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Zurvita and MXEnergy take on MLM Electric Service

Other MLM Related Electricity Companies Competing With Zurvita Energy

Ambit Energy – started after Ignite and uses a similar compensation plan and borrowed some execs as well. Ignite and Ambit do not get along.
Ignite Energy – The first MLM electricity service company in Texas when Texas deregulated. Many sales associates came from the bankrupt Excel telecom.
Affordable Energy – A traditional electricity company which added an MLM side of their business to add market share in an attempt to gather as many customers as companies like Ignite which claims to have 400,000 electric service customers.
New Age Power Brokers – A recent development as of 2009 that offers a business to business referral network but their claim is that they are not an MLM company like Zurvita, Ignite, and Affordable Energy.
GME – Green Mountain Energy Company is a traditional electric company that added an MLM division in an attempt to add additional market share. They pride themselves in their green and renewable energy choices.

Zurvita is a new MLM Energy Business Based in Several States

A few companies have followed after the steps of Ignite Energy to see if they too can increase their market share by creating a multi level marketing company to add additional electric service customers to their company. Ignite started after Excel Telecommunications went out of business. Excel sold their downline list to Shaklee (a vitamin MLM company) and many of these Excel reps said, “no thank you” and helped to start Ignite. Based on online information it is said that Ignite has signed up over 400,000 electric service customers. This is not confirmed but if this is true it makes since why traditional electric companies like MXEnergy, Green Mountain Energy and Affordable Power Plan would attempt to create an MLM company to add additional customers. If Ignite did it then it would make since that other electric providers could do the same thing. Zurvita is located in several states although the biggest market with an incentive for customers to switch providers remains in Texas. The margins are a bit thinner in other states with little if no incentive to switch providers.

Energy MLM’s Overdone in Texas

An issue with MLM is that it can sometimes be overdone. As an example, Ambit Energy is a close copy cat to Ignite Energy and both Ignite and Ambit Energy are on the decline as this opportunity has been heard by most people in the state of Texas and not as many people are interested anymore. In order to start up a succesfull MLM electric service company you need a different compensation plan then the other electric providers that will raise eybrows enough to attract people to the opportunity. Many people joined Ambit, Ignite, and now Zervita but haven’t made that much money. The hard part of the business is signing up electric service customers. Ambit, Ignite and now Zervita pay out a very small amount in residual income for personally sponsored electric service customers.

Don’t Waste Valuable Time

If you have spent anytime at all in building an MLM business you may know that you can waste several years signing up sales reps and getting the needed electric service customers only to have made a few hundred dollars over the course of the year. You don’t want to just be spinning your wheels for a year to find out the opportunity isn’t going to work for you. When choosing an MLM opportunity you want to make sure you get paid very well for signing up personally sponsored electric service customers. This will allow you to build up a traditional income while also building an MLM sales organization. By having a traditional commission pay structure for personally sponsored electric service customers you can create a business with little risk that the opportunity will not work out. You can then also build an MLM sales organization and not have all your eggs in one basket hoping that your downline takes off. Not everybodys downline takes off, especially if you came into the work from home opportunity late in the game.

Which MLM Electric Companies are Worth Joining?

A couple of work from home energy businesses that have a good upfront pay plan for personally sponsored electric customers are with Affordable Energy and Green Mountain Energy. Both of these companies started out as traditional energy companies and continue to have their two divisions. You can make very good money signing up personally sponsored electric service customers with these two companies. The residual with both of these providers is about $6 a month per customer. There is also a customer aquisition bonus with either company anywhere from $10 – $20 per customer. Affordable Energy offers the added benefit of being able to sign up commercial energy customers. A new commercial energy opp in Texas has created a little buzz known as New Age Energy Power Brokers. New Age mainly brokers commercial power for Glacial Energy which is licensed in several states. Sales associates get paid 40 percent on the commission New Age receives. This means that if a store using 40,000 kWh a year signs up a sales associate will make about $4 a month in commission on that customer. Many people see the 40 percent and say wow before doing the math. This is good commission but one must consider the customer you should be targeting to make money at something like this.

