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New Age Power Brokers and Glacial Energy not an MLM Company

New Age Power Brokers sounds a bit uhh? new age I guess 🙂 So they have a little bit of a hippie name so what lets learn more about this company. Apparently from what I can tell New Age Power Brokers primarily sells for Glacial Energy which is licensed to do business in quite a few states. Altogether it looks like they can sell natural gas and electricity service in the following states:

New York Connecticut Illinois Michigan
Texas Rhode Island Washington DC Pennsylvania
Maryland Massachusetts Delaware Coming Soon: California
New Jersey Maine New Hampshire Coming Soon: Ohio

Not an MLM Energy Company, More Like a Power Brokering Opportunity

New Age Power Brokers and Glacial Energy Brokering MCPE Prices for Commercial Businesses in Texas

New Age Power Brokers and Glacial Energy Brokering MCPE Prices for Commercial Businesses in Texas

New Age Power Brokers offers an opportunity that they say is not an MLM opp but instead 40% on the commission they receive when a sales associate of their’s brokers a commercial electricity deal for Glacial Energy through New Age Power Brokers. So basically it appears that New Age Power Brokers is building a large work from home commercial energy sales force using a straight forward business model of paying these sales associates a percentage on the commission Glacial Energy or another provider gives them. My only concern is that as a “broker” New Age Power Brokers should be going out to more electricity providers than just Glacial otherwise the term “broker” is a little misleading. We assume that New Age Power Brokers receives bids from several REP’s in the pricing process but the concern is not out of place as many brokers in Texas end up just being a shil company for one or two electric companies. We looked around on the web and found that Glacial Energy is the main brand being offered by New Age Energy Brokers and would like to know other REP’s they offer when pricing electricity rates for their customers. It is important that when using a broker a Texas business receives multiple bids to get a complete shopping experience.

After a closer examination it looks like they have a compensation plan they call a business to business referral program and according to commenter Stacy in the comment section below she explains that the New Age compensation plan is a “Direct Marketing Business Model”. “New Age is not an MLM because while they do earn a commission on sales, it is a set rate ALL the time. There are no levels. That is called a Direct Marketing business model.” The obvious thing people look at are the levels going down to 7 but what sets New Age a part from an MLM business plan is that there are no requirements for earning commissions on different levels. If your business referrals stretch down multiple levels you get paid on those without having to meet any additional requirements. The fact that it goes down to 7 levels which sounds a lot like several MLM companies I have heard about does not make it an MLM business plan but does share in the “direct marketing” aspect that both MLM and New Age’s compensation plan use. My previous question about how is this not an MLM company, am I missing something has been answered by Stacy in the comment section below? As you can see New Age does not offer an MLM compensation but a direct marketing sales compensation plan. The example chart showing a perfect world scenario of what the commissions could turn into do look a little sensational, I think everyone can agree that direct marketing will never have a perfect world result as in the example below.

To watch an educational video of what an MLM or pyramid related business is feel free to watch below.  Also look at their compensation plan and see how as the numbers get bigger the chart starts to resemble a pyramid. Although the New Age compensation plan does not fit in the MLM category you can see that the compensation structure looks a bit like a pyramid in their business direct marketing payment structure.
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How is this not an MLM Pyramid?

How is this not an MLM Pyramid?

Glacial Energy Offers MCPE Rates Which is a Texas Variable Electricity Price

Glacial Energy can be easily mistaken as Glacier Energy like the thing the Titantic ran into. Most people will need a reminder as it isn’t often that people refer to things as being “Glacial”. Another possible source of confusion is what exactly 40% of what is the commission a sales associate is paid? 40 percent commission is 40 percent of usually 3 mils if they charge industry standard commission. Some brokers charge whatever they can get away with although 3 mils is pretty standard. So lets figure out commission on a business using 400,000 kilowatt hours a year. We take .003 and multiply that times 400,000 = $1,200. The sales associate with New Age would get 40% of that which would be $480. If the sales associate signed up a commercial business like a hair salon or paint supply store the usage would be more like 40,000 kilowatt hours on the high end. Lets figure the commission on that. 40,000 kWh x .003 = $120. New Age will pay their sales associate 40 percent of that which would be $48. They will probably pay this out over the course of the year which means 48 divided by 12 months is $4 a month for a small retail store. If your not planning to sign up large commercial facilities you might get discouraged signing up the little retail shops like this.

Unbelievable Wholesale Prices or Just Your Standard High Risk MCPE Price?

