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May 2008 Houston Residential Electric Rate Comparison

What is Electricity Doing Right Now?

As of May 2008 Electric rates are currently close to a 3 year high and because of this Texas residential electric rates do not look so good right now. Many people would like to wait and renew when rates drop down but there is just no way to know when this will happen. Electric rates could hover at historical highs for several months before they drop back down to prices many people are comfortable paying.

Who We Recommend

We recommend signing a 12 month energy agreement and then trying again next year. Notice: Riverway Power recently cancelled their residential electric customers agreements in mid April according to several people who called in and left comments regarding them so we do not recommend using them as their fixed electric rate is subject to change. Our preferred electric providers at this time are Affordable Energy, Startex Energy and Bounce Energy Guaranteed No Deposit. All of these Texas electric companies have accurate billing, good customer service and low rates.

We are now approaching the end of the month of June and since writing this article rates have continued up along with a barrel of oil and natural gas. Oil and natural gas are trading at all time historical highs and the analysis shows that traders are hedging against a falling dollar by buying energy. The rise in prices can best be attributed to investors and traders trading up the price. This price spike will most likely be a bubble we will see fall but we have no idea when that will be. If you are buying Houston electricity you are exeriencing the worst of it. Houston electric rates are higher then they have ever been right now and higher then the rest of the state.


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admin Donny started back in 2007 from his parents basement and has since married his wife Melody and had three sons, John Adam (7) and Noah (4) and our new 20 month old son. He enjoys tech related things, softball, kickboxing, going to the gym, excursions and activities together with his wife Melody. Our service allows you to shop and compare commercial and residential electric rates and providers. Would you take the time today to try our service and see how you like it. Thank you! and God Bless You!

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  1. ruhaak

    Interesting article, I'm trying to find data showing the actual trend in electricity rates for Texas (Houston area)the last year or two.

    Where can I find such historic data, I have been searching for hours without much luck.

    Same with natural gas rates, but that seems more available.

    Thanks in advance

  2. ABrady

    Just a note that these posted prices are $0.03 to $0.035 lower than what I am finding on June 25, 2008.



  4. electric consumer

    Star-Tex power unfortunately I would not recommend to anyone! They started out friendly and impressive but when i signed up last November for a 8 mo contract @ 11.4 per kilowatt they began to try to find any reason to get out of giving me that rate. I have spent more time on the phone with them than I want to recount. I got a non descript letter in the mail (thank God I opened it) telling me I had to pay a 290.00 deposit to keep my low rate and that it had to be paid within 10 days this was required by them because my bill was late or something – you only have like 2 weeks from the time it is on the website to pay it till when it is late, less if you wait for the paper bill to come in the mail – but ironcally at that time i was paid ahead with a 260.00 credit because I knew I was using more electricity than my meter reads were showing because centerpoint had been estimating and I know how to read a meter 8) so – to keep my low rate that expires in august – hottest month of the year how convenient – i had to pay the 290 bucks as a deposit when i will have to change providers for august because they now want to charge over 19 cents per kilowatt!! Sound like a company in trouble to you? Sure does to me, so just Beware! If anyone knows of a electric co with a low rate that isn't trying to rip you off if they get a chance, please let me know


    I have First Choice as provider of my residential power and I resent having to pay $0.20 kWh for my June billing, but I am outraged by the fact that in addition to that I was billed an exorbitant $280.37 for the month which was listed as "residential service". For the month of May I was billed at the rate of $0.181/kWh plus a residential service charge of $233.30. These charges are beyond price gouging.

  6. LeAnne Garci

    I do not understand what the First Choice “residential service charge” is based on. Our usage from June to July climbed only minimally. Our residential service charge went up from $199.64 to $322.90! I tried to call customer service, but it was clear they couldn’t tell me, either. That charge is more than DOUBLE my charges per kWh this month! Does anyone know how this charge is calculated or how I can check to make sure it is correct? Do all companies include this kind of charge?

  7. Shaunna Witt

    I about died when I got my May and June First Choice Power Bill–For May I was charged .199 per kwh and for June I was charged .23..I have a business and my bill is usually $800 tops a month and was $1100.00.. I called to get in a contract and they offered me .22. I switched to reliant at 14.9 and saved over 300 a month
    what a rip off –I agree this is beyond price gouging –what can be done?

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