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StarTex Power Connects Morton Ranch Residents to Green Energy Source

Local business provides eco-friendly power to save money, reduce carbon footprint

HOUSTON, July 14, 2009 – StarTex Power, a leading provider of retail electricity in Texas, announced today that it will offer green electricity to each home in Morton Ranch-Section 3, a revolutionary new home development in Katy, Texas. The newest addition to the Morton Ranch communities offers a series of newly constructed homes that offer custom features, increased energy efficiency and enhanced equity, allowing residents to enjoy all the perks of modern living while reducing their impact on the environment.

We’re pleased to connect the new U-Build-It residents of Morton Ranch-Section 3 and customers throughout Houston with a green energy alternative that can help reduce their impact on our environment and natural resources,” said Preston Ochsner, vice president of sales, StarTex Power. “Our work with various builders, developers and other environmentally-conscious suppliers in the Morton Ranch community will result in high quality, energy efficient homes in one of Houston’s most rapidly-growing areas.

In addition to a green energy alternative, StarTex provides its customers with the “Power to Connect” to the customer service and competitive rates they’d expect from Houston’s fastest growing woman-owned business. Serving over 100,000 customers, StarTex Power is one of Houston’s leading retail electricity providers with a reputation for quality, service and proven success.

StarTex Power was chosen by Houston-based Choice Energy Services, an over-the-counter energy broker, to power the Morton Ranch-Section 3 development. The company was selected from an elite group of retail electricity providers for its ability to provide competitively-priced green power during development and upon completion of construction, as well as for its unique ability to meet customer service needs with precision, speed and expertise.

At Choice Energy Services, we only do business with the top-tier retail electricity companies in the state, and StarTex Power is one of those companies,” said John Elias, energy broker/consultant, Choice Energy Services. “Both Choice Energy Services and StarTex Power have an unwavering commitment to customer service and industry excellence, making this a natural partnership for both companies.

Morton Ranch construction will be overseen by a partnership between U-Build-It and Wallace-Bajjali Development Partners, a Houston-based real estate development corporation. The result of this partnership and their work with companies like StarTex Power is an attractive, energy efficient option for today’s homebuyers interested in building energy efficient, cost-saving homes.

To connect with StarTex Power and learn about fixed-rate plans, green energy alternatives and much more, visit Startex Power

About StarTex Power

StarTex Power is a Texas-based and Texas-owned Retail Electric Provider. Our management team has over 60 years of experience in the deregulated utility industry. At StarTex Power we are committed to establishing the highest standards in the industry with competitive prices, easy to understand billing, as well as superior customer service. To find out more information on StarTex Power visit Startex Power’s website.

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  1. Brad

    I am looking to an alternative to Green Mountain Energy because I would love a renewable energy plan but I also want a cheap electricity price. Startex seems to have the cheapest 100% renewable energy plan I have seen. TXU and Reliant have green energy plans but it is 100% and from what I have seen is about 10 – 20 percent at the most.


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