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Dynowatt Electric Company

Dynowatt Company Profile

Dynowatt is Accent Energy’s brand for electricity in Texas. Accent Energy is headquartered in Dublin Ohio and provides electricity in deregulated New York and California as well. Accent provides several different electric rates plans including variable electric rates and fixed energy rates. If you would like to learn more about Dynowatt and their current residential electric rates you may visit Electricity Bid’s historical electric rate page where we compare Dynowatt’s residential electric rate with multiple other retail electric provider energy rates in Texas.

Compare Dynowatt Energy with Multiple Texas Electric Companies

You may visit the historical Texas residential electric rate chart to learn more about current Dynowatt Electric company residential electric rates. If you need a commercial energy price with Accent Energy or Dynowatt you may call an energy consultant who can put your commercial businesses electric usage through a competitive reverse energy auction. Electricity Bid will put the top 3 electric companies into a proposal to compare and choose the best price and terms of service. You can speak to an energy consultant with Electricity Bid to learn more.

Feel free to call one of our energy consultants with any questions at 1-800-971-4020.

Several Customers Have Complained that Dynowatt has Raised their Fixed Rate

We have started to receive a pretty sizable amount of calls, emails and comments about Dynowatt raising their fixed electric rates for their residential electricity customers. Dynowatt offers a variable rate to those who chose it or came off of a fixed rate. The reason their electric rate has risen is because it is a variable rate that very rarely changes unless market volatility causes it to go up. Right now energy is at historical highs which has caused Dynowatt’s rate to rise. If you were a fixed electric rate customer of Dynowatt you may have come off your term contract which happens to be bad timing if you have not locked into a new one because commodity energy prices are at all time highs. Electricity is hedged commodities and nothing like a cell phone contract. If you don’t lock back in to a new term commitment you may pay higher prices if the energy sector is up as it is now (June 19 2008). We are sitting at 3 year historical highs right now. It is not a good time to be on a variable rate for most people in Texas, especially if you are risk adverse.

Dynowatt has a good variable electric rate plan with no long term commitment. The market is just very high right now and so as a variable electric rate customer you take on that risk. Dynowatt has responded to this issue below:

Dynowatt is one of the largest, most established REPs in Texas, serving tens of thousands of customers. It is true that customers have recently experienced rate increases, but this is not exclusive to Dynowatt customers. In fact, every Texan who is on a variable rate plan is impacted regardless of who supplies their electricity.
There are several factors driving up prices: (i) Warmer temperatures early in the season have increased demand and created a shortage of supply; (ii) Texas uses natural gas to generate electricity and the price of natural gas has increased more than 56% since April and; (iii) The current system used in Texas to distribute electricity is not adequate to handle spikes in demand, resulting in a shortage of supply at peak usage times during the day. ERCOT met on this situation as recently as last week, seeking a way to provide some price relief going forward.

Several independent sources, including the U.S. Department of Energy, have predicted that electricity prices will continue to increase. One of the best ways for Texans protect themselves from rate increases is to lock into a fixed rate. Dynowatt, like other suppliers, offers fixed rate plans with terms ranging from 6 months to 2 years. Additionally, Dynowatt offers RateEscape, a free service that allows customers to reset and reduce their fixed rate if electricity prices decrease.

Dynowatt is committed to assisting customers through this current rate spike and is providing information about how to control costs with fixed rate plans, as well as energy saving tips. You can learn more about Dynowatt ™s fixed rate plans at

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Comments (98)

  1. Elmer Takach

    I received my electric bill yesterday and I realized that you are charging me $.2349/kwh. This is not what we agreed to when I became one of your customers. I have to look it up to verify this but I think we agreed to less than $.14/kwh. I will now change providers but I demand that you refund the amounts that you overcharged me. I spoke with your Mr. Aaron Jones, #2965 on 6/14/08.

  2. hollyman

    Was a customer for years until this last billing cycle. Price increase to .2349/kwh is outrageous. Shame on you people, and what you are doing to folks on limited incomes. Your CEO's should be on trial. Good thing I dropped you like a rock. I will gladly tell everyone else I know to do exactly the same. The number is 36 and growing.

  3. stefanie

    I agree with Elmer and Hollyman. My May bill was $160 and June bill was $410!! My co-worker has the same problem with Dynowatt, an outrageous June bill. I'm definity changing.

  4. VJ

    Dynowatt provided service for about a year at a very competitive rate. I was surprised to see my May bill at 22 cents. Surely they are going out of business or will soon or this is is the way they suck their customer to compensate their low price difference. I am changing my provider but wondering how will I get my money back from them ?

  5. hollyman

    Fourty-two friends and co-workers have decided to drop Dynawatt Energy after comparing electric bills with mine for the month of June. A number of folks, including myself, want to know who it is you can complain to, and who would listen?? I'm trying the local newspaper next. Never know – it might help.

  6. It turns out Dynowatt only offers a variable electric rate which is why their rate is has gone up. When on a variable rate you have to ride the ups and downs of the market. The energy market in Texas is at historical highs right now.

  7. jdrobert

    Just got my June bill. Like stefanie, my May bill was around $160 and my June bill is $411 @ $0.26 or somewhere therabouts. The terms of service that I was provided when I signed up with Dynowatt guaranteed that the rate would always be 10% lower than the price to beat for the service area which is at $0.188 now. I will definitely be on the phone tomorrow. Seems to me like a huge breach of contract that should definitely be investigated by the PUC.

  8. CAinTX

    We also switched from Dynowatt – but not until they had raised us to $0.22 on this month's bill. However both dynowatt.com and powertochoose said they charged $0.17 in June.

    We called them and filed a complaint, then we had to call back in 3-5 days to see if it did any good. When we called back, the CSR gave us two different "reasons" for the high rate. First, Dynowatt only charged us $0.19, and the rest was charged by our electric delivery company, for a grand total of the $0.22/kwh. He said that the bill does not break it down like that, so that there is always a discrepancy between their website and the actual bill. So he blamed it on the delivery company. My problem is that this is less than 15% of the total bill, and that it doesn't do me the customer any good for them to publish the kwh rate on their website if it is never going to correspond to the real bill.

