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Direct Energy

Direct Energy is one of the larger electric companies in the United States who began operation in North America in 2000. They have been in business for quite awhile and occasionally can be quite competitive. You can compare Direct Energy with multiple other Texas electric companies on this site to see if they are being competitive. This site only recommends reputable electric companies. Although some electric companies are reputable they do not always have the best electric rate. In order to make sure the companies we recommend continue to price competitively we take our commercial customers out to bid each time their contract comes up on expiration. This allows for a continuous competitive price to come back each time a companies energy contract comes up for renewal.

More About Direct Energy

Direct Energy is one of North America’s leading integrated energy companies and a member of the Centrica group of companies.

With operations across Canada, Texas and the north-eastern United States, Direct Energy delivers C$8 billion of energy and related services to over five million residential and commercial customers.

Worldwide, the Centrica group of companies provides energy and other services through more than 32 million customer relationships.


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admin Donny started back in 2007 from his parents basement and has since married his wife Melody and had three sons, John Adam (7) and Noah (4) and our new 20 month old son. He enjoys tech related things, softball, kickboxing, going to the gym, excursions and activities together with his wife Melody. Our service allows you to shop and compare commercial and residential electric rates and providers. Would you take the time today to try our service and see how you like it. Thank you! and God Bless You!

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  1. Susan

    I’ve been with Direct Energy since June but still haven’t received a bill. Anyone else having the same problem? I’ve called them twice and each time they said there’s something wrong with their billing. I hate to think what I’ll owe when I finally do receive one.

  2. thmac7

    My Wife And I Have A 2 bedroom Apt.Direct Energy Claims They Sent Us A Letter Telling Us The Fixed Rate Plan Was Coming Up And Need To Renew Or Go To A Flex Rate.. Well That Was In June The Letter Was Sent “THEY SAY”!! We Never Got A Call A Letter Just A Bill That Doubled To $413.00 Bucks For August And Sept. Was Another$400 Plus I feel Taken What Laws Protect Us As Customers? I Have Sent Formal Complaint..

  3. texangal

    I have the some complanit, as thmac7……
    I was told the same info from Direct Energy customer service, per phone call.
    I never received a “letter” stating the change, either!!!
    This is not a good way to run a business.

  4. Karin

    We had he same issue about our bill, but we just prepaid as though we were getting a bill. Estimating what the bill would be wasn’t very difficult. By the way, when we signed up, they had the best rates 13.8 per kw.

  5. rebeccakris

    Yes! I was with a company that filed for bankruptcy in May or June and had to suddenly switch. I switched to Direct Energy, but still haven’t received a bill. I emailed and called DE and they said something was wrong with their billing, but that was months ago. My friend said this happened to her once and when she finally got a bill it was just for a few months. I sure hope that is the case! I am renting. When I move and need to cancel service, I’m sure they are going to notice something odd about my account. I actually have a $400 credit on my account because I was sending in payments (just a set amount) through my Bill Pay service. We’ll see what happens!

  6. sixteenstone

    I haven’t got a bill since August, before that a bill since April. They keep telling me that the bill hasn’t been generated, I keep crediting my account each month. I have finally contacted the PUC of Texas,,,again. This crap is getting old. So whist I credit my account the money in there is drawing interest for DE. Do I see another scam for Direct Energy? You bet your sweet butt I do.

  7. Linksterhumble

    Direct energy has the worst customer service I have ever had with any utility company in over 30 years. I received a billing of over $800 for September..oh yeah we didn’t have power for 18 days either. When I first called I was told Centerpoint Energy gave the meter reading and I would have to request another meter reading. I offered to pay the amount and get a credit after the next meter read and was told it wasn’t necessary. My power was cut off only to be told there was an error in their computer system. After I called I was told the day the power was cut off that they had issued an emergency “re-connect”. After spending over 4 hours on the phone the next 2 days we had our power cut back on. I was then told that the previous 3 billings were estimated usage and not actual meter reads from Centerpoint Energy. Beware of “minority” owned companies. I’m through with Direct Energy. I have paid my over billings, $928 in late October, then almost $400, and $500 to minimize the risk of losing power again since I travel out of town often. But no more, I’m changing my provider!

