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October 2008 Houston Residential Electric Rates

Hurricane Ike, Electric Comparison, and Relief from Summer Rates

Houston had a major issue with hurricane Ike this last month and surprisingly it had little effect on electric rates. A lot of oil and gas infrastructure was shut down but nothing was destroyed. This still usually has a negative impact on the price of electricity but because oil and natural gas is being swayed by several other factors in the trading commodities market the electric rates did not spike up.

Electric rates in Houston have come down way below their highs this summer when rates were at historical all time highs. That price spike in the summer was related to natural gas prices rising in the commodities sector beyond any level they have seen before. This had about a 90% correlation with the price of electricity. To complicate matters Houston residential electric rates were higher then usualy because several providers had bought electricity on the MCPE ERCOT market and could not meet their financial responsibilities. These electric companies also had no hedging in place so if an electric customer in Houston was on a variable electric rate they may have seen their rate tripple during this time.

Electric Rates Look Much Better From Summer Prices

Take a look at our Houston Texas electric rate comparison. We have rates listed from cheapest to most expensive. Most rates are fixed and there is a designation in the chart to differentiate between a fixed rate or a variable rate. I do not recommend signing a variable Houston electric rate contract as it is subject to change without notice. You may click on the links in the chart below and sign up online at these discounted online electric rate prices.

Houston Residential Electric Rate Comparison Chart

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  1. Jo

    I have Gexa and I stay in 1 bedroom apartment where I rarely spent the day and hence do not even switch on Air Conditioning or Heater. The only appliance used are stove top (not even oven used), refridgerator and washer (once a week). Guess what I started in January with 9.3 cents kwh and now when October bill came in it is 21.04 cents pWh.I unfortunately did not lock it since I though after summer the rates would go down but .. . One word GEXA s.u.c.k.s !!!

  2. C

    I am also a Gexa customer who got the shaft with paying 21.04 cents per kWh. I called Gexa customer service and asked why the enormous increase in the rate. The representative either could not or would not answer the question. Since they cannot provide a reasonable answer as to why the sharp increase I am leaving Gexa and will not come back. I would not recommend Gexa to anybody!

  3. C

    PS. Gexa’s current rate w/o a contract is still 21.04 cents and Reliant’s is 11.6 cents! Thats simple math for me.

  4. Another

    I have the same issue, I beleive there is some criminal activity going on here. This is not right, prices should be going down for those on the variable rate plans. I was just lied to and told that the rates are what they are and are going up.

  5. TKirk

    I’ve had the same issue – I’m in a 900sq/ft apartment and have noticed my electric bill being between $175-$275. My old electric bills were around 12cents and now it is 19cents (March 2009). BUT, all the data I see shows that electric rates are now lower. Gexa sucks – plus they have crappy online bill pay (you have to use PayPal). I would not use them unless you are forced into it (they are our only choice at my apartment).

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