    Then I asked him about the 10% lower than price to beat guarantee since other electric companies didn't increase by 83% over the past 2 months like they did. He said that wasn't in effect anymore, since in the beginning of 2007 deregulation nullified that part of the service agreement. Because of this, he said – yes, he actually said – that they can charge me whatever they want to and it isn't illegal.

    Might not be illegal, but it will probably cost them a bunch of customers.

  9. LisaI

    Dynowatt is one of the largest, most established REPs in Texas, serving tens of thousands of customers. It is true that customers have recently experienced rate increases, but this is not exclusive to Dynowatt customers. In fact, every Texan who is on a variable rate plan is impacted regardless of who supplies their electricity.

    There are several factors driving up prices: (i) Warmer temperatures early in the season have increased demand and created a shortage of supply; (ii) Texas uses natural gas to generate electricity and the price of natural gas has increased more than 56% since April and; (iii) The current system used in Texas to distribute electricity is not adequate to handle spikes in demand, resulting in a shortage of supply at peak usage times during the day. ERCOT met on this situation as recently as last week, seeking a way to provide some price relief going forward.

    Several independent sources, including the U.S. Department of Energy, have predicted that electricity prices will continue to increase. One of the best ways for Texans protect themselves from rate increases is to lock into a fixed rate. Dynowatt, like other suppliers, offers fixed rate plans with terms ranging from 6 months to 2 years. Additionally, Dynowatt offers RateEscape, a free service that allows customers to reset and reduce their fixed rate if electricity prices decrease.
    Dynowatt is committed to assisting customers through this current rate spike and is providing information about how to control costs with fixed rate plans, as well as energy saving tips. You can learn more about Dynowatt’s fixed rate plans at http://www.Dynowatt.com.

  10. Ed

    Well we have you all beat…Dynowatt is trying to stick it to us for $711!!!

    They also promised us the 10% below market rate, never gave us notice they were no longer honoring that or gave us notice they would be increasing their rate by 50% in one month.

    Lisal is obviously a Dynowatt employee…don't even try it. This is all complete nonsense. We just switched to Reliant…their Variable rate was around .16. Fixed for 2 year is at 14.5.

    Everyone switch now!

  11. mg

    I've got Ed Beat!!
    My last bill jumped to over $900
    Been a Dynowatt custonmer for two over years,
    But I just switched.

    This deregulation sucks.

  12. tx_ann11

    Us too. Our bill in May with Dynowatt was $214.00 at .15/kwh. Junes bill showed up yesterday at a whopping $675.88 at .23/kwh!!!
    Um. Guess I didn't know by being on a variable plan means that they can raise the kwh to whatever they feel like. I will be raising hell tomorrow with the poor person answering the phone. I am just in shock. This was a 50% increase in one month.

  13. jsn

    Same thing happened to me. I went from .16 to .24 instantly!! Let's just say I'm not only switching, but turning everything off!

    bye bye Dynowatt

  14. clyde marrs

    Mine went up 52%,from 16.5 to 25.3,so I'm gone to Reliant on a 2 year contract,14.5 the summer months and 15.8 for the remainder but the fact remains that we as indivduals or as a group are gonna have to do whatever it takes to take our country back to a constituitional form of government as it clearly specifies that we are allowed to do,well off my soapbox but I believe the time getting very short

  15. Sherry C

    These guys are crooks! My bill went up $300 and when I called to find out why no one was notified that rates would be going up so drastically – they said they didn't know????? What a load of crock! I cancelled and got a three-yr contract with Reliant at $.15.

  16. tx_ann11

    Called Dynowatt and they said it would be 15-45 days before the new fixed plan would take effect if I switched today. They also will not credit my account to help lower the bill if I stay. So.. I just signed up with Reliant at .13kw though the summer and .15kw for 24 months- and they will start service on July 11th- alot less than 15-45 days like Dynowatt promised. Guess they want my business a little more than DW.

  17. Just a warning, those signing up for 24 months at 15 cents kWh will be kicking yourself a year from now. That is 2 years when the market is at historically high prices? You would be locking in at the top. Just my two cents.

  18. sewu539

    I also experienced the same thing with this company. My previous bill was .15 and then it jumped to .2375 in one month. I was so upset and called and they basically said that was what it cost and there wasn't anything we could do about it since I didn't have a contract but in the terms of service agreement it states that they would be 10% lower in price and now we find out that the terms of service isn't any good???? I have switched companies also but it will take 3 weeks before it is switched. I think we all need to write our representives and tell them what is going on . I guess you can't believe anyone even if its written in a agreement. Seems to me that they went back on there word as it states in the agreement:

    Dynowatt will provide you with 45 calendar days advance written notice of any material adverse change in these Terms of Service, either in your bill or in a separate mailing. I wonder why they didn't mail them out??? I never got one????

  19. ltwoliver

    I'm with all of you. Just had an increase from .15686 to .24491. My bill went from $350 to $1000+. Unbelievable. Incredulous, ludicrous and downright deceitful. I was on hold for 20 minutes to talk to Customer Service who literally said "it is what it is" so I asked for a supervisor, only to be told it would be another 15 minutes. Forget it. I'm switching before I can get through. This is price gouging!

    I'm filing a complaint with the PUCT, the Texas Attorney General's office and oh yes, Dynowatt. Here is a link to the PUCT and Tx Attny General (see info on how to file a complaint): http://www.electricitybid.com/electricity/index.p

    As for Dynowatt, I'm outta here.

