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Simple Power, are they a Good Electric Provider?

According to Simple Power they say the following,

“As our key message is simplicity, we do not bury any cost in our invoices and can confirm that we do not charge “additional charges” nor do we apply any “hidden fees.” Our residential invoicing is simple. Rate x kWh + sales tax. That’s it. Unlike some companies, we do not charge:

1. recurring pass through charges

2. monthly service fees

3. penalties to upgrade plans

4. fees to pay by credit card

5. fees to pay with a CSR or with automated voice response system

6. minimum usage fee”

If you are a Simple power electricity service customer and you feel your electric rate with Simple Electric Company is higher then you remember locking in for then please feel free to fax us your Simple Power electric bill to 903-484-9222. Please provide us with any evidence or information that explains why you feel Simple Electric company is charging you more then they advertised in their sales literature or sales phone call.

These few complaints we have received lead us to believe Simple Power is on the side of the Texas Electricity consumer and is only advertising straight forward all-in electric rates that include all fees.

If Simple Power can explain what may be the cause of the customer confusion please feel free to leave a comment below explaining the rate plan and possible cause of confusion.

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  1. T. Martin

    re: Texas Electric Rates
    The prices shown on are almost ALL misleading. When you check the REAL rates you will find that the price per watt usually refers to the 1000Kwh usage. Additionally, some companies figure in the new Oncor charge, some do not. Different providers also bill for different taxes. Some only charge for city tax (Reliant) while Simple Power charges a city tax and a Texas utility tax. Champion bills you for city tax, gross receipts tax and gross receipts assessment tax.

    So much for Powertochoose being of great use. We need more transparency in the billing for all Texas electric providers. The way it is today wastes ALOT of time when trying to change companies.

  2. Amigo Refugee

    I called this company and asked them about this rate confusion rumor. Of course they didn’t know what to say. From my vantage point it seems like their advertising is all about NOT having confusing plans and pricing. Sure would like to know the details of what folks have complained about because I really like the “up front” nature of their advertising and could sure use it after taking the Amigo CEO’s advice (letter sent to all customers) and promptly locking in to an all time high price last summer!

  3. Houston Customer

    Before I fax 903-484-9222, I have a complaint about Simple Powers service. Finding my contract up for renewal, I was told many different things over the past two months. Conveniently the last meter read was 1000 kwhs over…leaving me with a split bill for the old rate of 13.2 (roughly) & the new variable rate (??). The new rate was (.63 pkwh) my bill was way over. Was told by a dozen different (Managers?) that the bill would be corrected & they would lock in a 12 month lower rate.. never happened..received a disconnection notice & late fees for their misstake. Wished I had never reccommended them to anyone..big mistake. CS was very rude & un-help full. Now I am left with credit issue they were suppose to fix..NOT VERY SIMPLE!!!

  4. this is the end of july, i have had simple power since february. as much power as i use, it seems about normal cost. i usually have 4 computers on, all my networking gear, the a/c because im like an eskimo. and i like pie. i just signed up for the simple 6 because it is a cheaper rate than the 12. and im sure with a monthly variable rate, it would change all the time. hence, variable rate. i wont say im happy with a big bill, but daffy duck has a big bill. as for high rates, i believe that there isnt a cheapest solution. all the companies have disgruntled customers. they all have a mix of happy customers and angry customers. same with car insurance or anything else.

  5. Dallas Customer

    I was offered 9.8kph, and that is what I recieved. They were timely with regards to the installation, and I finally got a cheap electric bill FINALLY after 3 years in the same apartment. The difference from my last electric companies were about $200 on a 800 sq ft apartment…this was under $100. I swear this is not an employee or anybody related to this place…just a dude who is extremely please with these people and how they do business. I am a fan of SimplePower

  6. Curtis Wilcott

    Let’s face it. Govt. regulators write rules in jargon energy providers can understand but is never published by the govt. regulators in understandable verbiage for the consumer so it becomes gobblygook to the consumer.

    The energy providers know this and use it to their advantage by twisting words, not reveling all fees, and really not being honest and transparent.

    The consumer is taken to the cleaners time after time.

    This is true in the other industries as well where if the consumer looks he/she will discover many hidden taxes and fees each industry is required by the govt. to tack on to the bill.

    Who really bears the blame? I say it is OUR, WE THE PEOPLE’S GOVT.

    Local, State, and Federal. Let’s get rid of these bums who live off the public dollar and add tax upon tax.

    I say enough is enough!

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