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Texas Electric Bid

Quick and Easy Electric Rate Quotes

If you are a commercial business and would like a no hassle way of obtaining apples to apples Texas electric bids from reputable and competitive electric companies that have a track record of things like, accurate billing, good customer service, ethical contract terms and conditions, and a solid capital base then it can help quite a bit to have an energy consulting company like Electricity Bid go out to bid for your Texas commercial business. Our team of energy consultants work off of a fixed fee that is the same regardless of the provider that wins the bid. We have up to 20 different electric companies compete to win your electric usage and once we have worked down the electric rates among the multiple providers in the mix we create a detailed proposal. We will email this proposal to your company associate who can then use it to explain which provider has the best price. You will know why a provider is the cheapest as well as what the bottom line dollar savings are without the need to worry about additional hidden fees and charges. A detailed electricity comparison proposal will be given showing your energy savings next to your businesses current provider along with multiple other details. The Texas commercial energy prices below are a monthly snapshot of what some of the best rates were for a particular company one day out of the month. The reverse auction can achieve cheaper prices than those in the below chart based on actual or estimated electricity usage.

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The Fee Involved is Paid to us by the Texas Electric Provider

Obtaining a Texas electric bid is a no obligation task we perform for your Texas business and the fee is paid to us by the provider you choose that wins the bid. The electric provider is happy to pay us our fee and no where on your electric bill will it show an additional charge for our service in obtaining electric rate bids on your behalf. We promise that through our bid process we can work out an electric rate that is cheaper then what your commercial or industrial business could obtain directly. If you have questions related to the proposal or bid process an energy consultant with Electricity Bid would be happy to answer your questions and go in to further detail. Among the electricity quotes we receive back are, fixed electric rate pricing, MCPE prices, Heat rate, and hybrids of both Fixed and one of the natural gas heat rate options or MCPE index choices.

Texas Residential Electric Service Quotes

If you are a Texas home residence and would like to receive a Texas electric bid we have a simpler more direct process for you. We have worked out some discount electric rates with several reputable residential electric providers. You may pick among several cheaply priced providers on the front page of our site. The rates on the front page of our site are North Texas electric rates so if you are in Houston or down in the Valley you may see slightly higher rates in your area when you go to type in your zip code. Electric Rates are higher across the board in Houston then they are in Dallas and Fort Worth because of congestion and line loss issues in those cities. You can check out residential electric rates here: Texas Residential Electric Rates

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