  20. kdmcdonald

    Had the same issue as everyone else here. This should be illegal especially without any customer notification. Filed a complaint with the PUCT as well. Deregulation, what a bungled mess, friends in regulated Lubbock area paying around 12 cents…

  21. Elmer Takach

    Your attempt to explain your recent rate increases is ridiculous. Yes, the market is high at this time but here are the facts. The MCPE (market clearing price for energy) averages per kilowatt-hout for Houston, North, South, and West respectively are as follows: March-.066, .066, .061, and .036. April-.091, .070, .077, and .056, and for May-.127, .076, .142 and .055. In other words, this is the most Dynowatt would have to pay for energy for resale. In my opinion, you over-extended yourselves by committing to low fixed rates to attract customer and found that you could not perform, thanks to your lousy management, so now you are penalizing your varible rate customers to enable you to fulfill your obligations to your fixed customers. I also believe, as Ed stated, that Lisal is a Dynowatt employee. Dynowatt, you need to step up to the plate and make things right.

  22. Thank you DynoSuck, for inspiring me to lock in a much lower rate with one of your competitors and good luck retaining all of the variable rate customers that you just pissed off by creatively taking their IRS stimulus checks.

    Ex-Dynowatt Customer.

    P.S. Website Quote

    "Dynowatt is an electricity provider with outstanding customer service and some of the lowest rates available. From Dallas to Houston to Corpus Christi to Odessa and most places in-between, Dynowatt is the best choice for quality of service and savings on your electricity bill, so you can save for more important things in life."

  23. leemckinney

    Once again, Dynowatt has screwed another good paying customer. Just got my bill and it had doubled. I was shocked to see that the charge per kwh went from .17 to .25 in one month. I have since, like many of you, have locked into a fixed rate with a competitor. I have told several friends and coworkers to avoid Dynowatt like the plague. I hope Dynowatts greed will eventually cause enough people to leave and go elsewhere.

  24. Deweescj

    I'm in agreement with all of you! What a deceitful, lying company – a big disappointment. We've been a customer for a year or so and have been very pleased up until the June bill with the customer service, professionalism and the prices. Not anymore! Our bill went from $100 in the March / April bill to $260 in the April / May bill to $716 in the May / June bill! I almost died when I opened the mail. I then tried to call only to be on hold for 30 minutes on two different occasions without ever getting through to a representative. Finally, when I did get through, I was told that there was absolutely nothing they could do about it.

    I have already switched to Reliant at a locked in 12 month rate of 16.5 cents. Good riddance Dynowatt!

  25. kaleb16

    Our bill has always been high on average $400 in the summer due to our pool. But, it's ridiculous that our bill went from $376.40 in May to $715.60, with a hike from $0.16537 to $0.2437. Our case is very much like Deweesej, we have had very good service and were very pleased until now!!! Never again, we are dropping Dynowatt. I do hope they fold!!!!

  26. angry customer

    i went from 192 last month to $402.01. AND THEY WONT PICK UP THEIR PHONE! dynowatt just plain sucks. granted my usage was up too (1500 kwh – 2000 sqft house) – is this normal? how many kw are others using and how big is your house?

    ps – dynowatt, i sincerely hope that you crash and burn financially.

  27. stevea2

    Here is what I sent to the Texas PUC:

    I received a bill yesterday from Dynowatt for $826.18 for 5/22 to 6/23/08. It has been hot recently, so my usage increased month to month. However that is not the issue. On the bill I see the amount they charged me was $0.247/kWh. Last month it was $0.165/kWh and the previous month it was $0.149/kWh. That is an increase of 66% in 2 months time. They sent an email saying rates were going up, but it arrived this week, after billing closed for the month. I called them today. I talked to both a lady and her supervisor. They would not reduce my bill, only set up a payment plan. They will put me on a fixed rate, but this will not kick in until 30 to 45 days have passed. I went to both Dynowatt's and Reliant Energy's web sites. They are both still offering fixed rate plans with a year or two lock-in in the $0.14 to $0.16/kWh range. How can they offer these rates if their costs have risen as much as they say? When I asked them this, they did not have a good answer. Thanks for any help.

  28. angry customer

    fyi – i was told that since centerpoint is involved, i should have them do a meter re-read for $6. If you feel like the usage (not price) was too high, you should call them and do the same.

  29. cathy

    Got my bill today and I'm shocked, disgusted and pissed off!!!! My bill went from $359. last month to a whopping $986. this month. It's not back enough that gasoline is killing us that we have to worry about our electricity now!!!


    THIS IS NOT RIGHT! And maybe be some sheer miracle if enough people complain something will get done! LOL!!

    Switched to Reliant, kiss my ass Dynowatt!

  30. RB Spring

    Our previous bill was less than $200 and yesterday we opened one up for $503. Our kWh rate increased from .175 to .255 in one month's time – – – a 46% increase overnight. Also, Ihave an issue with the usage because May was not that hot and it shows a spike in usage that does not correlate to any significant change in our household routine, etc. I am filing a complaint with the PUC and will be switching.

  31. kathy

    I signed up with Dynowatt 2 years ago and have been a satisfied customer, until this months bill arrived. Like everyone else, my rate went from .17 last month to .25 this month. I am desperately searching for a company to switch to asap because I'm terrified of what they might charge per kWh on next months statement.

  32. jsn

    I just submitted my complaint. I hope everyone having this problem will do the same. We need to let people know what is happening here.

  33. Cless

    I too watched my rate increase from:
    .117 Jan
    .120 Feb
    .131 Mar
    .159 Apr
    .168 May
    .254 Jun <—this should be illegal!

    This is crazy. But what I really find interesting is that my usage is also unusually high – over 400KWh more compared to last June. I even went on vacation for two weeks, and I still used more???? Just a tip… You can request a mid cycle read to shorten the time period required to change providers. It was only an additional $6.00 for the read, and well worth it.

