Tx residential electric rates then you can call Electricity Bid and we will do our best to help you understand the different electric rate plans. We currently use Startex Power and find that their 12 month electric rate is quite good. They have accurate billing and good customer service. They have their cheapest promotional electric rate for Pasadena Texas Residential customers here: Startex Promotional Offer

Feel free to call one of our energy consultants at 1-800-971-4020

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