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Plano Texas Electric Companies

Shopping for a Good Plano Electric Rate

When shopping for electric rates in Plano Texas you will have over 50 choices of Texas electric providers to choose from. Several of these electric companies have unfavourable terms and conditions in their contracts. For instance, some companies will try to lock you into a monthly term commitment on a variable rate. The issue with this is that most providers will let you into a variable rate on a month to month basis. If a company is trying to lock you in long term on a rate that can change at anytime for any reason they so decide then you have been succesfully conned. Never sign a term commitment for a variable rate. A customer called us the other day and mentioned Cirro Energy had done this very thing to him and had raised his rate over 30% in one month. He was under the impression that he was on a fixed electric rate since he signed a term commitment. Be warned, do not lock in on an electric rate that is variable, make sure it is a month to month option you can get out of.

Discount Electric Companies in Plano Texas

There are a few different discount offers for residential customers in Plano Texas. Most of these discount offers start at 12 month fixed rate terms and go out to 36 months fixed. Some have monthly service charges and some do not. A monthly service charge is not always bad, expecially if you use a lot of electricity. For instance, if you divide a typical monthly service fee of $4.95 by 2,000 kWh you get .002475. This would raise a kwh rate by only a small fraction. If the electric rate being offered is lower then usual you will find that the monthly service fee doesn’t make much of a dent. Do the math and you may find that rates with a monthly service charge can sometimes work in your advantage.

Best Residential Electric Rate in Plano Texas

The best residential electric rate offer in Plano and Collin County Texas at this time is listed in the promotional electricity service offers above. You may click the button and sign up online for a discount rate not available by calling on the phone. If you would still like to speak with someone you may also click on the “speak to a consultant” button below and someone will be glad to explain the rate or electric company you have a question about in more detail. We only recommend reputable providers with a solid track record. Fly by night energy companies are not a part of the type of companies we consult our customers to sign up with.

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  1. jeycee

    I saw on champion’s website that they have:
    1. $0.13 with $4.95 monthly charge
    2. $0.134 with $0 monthly charge
    Both are for 12 month fixed rate.

    Is it better to do the $0 monthly charge?
    Why do they have to differentiate it like this anyway?? Makes it more confusing.. bleh..

  2. jeycee

    Oh, forgot 1 more thing.
    It also shows that the green power plan is $0.135 with $4.95 monthly fee..

    I thought renewable energy’s price is supposed to be lower??

    This is my first time finding an electricity company and it’s all confusing and annoying.. :S

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