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Irving Texas Electric Providers

Questions and Concerns When Picking an Electric Provider

Irving Texas is located in an area in Texas that has energy prices a little lower then some of the other zones in the state. Congestion and line losses are not as bad in this area and so the state regulates part of the electric rate pricing in this area to give consumers a break in comaprison to Houston Tx electric rates. Irving Tx has well over 40 different Texas electric providers to choose from and so finding the right Irving Tx electric provider can be a bit of a chore. We suggest creating a list of Texas power companies and going down through the list checking for certain criteria.

Common Concerns When Choosing an Irving Electric Provider

  • Is the Texas power rate fixed or a variable electric rate?
  • Has the Texas Electric Provider operated in the state for atleast 5 years?
  • Does the energy provider in Tx specialize in residential electricity, commercial, wholesale or both?
  • Is the customer service and back office billing system handled in the states or outsourced to a country like India
  • Are there any unfairly bent to the provider, contract terms and conditions, hidden fees and other nonsense?

Many of these questions can be answered by calling the customer service desk of the Texas energy provider and asking how long they have been in business?, do they outsource their customer service or billing to another country?, and is their electric rate a fixed rate or variable rate? Some of the other questions can be answered by checking out their Texas electricity facts label. The electric facts label will show you exactly what all the components of the energy rate the company is selling you and what the average rate will look like depending on the amount of kilowatt hours you use in a given month.

What About That Pesky Demand Charge?

A few companies will also show a demand charge in the electric bill. If you have chosen TXU Energy or Reliant Energy in the past you may have seen a demand charge on your bill that made up a good percentage of the overall electric bill. Many people in Irving have been frustrated by by the demand charge because the penalty is so high for having several things on a little higher then normal in the house or business even if just for a short time. With most electric providers now and even TXU Energy and Reliant Energy you can pick a rate that has the demand charge factored in to the overall fixed electric rate. Now there is no guessing what your demand charge will be each month as it has been averaged historically and included in the fixed electric rate.

Beyond Basic Residential Electricity Concerns

Feel free to call one of our energy consultants at 1-800-971-4020

So for most people living in Irving Tx these questions and answers to common Texas electric provider concerns may have helped get you started on what to look out for when shopping and comparing Texas Power choices. For most Texas residential electricity shoppers this would be enough. If you are a Irving Tx Commercial Electric Provider customer and need a more detailed review of your businesses current electric bill, Electricity Bid can help. Electricity Bid specializes in putting a commercial businesses usage through a reverse auction process that involves multiple Texas commercial electric providers competing to win your commercial business account. We have a non-agency relationship with these Texas power companies which means we are not trying to sell you on a brand when we put this competitive bid proposal together. We will put the top 3 commercial bids in a detailed electric rate proposal with all the different components detailed out in an easy to understand apples to apples comparison with your current electric bill.


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