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Plano Texas Electricity Prices

When searching for Plano Texas electricity prices you have a few obstacles to get past in order to pick a Texas electricity company that delivers on their promises. Not all electricity prices are published on a Texas electric providers website with the good of the electricity service customer in mind. Several of these Plano Texas energy companies will show one rate and in the finer details of the contract will leave off the monthly customer service fee, the TDSP charges, and sometimes a few other charges. These electricity companies in Plano will also at times have a fuel surcharge in their electricity contract so that if fuel prices go up they can legally raise your electricity price on you. If you are being advertised a fixed price for your Plano electricity service then it really doesn’t make since to have a fuel surcharge built into the contract. This type of Plano electricity price is really more of a variable rate. In the chart below we have listed a warning if we have seen something in the Plano electric providers terms of service that allows them to change the fixed electric rate. If there is no warning then we believe the electric rate is accurate and there are no concerns about hidden fees and other gimmicks.

These objections we raise about what some Plano electricity providers do to their customers is to help you watch out for some of these bad consumer practices and instead pick a Texas electric company that deals honestly with their customers. There are several reputable electricity companies in Plano that advertise a straight forward electricity price without any hidden fees. Not all of these Plano electricity companies have a strong track record for delivering an accurate bill to their customers. When you receieve an electric bill that was not calculated correctly it is usually not a blatant attempt to take additional money for a Plano electricity customer but just a business that hasn’t established good business practoces yet. They may have a semi-functional billing system that still needs additional work or not enough resources to spend the necessary time on your electric bill to make sure you are being charged correctly. In some circumstances we have seen good paying customers with some of these unacceptable electricity companies disconnect a customer because their computer told them that the customer had not paid their bill when in reality they had.


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