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The Woodlands Texas Electric Rates

How to Negotiate a True Competitive Electric Rate in The Woodlands

If you are a commercial business in The Woodlands Texas you may need the help of an energy consultant to help bid down the electric rates among the electric providers offering service in your area. There are over 50 registered electric providers offering electric service in this city and finding a reputable provider without hidden fees and tricky legal jargen is not easy if you don’t know what your doing. We are an energy consulting company that has been in Texas since 2002 (The start of Texas Deregulation). We have experience with accounts over 20,000,000 kWh a year as well as electric accounts using 30,000 kWh or less. We work just as hard for you if you are a small electric usage account as we do if you are a large manufacturing facility. If you would like to participate in our reverse auction process where we go out to up to 20 different electric companies competively pricing in your area then feel free to give us a call.

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I am not a Commercial Business, just a Residential Home, can you Help?

If you live in The Woodlands Texas and need residential electric service we can help you as well. We have discount residential electric rates worked out with several different providers. We have them listed on the top left of this page. In the Centerpoint Energy utility area you will experience slightly higher electric rates then in the rest of the state because of congestion and line losses, regardless of the provider you choose. The Texas ERCOT organization is implementing a nodal system to make this issue less of a problem.

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  2. Patricia

    Hi, I would like to convert to energy with your company, however, I’m in an area that is still designated for Entergy. Is that policy still in effect that only Entergy can be my carrier?

    Thank you,
    Patricia Witten

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