Glacial Energy has unbelievable electricity prices as low as 4 – 5 cents per kWh according to what an energy consultant told me today that he heard from someone who just spoke with a Glacial rep. I also spoke with an MLM work from home junkie who mentioned the name Glacial Energy as a “wholesale electricity company” offering 4 cent rates and said that this is a new opportunity that pays 40% commission. Glacial Energy’s customer that called today believed they were on a fixed electricity price at around 4 cents per kWh. We were quite amazed as this is way outside the retail margins of the most business savvy Texas electricity provider. The company also offers no deposit commercial energy in Texas. Needless to say most of the energy consultants in the office made some kind of remark that the rates smell of something fishy. Giving Glacial Energy the benefit of the doubt we must assume their customers might be misunderstanding something. After closer examination it appears the 4.5 cent per kWh rate is an MCPE variable price. These prices fluctuate with the balancing energy market and can double and triple in price in just a few days. Last summer they doubled and tripled in price and stayed there for 3 – 4 months. When signing a customer to an MCPE price there are also TDSP charges and line loss and ancillary charges. I am not sure if Glacial Energy is including line losses or ancillary charges in their quoted price but we will assume they are unless we hear otherwise. MCPE is a great thing to sign up for as a commercial business but you definitely want to make sure you know the risks and what options are available to blend the MCPE price with a fixed rate. You could also lock in something called “heat rate” or lock in “natural gas” prices which is 45% of the fuel that generates Texas electricity. By doing a little hedging when signing up for a variable electricity price like MCPE a large commercial or industrial business can limit the amount of exposure of an MCPE electricity price.

More About MCPE Prices and Additional TDSP Charges

Usually when we get several customers calling us saying that they are receiving a too good to be true offer from a provider we see a few months later that customers are calling instead saying how they have been ripped off by that provider. It takes a few months for the customer to get the bill and notice that the price they thought they had is quite a bit higher. We see that Glacial Energy really is offering Texas electricity rates that are this low which is good news for those considering signing up with Glacial Energy. Based on what you can hedge energy for, 4 cents seems out of the ballpark unless it is an MCPE electricity rate. Since we now know Glacial Energy is advertising an MCPE rate we can recommend to potential electric customers that it is ok to sign up with Glacial on an MCPE price provided you understand the risks and check on what TDSP charges, line loss charges, and ancillary charges have been included in their rates. One way to check on these additional charges to be bundled onto the MCPE electricity price is to get a break down of their “energy only” price all “TDSP charges” and then the total “bundled electricity rate “including all fees and charges. Make sure anything that is obscure in the contract is explained in a dollar amount.  A provider should be able to break down all charges although the TDSP charges will be a very close estimate based on your previous years usage history or a close estimate on estimated usage if you are a new company just starting up.

Learn More About a Reverse Auction Process That Puts a Businesses Usage in a Competitive Bid Process

We encourage Texas electricity customers to check out Glacial Energy and see what their total bundled electricity price looks like compared to a few other providers. It could be that Glacial is offering an MCPE rate that is low cost by nature when fuel prices are low. The issue with MCPE is that if not combined with a fixed rate product can spiral out of control. Last summer (summer of 2008) MCPE prices reached triple their average prices. Texas commercial businesses that were not combining their MCPE rate with a fixed rate paid dearly. A risky MCPE electricity rate can be low risk for some smaller businesses that will only see a few hundred dollar price increase per month in their electricity costs but for a large business it could be several thousand dollars in unprepared for energy costs.

To learn more about wholesale electricity rates in Texas please visit our Texas commercial energy page and fill out our form. An energy consultant would be happy to take your commercial electricity usage through a reverse auction process with 10 – 15 different Texas electricity companies that will compete to win your business.

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Comments (41)

  1. sharon

    wonder if anyone has noticed that this scam has made its way to New England…………..they (Glacial) is now scamming customers in New Hampshire

  2. Steve

    Obviously people do NOT understand what is being offered.

    This is a month to month index rate product. I love how people point to 2008 (one of 2 times in 7 years) index prices were well above average.

    Keep in mind, 7 year average has been .05 cents. Also keep in mind those “safe” fixed rates people signed up for in 2008 were around 10.5 to 12 cents FIXED- some people are STILL paying this rate while index customers got back to where NORMAL non contracted prices sit and promptly declined back under 5 cents while the panicked fixed rate people were stuck where they ended up.

    There is nothing sadder than misinformed people trying to portray themselves as experts.

    Market blow up in 2008 across ALL industries and sectors was quickly resolved in the wholesale market, the customer that rode it out ultimately won.

