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Humble Texas Residential Electric Rates

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In Humble Texas there are over 50 different electric companies to pick from. Among these companies you will find several different rate plans, gimmicks, and some out right dishonestly. One of the ways a provider will trick a new customer is by quoting a rate that does not have the pole charges included in the rate. The pole charges also go by the name TDSP charges or transmission charges. In Humble that charge is past through on a 1 to 1 basis by Centerpoint Energy. Centerpoint Energy is the pole company and a monopoly. They cannot sell you electricity but do pass through the pole charges on your bill regardless of the provider you choose. Commercial electric rates in Humble Texas are a little different. The pole charges are not readily known as they are for residential customers which means the provider can only quote the Energy provider generation charge, excluding the pole and wires charges. This makes the commercial electric rate look better but is not meant to mislead. Only after obtaining the usage data from the utility, like Centerpoint, do we then know what the pole charges are for a commercial business.

Tricky Legal Jargen in Energy Contracts

For a low cost, discount electric rate without tricky legal jargen in the contract and hidden fees we have the best electric company for residential customers on the upper left hand corner of this page. These rates are fixed for atleast 12 months and will not change the entire term of the contract. Be sure to bookmark this page as we constantly update the page with which provider is offering the best rate. These rates are lower then what you can get from the electric company in Humble Texas directly.

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If you have any questions you can click on the about section of the site and send us a comment. An energy consultant will call or email you back to assist in answering your energy related question. Thank you for visiting Electricity Bid and please feel free to recommend our discount electricity options to your friends and family.


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  1. Dan Bridges

    Do these companies pay a fee to join your list??
    I dont see TXU or REliant that is why I ask.
    Thank you

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