  8. claudisol

    I just got a bill from DE from September 2006 2 yrs after, I don’t keep all my bill statements but I can see my bank statement and I can see I made monthly payments to DE until October and started with Reliant in Octuber 2006, I called to find out why they’re sending me a bill for 2yrs ago and what they did? they send me to a collection agency

  9. jbm

    I was cheated also by direct energy. A direct energy agent came and invited me to join and I signed the contract. the front page clearly writes Pls. reaffirm after Nov. 2. Before Nov. 2 someone called me to reaffirm and I said Yes, thinking that I still have until Nov. 2 to cancel it. Its like any other contract or services you signed on, they gave you grace period. And when i called Nov. 3 they told me I cant anymore bec. its past 10 days, though the front page of the contract clearly says Pls reaffirm after Nov. 2. First they charged so much and they lied and cheated on me. The front page is different from what is inside the contract. Direct energy is a scam and liar

  10. DO sucks

    I am a business owner and signed with Direct Energy (under pressure) at 11 cents per kWh, but as my company slowed down our electricity consumption decreased yet we still had to pay for our average electricity usage over the previous 12 months.

    We were hit with capacity charges of $2000 for that difference each month.

    Direct Energy charged me 24,000 for electricity I never used. If you sign a contract and reduce your consumption you WILL STILL PAY FOR THAT ELECTRICITY. The effective kWh rate went from 11 cents to 20 cents.

    Total scam that nearly bankrupted my business.

  11. Fazel Ali

    Direct Energy has one of the poorest customer service I have ever dealt with. My business is in jeopardy. We have had no power since the last 24 hours and I have spoken with several of their customer service staff and none of them has been able to give me any answer except ” You will need to wait and we are not able to tell you when electricity will return”. Is that what I have to tell my customers!!!
    This is a dry clean plant and I have hundreds of customer garments I am responsible for. I definately will not renew my contract with Direct Energy. Everyone in my neighbourhood has electricity except us.

  12. honey25

    I have been with direct energy for about 3 years. Every year I recieved a bill like every 4 to 5 months. When I call to find out why my bill is not coming in like it should, they say wait we will send it in the mail only to find out the bill is like $500 or more that has to be paid all at once. They can set you up on this “deferment plan” which breaks down the bill and you pay a percentage fo the amount over time, but if at any time you are late, the plan is automatically broken and you owe everything all at once again and cannot be placed on another deferment plan. They will not even work with you off your lights go. All of the electric companies here in the US are scams and all about themsleves out to ripped folks off!!!!

  13. MKS

    Direct Energy is a bunch of robbers. People should move away from them ASAP. They play on the ignorance of their customers and know how to seek out money from them. One of the worst customer service. No concept of retaining customers.

  14. These are good to read. I had a “salesman” in wanted to sign me up for Direct Energy for natural gas. A red flag always goes up when they won’t leave paper work about their offers. I just told him that he’d have to leave something for my husband to read over or I wouldn’t be interested. But in all honesty I wanted to take time to “research” them for the latest scams or no scams. This is not the only website of its kind with opinions like this. So I’m glad I waited. If they have to have it signed before they leave then they’re not worth signing up with is my opinion.

  15. idiotDE

    i scheduled my last payment due 07/20 (switched service provider) to DE online around 07/10 using CITI virtual credit number, same CC number was used and charged immediately to TWC. I did not know same CITI virtual CC number could not be used twice! lesson learned.

    So i got this letter on 07/30 from DE saying their transaction got rejected and asking for money, i immediately contact both CITI and DE and made payment over the phone, charged also for convenient fee. fine! then on 08/05 i received the letter from AlliedInterstate, the debt collector, for the same money! Alliedinterstate told me that DE reported this debt on 07/06, the date the bill was just generated!!! way beyond the due date on 07/22!!!! Isn’t this common sense that service provider send letter again for money, maybe impose some penalty, if no payment was received in 30 days, then do something else??? WTF!!!

    I gave AlliedInterstate my payment confirmation number from my 07/30 payment, the Moron named Alijah sat the finding and did nothing!!! Which led to another letter from AlliedInterstate asking for money again on 08/20.

    Now they are contacting DE to verify my payment, hopefully this would be solved soon.

    A bunch of morons from DE and i will never use DE AGAIN!!!

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