  34. Dynowatt sucks

    I also submitted complaints to the PUC and Attorney Generals office. I don't ever waste my time with this kind of stuff but this is just insane. Price for electrticity on my bill went from 17.02 cents/kWh in May to 25.2 cents/kWh in June and also my usage doubled and was 20% more than I have ever used in one month for the 4 years I have been in the house. Just doesn't make sense. My bill went form $223 in May to $566 in June. I can not pay this bill. What is everyone else doing? Are y'all actually paying the bill? I am swtiching providers today, this is just ridiculous!

  35. cathy

    I'm not paying my $986. bill that I got, just because they think they can charge it and STICK IT TO EVERYBODY They got two choices, they can either put the full amount on my credit report or I will pay them the $400. which is more than my bill was this time last year in June and more than last's month's bill which is fair.

  36. kimberly d

    I guess I am not the only one with the problem with Dynowatt. Though, I called the PUC today and they said there is no recourse. If you are on a variable rate, they can charge anything they want. I switched to Reliant as well but a month too late.

  37. kdmcdonald

    Filed the complaint with PUC a couple of weeks ago with the same "can" response as they put here. PUC sent me the exact same information as well.

    Looks like all the execs in PUC management are appointed by the governer. Time to put people in office that actually will work for the public. This situation will definitely be a concern for the next elections for me.

    Couldn't find information on who appoints ERCOT, still looking into that…

  38. the above article is a lie. you talk as though this is a normal price increase. You need to check your facts Reliant, Stream, any and all of the electric companies out there have a month to month variable rate plan and not one of them is over .16 cent per KWH this .24556 is rape and should be illegal. it illegal to do this at the gas pump and it should be for electric also. if you go to Dynowatts web site you will see they now have contracts for .15 cents per kwh they did not do contracts when I signed up and they have done this with no warning at all. this is not a price increase if they can still sign people up for .15 or .16 cents a KWH this is just bad business. I agree with kdmcdonald "Time to put people in office that actually will work for the public" I will be looking in to a class action lawsuit. and Filling a complaint against the very unhelpful puc. anyone thinking of using dynowatt run from them as fast as you can. This has not been the first of my problems with them but it will be the LAST.

  39. Upset Texan

    I also recieved an email from dynowatt-Accent Energy on the 24th, on the day of our billing cycle. The Blah Blah of prices to increase and go on their new immediate fixed rate plan with $100.00 bonus. Never mentioned that the rates already increased.
    I checked online, of course our bill was updated yet, that day or next. No mention that rates are .25. Bill came on 28th $990.00. I called to get the "immediate fixed rate". I was told this was only for New Customers, immediate for us was 3 to 4 weeks before it would go into effect.
    We were on the plan also where they guaranteed the lowest rate below competitors. I was told they changed it last year and put everyone on variable rates. They sent out snail mails on this when accent energy took over, if we didn't receive it too bad.
    They never had fixed rates, they informed me this was the 1st time they ever offered it. Who wrote that article? Dynowatt Execs? Glad we can help you with your bonus checks, raises & etc. Too much double talk & misleading emails.
    File a Complaint with PUC, and anyone else you can think of. I believe that if there are enough complaints to PUC, Senators, etc etc, they will be investigated. Any attorneys out there? I'll join a class action suit.
    I switched to Reliant.

  40. jsn

    I urge everyone to file their complaint. I know a lot of us have already, but the more the better.

  41. sewu539

    Here are some more interesting facts…..did you know that in Austin they aren't deregulated like we are???? I wonder why????
    Why are there so many loopholes for these electric companies to slip through????? Did you know that all the power companies have to come up with for backup cash is 100 thousand??? Did you know that we are being charged electic rates based on the natural gas price but they also get to buy from coal fired plants at a cheaper rate and get to pocket that money??? They figure that they will pass on the saving to the customer???? What happened to that theory???? Did you know that Texas needs to build about 6 to 8 power plants right now but they are stalling on what to build next. Coal burners are cheaper to run but produce so much pollution. Gas fired are more expensive but easier to put up quickly . This is a state mess and needs to be changed quickly or it will get worse. I don't see the PUC doing anything for us. 5 power companies have already folded in Texas. How many more before they change things???

  42. My bill was 697.00 AT .257 and I am soooo worried about what next month is going to look like. I called and asked to speak to a supervisor. Hands down the worst customer service experience I have had. His responce was "Well just switch companies, but you are still stuck with these two bills… sorry, is there anything else??"

    I asked them is this how they do business and they are ok loosing long time customers? He said "We sent you an email a week or two ago about our contract rates". WELL DONT YOU THINK YOU SHOULD HAVE MENTIONED IN THAT EMAIL THAT MY NEW RATE WAS GOING THROUGH THE ROOF ON MY VERY NEXT STATEMENT!!!!!!!!

    WHY?? Because you sold you service as being 10% lower that the price to beat. Now your off the freaking chart in one month!!!!!

    I have NEVER heard of a company treating a long time customers like this. This is about as bad as it gets and I cant imagine this company will retain any of its non contract customers. Whats the point of pulling a few hundred out of everyone's wallet only to loose them as a customer for life. GREAT JOB, ENJOY LOOSING THOUSANDS OF CUSTOMERS IN THE NEXT MONTH!!! I sent a email concerning this to everyone in my company and asked them to forward it on. I have already seen quite a few responces saying thank you for pointing it out and they are switching now. I KNOW I DID!!!

  43. kdmcdonald

    And now they want you to sign a contract with them for two years after they have burned us for over the $100.00 credit offered. What so they can force us into a 2-year contract so they can do it again down the road?

    Fool me once…

    –Email from Dynowatt on 7/2/08
    Dear Valued Customer,

    At Dynowatt, we understand that electricity prices are just one more expense that keeps going up and we want to help!

    Sign-up for a 24 month fixed rate and receive $100! A fixed rate is the best way to protect yourself from rising electricity costs and $100 can help take some of the sting out of your electric bill, your next fill-up at the gas station or maybe your next trip to the grocery store… you decide.

