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Palestine Texas Electricity Prices

In most areas of Palestine Texas you have a choice when picking an electricity provider. The state of Texas is deregulated and because of this deregulation of the electricity utility market you no longer have to go with the old monopoly company TU Electric. The retail electric provider that most people in Palestine are familiar with is TXU Energy which prior to deregulation was known as TU Electric. Many in Palestine still refer to TXU as TU Electric although that old entity is gone. TXU was bought out about a year ago by a few private equity companies. In news headlines that were blasted out across most Texas news networks the headline read like this,

Dallas, TX, Feb. 26, 2007 — TXU Corp., a Dallas-based energy company, together with Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co. (KKR) and Texas Pacific Group (TPG), two private equity firms, and Goldman Sachs & Co., the investment bank, announced the execution of a definitive merger agreement under which an investor group led by KKR and TPG will acquire TXU in a transaction valued at $45 billion.

So is TXU Energy still a good electricity company to choose in Palestine Texas? TXU still offers the same electricity service they have always offered before even though they have been bought by a different company. As of July 2009 TXU Energy has many other competitors offering cheaper fixed electricity rates. Before choosing TXU Energy as your commercial or residential electricity provider we recommend comparing TXU Energy rates with other Texas electricity companies. Find out which electric provider in Texas offers the cheapest electric rate with no hidden fees or strings attached. We have provided an easy to understand residential electricity comparison chart above to compare several reputable Palestine electricity companies against TXU prices.

The top 2 have electricity prices in the Palestine area that are several cents cheaper than TXU as of July 2009. We encourage you to sign up with confidence with any of the electric providers in the chart . We have gone through their electricity agreements, pricing, and terms of service to make sure there are no additional hidden fees and charges. You may have found a “too good to be true” offer out there with an electricity provider we do not have in the comparison chart. Because some people may find cheaper electricity prices with disreputable electric companies in Texas we would like to point out some problems to watch out for in the bullet list below. This list may help a Palestine Texas commercial or residential energy consumer avoid choosing an electricity price that does not disclose all fees and charges.

  • Some providers offer a fixed electric rate but have a fuel surcharge in the contract that allows the rate to go up if fuel prices increase. Fuel prices always go up eventually.
  • Some providers make their electricity facts label in such a way that the TDSP charges are not bundled in to the total electricity price.
  • Disreputable electric companies will attempt to sell you a variable electric rate but make you think it is a fixed electricity price that will not change. Make sure if you believe you are signing a fixed rate that it really is fixed and will not change.

By comparing electricity prices in Palestine Texas you can get on a rate with a reputable electric company that isn’t using “brand name” to sell you electricity service. You can pick the cheapest electric rate while avoiding those energy companies that hide hidden fees and charges in their fine details of the energy contract.

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