    Scare tactics like this are equivalent to telling someone that the fender bender they had was actually “a near fatal head on collision!!” and that the best advice would be to NEVER get behind the wheel again.

    Risk vs. Reward folks- and based on 7 years of numbers, for having two periods of upward pressure on prices, the worst case was they got back to what they were paying before deregulation and the prices plummeted again by more than 50% in a matter of a few months.

    • admin


      You raise some good points about MCPE although I would like to point out that some companies cannot afford to have their electricity bill triple in price even one time. For those companies it is important they know the risks involved with MCPE. To have some type of hedge against price fluctuations with a variable electricity price even though they are few and far between is important to offer. You can win on MCPE many times but eventually you will get burned.

      As long as a company is completely informed of the risks of being on an unhedged energy price it is completely fine to offer this as a “wholesale electricity product”. The point is that MCPE is not a magic bullet especially considering the likelihood that fixed and variable electricity rates do have the chance of doubling and tripling in price for the long term. The price spike and quick plummet in the price of electricity was something that no one could have accurately predicted and most analysts got it wrong.

      MCPE looks great in hindsight but it’s so easy to say that after it has come up and back down again. Stating historical numbers and picking the tops and bottoms is easy but making calculated hedges to protect against future price spikes is what many Texas businesses need. Hedging energy is a complex task that requires a lot of capital available by the electricity provider in order to offer a fixed electricity price.

      A hedged energy price is the Texas electric company taking on the risk rather than the customer. When choosing MCPE the energy consumer takes on the risk. This is the difference between a fixed and a variable electricity product. Usually more established Texas electric companies will offer a hedged fixed price as well as an MCPE option. Be sure to check out all options and for larger companies it is important to do at least a 50/50 blend of fixed and MCPE to hedge against unforeseeable variable rate price fluctuations on the balancing energy market.

  3. Stacey

    I will explain to you what an MLM is vs. what New Age is doing. Please take a moment to educate yourself.

    First of all, any corporation is a true pyramid. There are only a few people at the top, usually CEO’s, making the big money. All the workers at the bottom make less and there is almost NO CHANCE for them to ever make the type of money the guys at the top are making. Sounds like a pyramid to me.

    Second, a MLM is made of levels. You have to reach a certain criteria usually to get to the next level. When you get to the next level you will make more money! That’s the general foundation of a MLM and why it is so hard for many to be successful.

    New Age is not an MLM because while they do earn a commission on sales, it is a set rate ALL the time. There are no levels. That is called a Direct MArketing business model. Think about it, if someone sold ink, for example, and they made a commission from their sales and from their sales team, is that called an MLM. No, it’s not.

    A message to everyone…..Please stop writing about things that you have not taken the time to investigate and get all the facts. It’s quite annoying for the rest of us that have. Knowledge is power

    • The difference in working for a company with a tier of executives and a MLM is MISS leading in your example…may we call you, Miss Leading…likewise?
      Corporations do not CHARGE PEOPLE for the privilege of joining their elite sales club. Yes you may have some fees for Head Hunters finding you a high level corporate job, but that typically does not apply to the mail room, janitorial, secretarial… and most positions, and definitely, it is not mandatory, to buy your way into the work place.
      MLM’s feed like a frenzy on getting these sign on fees that feed the up-line and most usually, this is the explosive pyramid that is created out of people that sell little real product and collect people that are not really… indoctrinated into the “fantastic” success of a unrealized climb up this steep ladder. It’s much more like a success “MEGA BUCKS LOTTO” If you are lucky you get a little sales material, book in a big, fancy, padded box or your own web site that costs you $25. a month. Then, this hollow shell…implodes or at the least leave a blood trail of common folks with no other success notions. Amway, once Americas very biggest lobbyist to Congress was built on these little sales kits of millions of people who now don’t even use the products now, if they ever did… yet paid the up-liner some dear money for the fantastic dream of success…more like a state Mega Bucks Loto ticket with nearly the same odds of being a winner. Let’s see… there were also the Phone Card MLM’s, Water Filters like NSA…Acronym: “Never Sold Any”…and tons more all walking that fine line of… are we selling anything or just selling lotto tickets to fantasy……but, I will also be a bit more honest here and say that some MLM’s do walk a little closer to actually selling, SOMETHING !! Mary K, AVON…will probably slug along forever due to devoted makeup users not wanting to ever change and wow…THAT PINK CAR ohh baby!!! Now the latest, greatest MLM’s selling something you dont SEE, Smell or even have to stock….Deregulated Electricity and sometimes Gas to our homes, businesses… Here we do at least have a bit of a chance to start a small business with something everyone needs, usually keeps loyal to, we don’t have to stock or deliver anything…. and thus the emphasis is quite a bit easier to sell SOMETHING and not just collect more fantasy suckers….perhaps there is a bit of hope in this for the common person wanting a business, but just having not one other idea or skill to start one…maybe just selling some hope…is a social service here !
      But again here what we are mostly selling is the customer service that counts how much you use, delivers your bills, accountability…..Can they be reached if there is a problem with your account and hopefully honest enough to give you the bottom KiloWattPerHour cost to you with line loss and admin fees all inclusive…nothing hidden and will the company doing the admin actually be in America, hiring Americans withing it’s own shores? Should you need to contact someone at the office with a problem…hopefully it is easier than sending a Pigeon with a note towards the Moon….
      So perhaps you should fling a more informed and honest tale here, before you start slinging just more poo poo around.