  44. sewu539

    You all have 100 thou in the bank we can start our own electric company.
    then we can serve on the ERCOT board too.

  45. Dynowatt.ripoff

    They got me too. I have been with them for over 2 yrs. Last month it went from .13 to .202 kw and my bill was $493.I then switched to Reliant but it takes awhile to get things switched over and I just got another bill today from Dynowatt and it went from .202 to .244 and my bill is now $831. I faxed everything to PUC for them to investigate as I do not believe that what they are doing is legal. They knew I was switching as I told them that when they screwed me last month…so guess they thought they would really get me good this month. I also sent my info to wfaa.com and to the watchdog with star telegram. I also informed Dynowatt that I consider my bill in dispute until somebody tells me that what they are doing is legal. I also informed them that I turned them in to the PUC and the media and told them that I have no doubt that they would soon go under as companies like them that screw people, don't stay in business long afterwards. After I told them last month that I was switching, they emailed me twice trying to get me to sign a 24 month contract and offered me the $100 off……….well ain't that just sweet of the rip off artists! Its bad enough that people are trying to make it with the high prices of food and gas and then you have to deal with high way robberies from greedy electric companies as well. And they wonder what pushes people off the edge..

  46. Dynowatt Sucks

    I also was guarantee 10% lower then everyone else for life, and yet my bill doubled, I did use more energy, but I have never in my life have had a $652 bill, and due to not working with me they have lost my business as well, I was a loyal customer for 2 years, not anymore. Their Motto should be Dynowatt "We supply you with a scam with your electricity* The Scam is free of charge"

    Screw you Dynowatt.

  47. Dynowatt Sucks

    I just filled my complaint with PUC, is there anywhere else to file?

  48. LSimon

    I agree with most of you. I have the same complaint as everyone else here. I filed a complaint with the PUC and in it I stated that I did not believe that the deregulation of electricity companies in Texas was supposed to result in price gouging the consumer. I do not expect anything to happen from that. It was simply some place to vent my frustration and stress.

    I called Dynowatt and held on the phone twice for one hour before my call was picked up the second time the next morning. I was told that the bill is what it is; I used more power; they didn't offer the fixed rate before this month (I guess to justify how they went from .11, .14 to .25/kwh.); I could lock-in to the 16.8 rate but it won't change what I owe on the recent bill (($954.00).

    I think this is criminal what Dynowatt and maybe other electricity companies are doing. It reminds me of the price gouging that was done to California by Texas power companies.

  49. Tobbs

    It's my understanding that Dynowatt is taking advantage of the Ercot rules. If there is a hot summer day or a high demand on the grid. Natural gas is used for the spot market at an elevated price. Dynowatt will use this high spot market price over 100% of your bill even though the high grid demand may only last a number of hours. Also if that demand comes on one day of a current billing cycle and than one day in the next billing cycle you'll have two outrageous bills before knowing that you've been gouged. Don't think you can switch rep's easily, Ercot has set up nice little rules that allow for rep's to take up to 45 days to transfer power. YOU MAY BE GOUGED FOR 3 BILLING CYCLES. Don't expect the PUC to do anything. They don't regulate the Rep's or Ercot.They do however promote the deregulation scam by advertising for the Rep's on "The Power To Choose" web site. I think the best thing to do is return to your provider before deregulation whatever the cost this may be the only way for the state legislator to get the message that this whole deregulation scam was a very very bad idea. I also think everyone should know the Austin Energy with is on the same grid as the rest of the state but regulated has a top summer rate of 7.02 cents kWh. I urge everyone to complain to their state senator. I would also urge you to try the states attorney generals office, they've already busted some of Ercot's top execs. My bet is a lot of price manipulation is going on with no one watching the store. Don't count on the PUC!!!!

  50. KC1973

    I'll just add my voice to the HUGE list of angry former Dynowatt customers – these guys screwed up during the good months and are now trying to extract profits by gaming the "legalese" of our agreements. The most ridiculous part of this whole thing is that they will now lose ALL their customers.

    67% rate increase in one month? No thanks you ridiculous pinheads!

  51. LSimon

    I wasn't satisfied with just writing to the PUC (which I don't expect any action from) so I wrote all of my Texas State representatives including the Lt. Governor. I don't know what else to do.

    It seems to me that this is awful coincidental that the price jumped so high when most of the consumers were expecting "incentive checks" most of which I gave to Dynowatt.

    Write your representatives. It can't hurt and they need to know that we expect them to do something/anything. Here's the content of my letter to all of the representatives I could get the email for. I couldn't locate an Ombudsman for Texas for this topic.

    "Please do something about the electricity power companies in Texas. The deregulation of electricity in Texas has made a very negative turn for the worse. Just in time for most people to receive their incentive checks, for instance, Dynowatt raised its rate to .25 per kwh, taking our entire incentive check for a bill of $954 for a house that even during holidays has never been more than $400.

    Texas was on par with the rest of the nation before deregulation but is now the highest state for electricity rates. It may be the best for real estate but it is the worst for all of the amenities needed for the improvement of that real estate.

    There is no justification for the rate hike considering that most of the energy used for electricity is coal not gasoline and, no, I don't believe the transport of coal to Texas is a real justification for it either.

    I just wanted you to know that my incentive check was not spent in the economy, saved or used for leisure. It was used to pay my electricity bill and that is wrong. Texas needs to go back to regulation of the power companies. With everything else going on in the U.S. economy, this is going to put Texas in the dark because no one can afford the electricity.

    Thank you for your attention."

  52. LSimon

    MudBug, I'd be more than happy to join you on that class action suit. I think they are robbing and there has to be a limit that even PUC has to acknowledge but if they won't, there needs to be some recourse besides writing state representatives, etc. I wrote to the state attorney general (or whatever the position is called, forgive me) and I hope that enough people write their representatives, etc. to force some action. .25+ per kwh is wrong.

