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Plano Texas Electricity

Fuel Costs Sure Aren’t Lowering Electric Rates

Fuel costs associated with the production of electricity have been constantly increasing causing electric rates in Plano Texas to continue to remain at 3 year historical highs. This summer of 2008 we are experiencing close to record high temperatures in the state which demands more electricity and more natural gas to produce this Texas power for all us Texans who crank up our air conditioning systems to stay cool. Natural gas was trading around $8 when Plano electric rates were around 10 cents kWh for a 12 month fixed rate plan. Now natural gas is trading at $12 mmBtu and a correlating 12 month fixed electricity rate in Plano is now 14.4 cents kWh as of June 4 2008. Texas consumers are becoming increasingly heated because of unaffordable energy costs and many want to know what the Public Utility Commission of Texas is going to do about it.

Electric Companies Going out of Business

The last two months we saw PreBuy Electric and National Power electric companies both go out of business. More electric providers are expected to leave the state not honoring some of the fixed electric rate contracts they signed their customers to. Signing a Plano Texas electric service customer to a 12 month fixed electric rate and then raising the rate or cancelling the contract on them is equivalent to a bait switch tactic that should be reported to the Federal Trade Commission. This marketing tactic was left unchecked as many energy providers in Texas had these false rates up on the governments Power to Choose website. The PUCT received enough complaints that they are being a little more careful of scrutinizing the energy companies that want to put their prices up on the Texas government site.

Residential Electric Service Options

If you are a residential electric customer in Plano Texas we recommend bookmarking this page and using it as a way to compare and find teh lowest cost Plano Tx residential electric provider. We list the best 12 month fixed rate on the top left of the page. If you are on a current energy contract be sure to check back here when your contract expires.

Commercial Electric Quotes

For commercial businesses in Plano Texas needing a competitive electric provider we recommend going through our reverse auction. We have about 20 different electric companies on our A-list that we take your electric usage out to. The auction bids down the rate to its lowest point. We put together a detailed apples to apples electric rate proposal to compare with your current provider. At this point you let us know which electric company and monthly term you want to go with and we send you over a contract with the best possible terms, conditions, and price that Plano electric provider has to offer.

We also offer MCPE Collin County Texas, and blended options with fixed electric rates to average the electric rate down further during times when the Texas power market is higher then usual.

You may begin the process of putting your Plano Texas commercial businesses electric usage by filling out this page: Get a Quote Form

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