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Centerpoint Energy, Houston Electric Utility Contact Information

Questions About Electric Meter Usage Data in Houston

If you are an electric customer with an electric service retail supplier in the Harris County Texas area chances are high that Centerpoint Energy services your poles and wires and reads your meter. Have you ever received an electric bill that had an abnormally high TDSP (Transmission and Distribution Provider Charge)? Sometimes electric meters go haywire and misread your electic usage. In these situations it could have been years since the TDSP company has actually tested or performed maintenance on your electric meter.

Electric Meters do from Time to Time Malfunction

If you believe your meter was not read correctly in the Centerpoint Energy service area (Most of Houston) then we have phone numbers, email addresses, and other contact information to assist you in tracking down someone at Centerpoint to assist in testing your meter. Be aware that if they have performed maintenance on your meter recently and you still ask them to come out they may charge you for the visit. Be sure to try and negotiate for them to come out with no charge if you believe it is their fault. If they determine that the issue is not their fault but is an accurate meter reading you will likely be charged for their effort.

If you want to confirm your electric bill with your raw electric usage data as Centerpoint Energy reads it you can use the usage file number below to ask for this information to be emailed to you. You will need to have your account information ready as they will need to verify it is you.

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