  53. kdmcdonald

    My contribution to our senators and representatives and contact info…

    Senators: http://cornyn.senate.gov http://hutchison.senate.gov

    Link to Reps: http://directory.usayfoundation.org/TX.html

    Texas electric rates have gone through the roof. According to what I've read, electric companies can charge any rate they want to but competition is suppose to keep the rates down. The issue I have is that we do not receive any notification of rate hikes (mine went from .119 in Feb to .233 in May, right at 100% in 3 months). I have since switched but because of PUC rules that requires up to 45 days (3 billing cycles) to go through so we are stuck as the company sucks up funds before going under as other companies have. Take a look at the link below for comments from your onstituents.

  54. Duped by Dynowatt

    Everyone I know has dropped this lousy company ! I think,its criminal what they are doing,but who is going to do anythnig about it. The PUC protects companies like this and by recent news stories,the commisoners on that board are not the most ethical people in the world either. What scares me is,why all of a sudden are all the electric companies pushing to lock in rates. Is there a huge decline in the market on the horizon? Does anyone think that these compaines;who are in the business to make money, are worried about saving us any money… I dont !! Hold on to your wallets with both hands…………

  55. boomer

    our elected officals should be ashamed of themselves. they are allowing Dynawatt and the other electric co to scam the citizens of Texas. what about the seniors on fixed incomes? my charges went from 0.173 in may to 0.250/kwh in june. the day i called to discuss my bill, a recorded message stated that they were too busy to answer the call, try later and hung up. i will file with the puc but i really don't believe anyone in a position to help us will care enough to help.

  56. sewu539


  57. sewu539

    gest industry donators to Bush campaign
    Enron $1.8m
    Exxon $1.2m
    Koch Industries $970,000
    Southern $900,000
    BP Amoco $800,000
    El Paso Energy $787,000
    Chevron Oil Corp $780,000
    Reliant Energy $642,000
    Texas Utilities $635,000

  58. Broncojohnny

    I got my bill from Dynowatt yesterday, two months ago my rate was $.16 Kwh, last month $.20 Kwh and this time it was $.24 Kwh. I guess Dynowatt feels like it can just reach into my pocket and help itself to my money whenever it needs it. Guess what though, i'm not paying this latest bill, the CEO of Dynowatt will smoke a turd in hell before I pay him one cent on this bill.

  59. CreditCardGroceries

    Well, mine was 360.00 for May to June 3, and 518.00 for june 3 to july 3. Seems to me the weather has been milder than last couple years as far as heat. Not that many 100+ days. So thats a b.s. excuse to just screw us. I had the rep show up at the door, and at the time I was pissed at Reliant after 5 years with them, but Centerpoint wont even read the meter most times, they will just guesstimate based on past usage, then its up to you to check. Read your meter right to left, take the lower of the two numbers that the needle is pointing to, and there ya go. This is the same old same old "up yours for summer" you get no matter who you sign up for. Lock in a rate with Reliant for 17.9 now? hmmm..
    I just heard natural gas has fallen quickly. How about that Dynowaste?

  60. CreditCardGroceries

    I also wanted to add Does anybody actually have a contract or some document showing what their service was to be and at what rate, and what type it was, variable or fixed or anything other than a bill saying you owe this.
    The accounting fiasco last August that gave everyone half a bill, and then doubled the next one to "make up" for their mistake was one thing, but I have no contract, so, you have no contract, either!

  61. dynowatt.ripoff

    I received my so called investigation report from the PUC of Texas and they are not going to do anything about this. They are as worthless and Useless as Dynowatt. The only alternative we have is to pay up or not pay. I am sure my final bill with Dynowatt at the end of the month will be even higher than the $831 I got this month but I will NOT pay it……I have signed a 24 month contract with Reliant and after that time I need to switch again, I would rather pay a deposit then to pay some worthless screwing company a thousand bucks for nothing!!

  62. queencastle

    I am having a billing problem with Dynowatt. My bill last month was $585 dollars. The bill I jut got today is $646 dollars. I'm a single mom so this hurts a lot. I have two more weeks until my switch to another provider takes effect and am stuck paying these high bills that I can't afford until it takes effect (or not pay and have it reported on my credit). I was a customer for a year with my variable rates always low at around .12 or .13 and low bills, never late, always paid on time. The last two months my rate jumped to .22 and .24. Dynowatt refused to give the really low fixed rate they offer new customers when I called to complain (they were really rude too). They are not honoring their promise to always beat Reliant's rates which is what they promised me when I switched. So I'm leaving and I will never go back to those crooks. I got no warning that my rate would over double and this should be illegal if it's not! I filed a complaint with the PUC, wrote the governor and news media.

  63. Dynowatt.ripoff

    New information! File a complaint with BBB in OHIO. I just did and they have numerous complaints filed on them using their name Accent Energy and they are all involving this sudden rate hike in Texas. I read where some of these issues have been resolved thru the BBB so they must be doing more about it than the PUC of Texas or the Attorney General's Office is doing. It also seems that the BBB is also awaiting for some more information on this from the goverment. Do it NOW!

  64. dynowatt.ripoff

    Well when I originally filed it and put in the business name and address, it automatically took me to the Ohio BBB. But then after I filed it, they transferred it to the Fort Worth BBB and sent me an email saying that normally you do file it in the State where the business is but in this case, they wanted it filed in my area. So you might as well file in the Fort Worth BBB office. I will keep everybody posted if I should hear back from them or the Attorney General's Office. I already heard back from the PUC and they are Useless. Typical Goverment Politicians!

  65. Enron connection
    Though it's a little more than 3 years old, Accent has the experience of being in business for more than a quarter-century, Schneier said. Accent is the reincarnation of Access Energy, which was burned in its association with one of the worst U.S. corporate scandals – the bankruptcy of Enron Corp. Now it is flying high again as Accent Energy Group.

    Schneier in 1975 began working as an associate lawyer specializing in energy, public utility and communications law at Vorys Sater Seymour & Pease LLP in Columbus. He said he learned about electric and gas utilities there.