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  1. Interesting article. Energy is a hot “Commodity” and so MLM marketers are jumping in like crazy. Zurvita, Inc has thrown its very wise hat into the arena. The factor that seperates Zurvita, Inc from the other companies you have described, is that, Zurvita is diversified with a “menu” of other services, fitting for today’s consumer market to choose from. This makes building a business easier,faster and more profitable. They have a fantastic compensation program for those interested at

  2. MooseShady

    Affordable Energy said:
    “Ignite started after Excel Telecommunications went out of business.”

    I see that you have a complete bias concerning companies using MLM to marketed to customers. Though you are entitled your opinion, but you’re not entitled to your own facts.

    BTW, Excel is still in business and doing well. They just got rid of the MLM part, that’s all.

  3. There is a new MLM Energy company offering an opportunity in a similar fashion to Ambit Energy and Ignite Energy although they have made their compensation plan quite a bit more attractive. The company goes by the name of Affordable Energy and is a licensed Retail Electric Provider in Texas and offers patented energy efficiency products in all states and internationally.

    Join our team and enroll as an Independent Sales Associate in Affordable Energy Today!We are partnered with one of the founders of the company located in Texas.
    Associate #101375

  4. Scott McCollum

    I see you haven’t done your homework. We are producing huge incomes in Zurvita. So if you are going to report on companies make sure you give the correct facts.You are very biased and on’t know what you are talking about.

  5. Scott,

    Legally these MLM companies are supposed to put out an income statement sheet showing how much the representatives are making in the company. Could you fax me the sheet and I would be happy to include it on this page.

    You can fax it to: 903-484-9222

  6. bigfriends

    To those who see big profit from zurvita, your being paid to say so or you own it. To many friends, to many let downs. Selling higher energy to friends and family for any amount of money is wrong, but you wont see the big money

  7. believer1

    I have been with Zurvita for several months now. No one is “paying” me to talk about “big profits”… I have enjoyed working with the company and love many of the programs Zurvita offers. We are not just any energy company. My family has been blessed to be a part of the company and know it takes real time and effort to build. Our efforts have been paying off since day one.

  8. notzurvita

    The so called “leadership” in zurvi-duh are indeed being paid from a slush fund set up by the Amacore group. They aren’t earning substantial incomes soley from their personal production of energy customer sales. They are being paid to be there.
    Mark Jarvis was able to coax operating money from Amacore.
    He did this so that he could promise people, that he cross-recruited from another mlm company, that he could maintain their (then) current residual incomes.
    I’d be wary of this den of thieves called zurvita.

  9. whynotzurvita

    For those who say not zurvita I would ask then what? Why do you nay say a company that is trying to show people how to become successful being in business for themselves? I state this…We have been “roped” into believing that working for someone else will pay off…that we(employees) will be valued by the companies we work for, that we will “retire” after we have given them all we have to give and that “they” will take care of us…. I am here to tell anyone that will listen that this is a LIE!… A lie that is proven out time and time again when companies mispend the money, lay off employees after 25 YEARS… case in point.. Hewlett Packard in Oregon just notified employees who had over 25 years with them that their services were no longer required… So, who do we believe? The notzurvita(or any other entreprenurail idea) community or the ones who say YOU CAN be successful, you are worth more than a three month severance package after 25 years?

  10. The Truth Is This !!!!!

    “Success seems to be largely a matter of hanging on after others have let go”!!

    One secret of success in life is for a man to be ready for his opportunity when it comes. All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them !!!

    The Bottom Line Is This, As The Awesome Company Continues To Grow Like No Other I Have Ever Been In.. That Is A Total Of 14 So Called Biz Opps And They All Had False Promises.. (Get Rich Income) Trust Me All Crap.. BUT to MY suprise This Is A True Biz With True Income And None Of The False Promises.. Well,Just This One ” You Work The Biz The Money Will Follow, And It Has And Still Does” (Excellent)!!

