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Additional Electric Bill Charges Blamed on TDSP Pass Throughs

Residential Electric Customers Complaining about Additional Fees Crammed In

I have started to receive some calls the last few days from a few residential electric customers complaining that a certain retail Texas electric provider and recent start up in Texas has been cramming in additional charges in their fixed rate. The customers were told by the provider that they still have a fixed rate but the TDSP charges were raised on their rate plan. The electric company past the issue on to the non-negotiable TDSP charges as they are past through on an electric bill. The issue is that residential customers who lock in on a fixed electric rate are also locking in the TDSP (Transmission and Distribution Charges) charges. The TDSP charges cannot be changed as they are regulated by the Texas government so Texas residential energy customers can have some price protection for a certain term.

Commercial Rates are Different then Residential Rates

Texas commercial electric rates are different in that the TDSP charges differ from one business to the next. For instance, a Smoothie Factory store may pay 8 cents kWh on average for TDSP’s on top of their Energy Provider Generation Charge but a manufacturing facility may only pay 1 cent kWh. So commercial companies are protected on the Energy Provider Generation Charge but not on the TDSP charges. The issue at hand here is that some providers are trying to make it sound like the same thing applies for residential electric customers. Residential electric customers in Texas that sign up on a fixed electric rate should have both their TDSP charges and Energy Provider Charges locked in to one fixed rate that will not change the entire term of the contract.

Don’t Be Fooled

If an electric company in Texas tries to tell you that the reason your residential fixed electric rate has gone up so much is because of TDSP charge increases you need to quickly write a detailed complaint and send it in along with the electric bill in question via fax to the Public Utility Commission of Texas.

You can fax your issue to the PUCT at fax number: 512-936-7003

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  1. Steven Kunkel

    If we are being told to conserve elelectricity then why are we penalized when doing so? We use less than 1,000 kwh per month and recieve a customer charge of $4.99 per month. What law gives the Electric company the right to steal from the public for not providing a service? I have asked and was told “because we can”.Please answere. Thank You

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  3. RickDavis

    What is the current centerpoint rate for TDSP? I just recieved a bill that had a $91 charge for TDSP.

  4. Wallis

    How do you know what is fair for a commercial TDSP charge? We only used 247 kwh last month and our TDSP charge was $114.81! We are with Stream Energy.

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