    In 1979, he wrote a law journal article that argued for open access to the nation's natural gas pipeline network. According to Accent's Web site, the article was an early contributor to deregulation of the natural gas and electric industries.

    Three years later, Schneier became a partner at the law firm, but he left it later in 1982 to start Yankee Resources Inc., an independent natural gas marketer. At Yankee, he purchased natural gas from producers and sold it at competitive prices to large industrial consumers, such as General Motors, Honda and General Electric.

    The company changed its name to Access Energy in 1988. By 1992, with 125 employees and more than 30,000 customers in 30 states, it had grown revenue to more than $300 million. That's when it was bought out by Enron and renamed Enron Access.

    As part of the buyout, Schneier was required to run Enron Access from Dublin until 1997. In 2001, prior to Enron's collapse, Dana Saucier, a former colleague at Enron Access, approached Schneier with the idea of restarting Access.

    They co-founded Accent in December 2001. Saucier is Accent's chief operating officer.

    Accent has about 25 employees, most all of whom are directly related to energy trading and gained industry experience at Enron or Columbus-based American Electric Power Company Inc.

    Most of the firm's back-office operations, like accounting and human resources, are outsourced to contractors.

    Schneier said he expects Accent to expand into more states. Massachusetts, he said, could be next, though he gave no timetable on when that may happen.

  66. On my first bill from Dynowatt in 2006 it has PUCT#10099 this is there agreement with us right????? They should have to honor it if they didn't send us a notice stating it was different.

  67. DynoWTF

    I have also made the happy decision to drop Dynowatt like a rock! When I told them that I was switching they told me "OK, we'll make a note of that." A NOTE!?!? I've got something you can make a note of right here!!!
    Well, I don't have anything new to add. I just wanted to publicly say that Dynowatt is a joke of a "company" and I will throw a huge party the moment I hear they've gone out of business!!!

  68. mudbug_1454

    Just filled a complaint with the BBB the puc has been no help at all. This is what I sent.

    when I signed up for electric service there guaranty was "they would always be 10 percent less than the competition" they have just sent me a bill for .245 cents a kw they only charged .146 last month. they gave no warning of this change. then had the gall to send an email after I got the bill saying they changed there service and now offered contracts to lock in rates. They now have this on the website and is a complete lie. I have checked with every electric provider in the state of texas and not one is charging over 16 cents even for a variable rate.

    Here’s what’s going on and what you can do about it.First, you may have used more electricity in this billing period compared to the previous month because the temperatures were unseasonably high. However, even with the increased consumption your bill was probably higher than you expected. It’s because the cost of electricity has increased dramatically. Everyone on a variable rate plan, regardless of who supplies their electricity, has seen a similar increase.

  69. pissed @ DW

    dynowatt, you are a bunch of scum sucking dirtbags. my last bill came in tonight and you still ripped me off. i am glad to have gotten rid of you, and hope you get forced out of business due to your crappy billing.

    PS – YOU SUCK!!!!

  70. kdmcdonald

    I see the Dynowatt has lowered their rates and I don't see any month to month anymore.

    I hope anyone considering this company will research and find this page to see how they treat their customers.

    Sign up with them and it's only a matter of time before they screw you over too…

  71. Kathmandu1

    Is anyone doing anything for this extreme ripoffs? How can we get our money back?

  72. kdmcdonald

    Nothing from Dynowatt except for a canned response.

    PUC responded that they don't control rates. Although on their website it says: "Regulation of rates and service for integrated utilities."

    And they put out statements saying to conserve since it's hot to reduce the demand, well duh. They could pay me to watch the weather forecast, I can tell you when it's going to be hot and demand is going to be up. One of the most worthless organizations that I've come across.

    BBB just resends Dynowatt cannned response.

    Contacted the Attorney General, Kay Bailey Hutchison, and John Cornyn here is Texas two months ago and haven't heard a thing. Not even a "canned" response…

    They definitely will not get my vote or the vote of any others that I can pass this along to…

    Also went ahead and put request in to Jim Pitts and Kip Avritt in my district. We'll see if there is any response, even a "canned" response from them.

    Anyone know of an organization that needs volunteers to promote regulation? I heard AARP was doing something but I can't find anything on their website about it…

  73. b00tz

    this is the most confused electric company i have ever delt with! we enrolled on the 5th of the month and got priority turn on…our power was suppossed to be on by the 7th. Or so the lady over the phone said. Its now the 9th and we wont have our power on until the 11th. thanks a lot jerks.

  74. kdmcdonald

    Sorry to hear your story b00tz… Seems all we can do is post on as many blogs as possible and get the information on their unscrupulous dealings with their customers out there to the public. At some point, it will become common knowledge and they will go out of business.

    You can see from the other post that the PUC and government officials don't deem it important either. I'll be voting based on that unresponsive ness as well…

  75. shredkeenan

    Does anyone know what the consequences of not paying the bill, or paying the bill at a fair $/kwh rate would be? I'll be amazed if Dynowatt stays in business after this.

    Unfortunately I was out of the country until last week and my girlfriend was here paying the bills for me and she didn't know any better, so I was JUST able to put in my provider switch request.

  76. PRGreen

    I contracted a .12 fixed rate with Dynowatt in Feb. 2007. Not once did I receive notice that my rates were going to or had changed until I received my June 08 & July 08 statements for
    $600+ each month. March and April 08 were 171.00 and 200.00 respectively. That is a 200% increase in fees at the rate of .24/unit. Customer service offered a canned explanation and was unable to produce any previous documents that should have been included with my 'paper' statements. I am disabled on SSI with the approval from the Dynowatt Corporate Office dated March 2007 that if I was not able to pay in full they would work with me without penalty and paying as much as I can afford. NOT SO. They were not able to locate our agreement (standard form on their letterhead) and demanded I pay much more than I could afford. I faxed the letter 2 times to 2 different Supervisors and all I could hear in the background during our conversation was mocking and laughing. That was extremely hurtful and difficult to hear as I am young and recently permanently disabled. Corporate has done nothing, not even apologize. Needless to say, I have canceled and the following month my new electric company bill was
    $297 for Aug 08. Dynowatt has an automatic payment setup to pay the remaining balance from the $1200.