    Leadership: Mark Jarvis, Founder and President of Zurvita, has 26 years of experience in the direct marketing industry and has successfully built a 7- figure personal income. Although he had achieved great personal success with good companies and good products, he still felt something was missing. He was constantly confronted with the reality that others with more ability were not able to accomplish the same. It was this heartfelt desire and commitment to the success of others that caused him to set out on a mission to build Zurvita, a company that would truly help people win at every level.

    Strength: Zurvita is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Amacore Group Inc., a provider of cutting edge products and benefits in healthcare and other niche benefit markets. Amacore Group is backed by Vicis, a hedge fund with over 4.5 Billion dollars in assets. We have aligned ourselves with consultants that have worked with some of the top companies in the industry and who bring decades of practical experience to our executive team. We’ve partnered with one of the top IT providers in the country presently serving Billion dollar companies in the Network Marketing industry. Zurvita’s management team is comprised of individuals and companies that will take us to great heights in becoming a giant in the industry.

    The Duke..

    Thank You Zurvita

  11. Jeff Goss

    Looks like lots of the usual mlm bias here. lol Deregulation is an awesome opportunity any way you slice it! Make sure they are real then sign up and get busy! I just joined Zurita, that was my choice. What ever you do get in to company and dont lose out on an incredible opportunity!

  12. Ponzi Scheme

    All MLM’s are modified ponzi schemes. Destined to Fail. It’s robbing Peter to pay Paul. Don’t fall for this bullcrap. Looks like you have been roped into believing in another Pyramid Scheme.

  13. not zurvi-duh

    I found out that zurvi-duh had to pay out a HUGE SUM of money to another mlm company that they outright stole recruits from. Yeah, that’s really “honoring god” there zurvi-duh!!!
    What a bunch of bozo’s! rofl!!!

  14. Diblain

    I have been a custumer of zurvita energy, and I can tell you from my own experience that their services are nothing but a clear FRAUD. They are just robbing the clients money!

    What a shame for a company that claims to honor God.

  15. not zurvi-duh

    I understand that Amacore (The company that actually owns zurvita) is trying to sell off zurvita and its assets. I guess that’s what happens when you have a company that is based on lies and deceit – when you have a leadership that claims to honor god, but is really only there to line their own pockets, and when you have representatives that actually MIS-represent.

  16. not zurvi-duh

    Again, I’d be wary of this company. Their “leaders” have been found guilty of some pretty serious charges:
    [i][b]The counterclaims included: breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duties, breach of duty of loyalty, tortuous interference with contractual relations, misappropriation of confidential information, conversion, unfair competition, and conspiracy. [/i][/b]

    link-ity, link, link:

  17. I Ignite

    I joined Ignite 4 months ago in the state of GA. I have worked EXTREMELY hard to all hours of the night, helping others, signing up customers, sponsoring people for myself but mostly for people on my team. Its been awesome. I just quit my job and have gone full time Ignite. I am now making the same in residual income as I was at a 40 hour a week job. While I will never tell anyone this is easy it is very rewarding for myself and also the customers that my team keeps signing at lower rates than their current provider offers. Where is the scam? I get my check on time every week/month and I get pretty excited when a team member calls excited about their check that came in the mail. I guess I just dont get it. Im glad I didnt read all this stuff 6 months ago or I probably never would have started.

  18. ZURVITA!!!

    I know several people who currently work for Zurvita and Personally..I like it. I like the structure of it! They are not like the other companies. They have a different pay structure, and different products. I just bought a NEW blackberry on the website, and it was only 29.99! We have had no issues with the service, and the people that work for this company are fantastic!!! If anyone is interested in becoming a partner, and or you want to save money on your gas, electric, or phone bills, go to I will answer any questions that you may have. This really is a great company who offers a great parnership, and product!