    Is there any law stating they must notify customers of upcoming rate changes?

  77. kdmcdonald

    There should be a law. But PUC(usual useless government entity with heads appointed by our esteemed governor) which is suppose to oversee them has pretty much given electric companies free reign to do whatever they want when they took out the "price to beat" clause.

    Dynowatt increased rates at the top of the market and then offered contracts at that top. Seems like a bait and switch to me.

    Anyone who took a contract with them should get out before they find some other way to scam you.

    I've notified everyone I could think of. All the same canned responses.

    Better believe it will affect my voting in the future. Only thing the little guys can do…

  78. Jerry Gideon

    I have moved into a new home in Bentwood Country Club in San Angelo, Texas 76904; and my street address is 4749 Muirfield Ave. The Texas Choice Energy website does not recognize my street address because it is a new street.

    I am trying to switch energy providers, but I am unable to do so from the Texas Choice website. How do I switch electricity providers?

  79. Now that they have bilked their customers of all that money, got some to lock in to the higher rates at the top of the market. Now they can afford affordable rates since the lock-ins are paying for the lower rates to new subscribers.

    Any new subscribers or people thinking about this company better watch out. It's only a matter of time. History always repeats itself…

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    I am Mr.Samuel Iheanyichukwu Isaiah.(M/D)., of Danco Global Enterprises Sarl, I am in search of Electricity Prepaid Billing Meter (Cash Power). including Automatic Water prepaid billing meter. Can your good company supply me with good quality.

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  81. m72

    I am a Dynowatt customer,my rate went up and not quite doubled on one of my bills- then i enrolled in the 2 year flat rate plan-for signing up Dynowatt sent me a $100.00 check. Since I have the flat rate and i was sent a $100,00 everything has evened out.Even though I am paying 16 KWH. I still get lower bills from Dynowatt then other companies in the past,. They hardly ever charge late charges and their base price is still cheaper.
    Another thing I like about them is they give you lots of time to pay and do not turn off your electricity if you are late.When I was with Reliant Energy as soon as the day arrived that my bill was past due-I would hear the Reliant truck out in front of my yard ready to turn off my electricity,same goes for TXU.If I don't have the money to pay one month I call or email Dynowatt tell them when I can pay the bill and they leave my electric on.

  82. mudbug_1454

    I have done all I can do with this. I have contacted Mark Strama who passed it off to Lane Goldman who then passed it back to the PUC. I only wanted to know what government office I needed to talk to about this to complain and show them how the deregulation of electricity has hurt the American public and they refuse to answer the question. I have sent proof of my electric bills and even showed proof that houses with in 2 miles of me are still regulated and only pay .08 cents for what I have to pay .25 cents for. I have also been able to prove that no other company raised there rates fixed or variable at the time Dynowatt did to cover high gas prices I was even able to show that gas prices only went up by a small % compared to the huge % that Dynowatt raised there rates. It ended with both the PUC and Lane Goldman running from it like roaches when you turn on the light. The only good that has come of this is the PUC did send me a link to a website that I have not been able to find on my on. There are companies selling electricity for less then .10 cents I changed to Champion and so far it has been for the best. I now share this website with you and say the only thing I know we can do at this time choose the least expensive rate you can to help drive the price down to reasonable level refuse to pay over .10 cent a KWH and the over priced companies will have to lower there rates or go out of business.

  83. mudbug_1454

    one more thing I have to say. I go back and review this problem from time to time. I get so mad when people make comments about how it was a variable rate and what did you expect. Wake up people they did not have a contract (for the dumb but that does not know what that means let me break that down for you, Dynowatt was the cheapest advertised price at the time if you asked them can I get a 1 year contract for that price, they would tell you No we do not do contracts only month to month. But you don't have to worry about the price if you go with us because we have a Guaranty to always be 10% lower then the competition) It was not until (with no warning) they decided to offer contracts they then hit all of there customers with a bill for .25 a KWH and then said well if you will buy one of our contracts we will lower it back down to .15 cents. ANYONE THAT USES DYNOWATT AFTER THIS IS STUPID.

  84. SD

    Dynowatt is now sending representatives door to door in Dallas claiming to represent Oncor, the elecric delivery company. They are tricking people into switching their electric company to Dynowat. This is illegal and should be reported to the Public Utility Commission of Texas. It is illegal for Oncor to "endorse" any electric power company. This is a scam.

  85. Lillian

    I just got with dynowatt i hope i dont have the same problem you guys had where yall on month to month maybe thats why

  86. Brian

    Dynowatt sucks. Their customer service is atrocious and farmed off to India. They are a joke of a company. Do yourself a favor and go with someone else.

  87. dynosux

    well i experienced all the same problems you did so i locked in a rate for 2 years. when that expired i was able to lock in an even lower rate for 1 year. Then i received a bill this past may for $960!! I couldn't believe it, so i read my own meter and discovered they charged me for 2000 kw over the current reading. i had to pay to have another reading. while this was going on i signed up for there budget billing service, so i could pay the same amount each month. the rest that is not paid goes into a "true-up balance" account. then yesterday without any notice they shut off my electricity!! can you believe it? i paid every month faithfully on time. they didn't even freakin' call me first!! their reasoning was i had a past due amount. the one they gave me in the budget billing program. so i had to pay another $450 just to beg them to turn my lights back on. this company is atrocious. they should at the very least call to tell you they are going to shut off your service. GUYS DO NOT fall for their balanced budget program. it's some kind of scam to get you to pay a reconnect fee.

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