  19. interesting I joined one of the above companys first. i think the concept is great whichever one you do i switched to izagg because they do commercial in 16 states. hi like the big ticket items. i have made my living in network marketing for 20 years. anything you do its called netwokmarketing and if you work you will make plenty of money!!! ty

  20. C. Johnson for the truth

    Where has everyone been living! Does anybody know why today, more then ever mlm, network marketing or direct selling is now a valued business to be in? Take a look around, traditional business is going out of business at a rapped pace. They can’t get loans because the of the banks holding on to our now government money, even when these businesses have outstanding credit. And with the government with sticky hands dipping in businesses pockets, taxing then into extinction. They have to look else where if they are going to survive. So get used to businesses Joint Venturing with a huge sales force ie. mlm companies. So go right ahead and keep thinking mlm’s are a scam, from 40 years ago? Do your homework and go to the FTC website and read up on the latest mlm scams there that got busted for not following the laws. Yes, there is laws enforced by the FTC that every mlm, network marketing and direct sales company has to abide by now days. Now that you’ve been educated and brought up to date, I don’t want to see you in the unemployment line when I drive by. Oh yeah, job security is gone too.

  21. Absolutely fantastic post. You hit the nail right on the with this post. I see too many people come into this industry think its going to happen overnight. Its systemic in the approach if they really think about it. They must grow themselves, discover the solutions to their problems and in their will be able to solve the problems of others. Only through dedicating their time to learn through the various mediums you noted above will they gain this knowledge.

  22. I started with Ambit Energy in Chicago and moved up a ranking.
    Ambit is going to be the Best. But move to slow.
    Izagg Energy is new and is sweeping the nation.
    We are in 17 states aready and monday the anouncment will be California. the first to go to California since Enron.
    So come on .. Join me and lets enjoy energy deregualtion money together.

    Im not giving up on ambit. But Izagg is comercial gas and electric. Big bucks.

  23. By the way.. thanks for this blog was fun reading everything
    Scam? govt would love to bust scammers its an election year. but ambit just won fastest grwoing company.. so Im guessing not a scam?

  24. bob

    I join zurvita because I thought this was going to be a company that was going to be a great , and make a future what a scam I got l into but there are a lot of things that don’t add up

    I paid for biz pack which included my page and what a joke , same web site that you can see on the web for free, and yet being charged for it .
    Even if a customer wants to get there natural gas or energy threw the web site for ca they cant to it what a joke , there is not even a customer service number on the web a page . They can call to order.

    Business owners are told they can get a just-able rate or a lock rate and yet when you call the third party to get the business owner to sign up they don’t even know what the rate the business is going to be lock in two. what what the rate even is

    that is screw-up every thing has a rate , how can you lock in a rate when you don’t know what the rate is that you are going to lock the customer in at,

    They are more worried about getting people in the business than sailing the product; there is some thing wrong with that.

  25. FORGET Zurvita, There is a Better Bigger Player on the block “AMANation” go to less then half the cost of Zurvita with a more lucrative compensation plan. A lot of money is pouring into Public Power, LLC and America Approved Energy Services Direct, LLC best of all the CEO is approachable and there is always great live customer service.

  26. Ambit Energy is a great opportunity for people looking save on their energy cost and at the same time help others save on their energy costs. Currently Ambit is the #1 Top earning company as per INC 500 Magazine. Do I need to say any more?

    We just made a major announcement of expanding markets and we are now able to offer the same savings opportunity to small businesses in TX.
    I can go on and on about how great Ambit Energy is. Three thumbs up .. oops sorry I only have two thumbs.

    Email me at or visit my website at for additional info.

  27. Lou

    The biggest scam I ever seen is a JOB.. They are not guaranteed and promises to help you live a decent life. Is there anyone that can say that they will have their job next year? So is that a scam? Its crap!

    • Sounds like you are on your way to living on a hippie commune farm where everyone smokes pot and eats raw vegetables. You go do that, mmmK!

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