  4. Stacey,

    We appreciate your clarification on the New Age Power Broker compensation plan and how it is a Direct Marketing Business Model rather than an MLM compensation plan. We have updated our description of Glacial’s compensation plan in the posting above.

  5. National Energy Broker

    Let me add something for Sharon who says Glacial is scamming New Hampshire.

    Most people do not understand that the laws are written so that Utility Companies cannot make a profit on the Electricity Rate or Natural Gas rate itself. Hence the reason for all of your other charges.

    That said, in the states that are deregulated, it gives you an I the opportunity to pay a lower rate through an independent such as Glacial Electric or Tiger Natural Gas.

    The win-win-win:

    Utility Companies by Electricity and Natural Gas in Volume at almost going rate.

    Glacial and Tiger by on the futures index a month in advance. A much lower rate.

    In conclusion:

    The Clients save money by paying a lower rate.

    The Utility Companies buy lower volume, and eliminate the customer service for billing.

    Glacial, Tiger and New Age Power Brokers are paid for services.

    There are many reasons people write things they do not know about. Mis-informed, uninformed, jealousy, bad experience with another company, competition, etc.

    Do your own homework and find the facts. Look at your source and please consider it. Are they credible? I mean you wouldn’t take financial advice from your loser brother in law who has never made more than 20k a year would you.

    National Energy Broker

  6. National Power Broker,

    So in Texas is this a Market Clearing Price for Energy product? or something else? Also if you see anything that needs clarified in our understanding of New Age Power Brokers please let us know.


  7. Glacial Energy seems to be an energy company that offers competitive prices to the market. Personally, I think competition is good and if Glacial Energy can provide more choices to the market I’m don’t care how Glacial Energy is marketing to find new customers. Some consumers are more risk averse and that is ok but that doesn’t make Glacial Energy a bad company.

  8. Chris Faye

    Glacial Energy had been serving Massachusetts for a few years. I know Glacial Energy provides energy services for businesses but can I get Glacial Energy as a provider for my house??? Glacial Energy if you are reading this I want Glacial Energy for my house! Glacial Energy please help!

  9. Walk

    Let me just say one thing, if people are questioning the company, indicating fear and trepidation about it being an MLM. It will most likely cause those who have been involved or approached by a family member to question the validity of the company that they have been told will provide the Golden Parachute???
    Those who began these MLM’s have made fortunes, as have the CEO’s and COO’s of major companies. Those who have been drafted to sell to family and friends will most alway’s ask themselves why they got involved in the first place. If it sounds to good to be true it is, there is already enough get rich quick on the market, good luck.

  10. Shawn Fogarty

    I am considering becoming a sales rep for Glacial Energy in New England. Is there any feedback from others who have been down this road?

      • Jeff

        Ellen asked Shawn if a lesson was learned yet. I have learned mine and so have my Glacial customers. Glacial brings another option to the table in deregulated states and in doing so gives the customer another viable option in making their own decision on what supplier is good for them. A whole lot better than a mandated, single source utility.


  11. John

    Ok, where to start…
    Stacey did an outstanding explanation of mlm.
    Why is there still generalzation here regarding mlm scam?
    I love the fact people goto work everyday not realizing they themselves are trapped within a pyramid.
    Hello McFly everything is a pyramid!!
    Washington is a perfect example of pyramid scheme; except there you can buy your way up the ladder.

    So after reveiwing this, is New Age Power brokers another scam??
    It would appear that every question which has arised has been explained,
    but its oky-doky when the electric or gas company screws us as they will right? We should just continue to allow this and not “break up” their monopoly by reselling their electric & gas right?

    Seriously think about it – you wanna break up monopoly companies yet your cutting the throat of the means of doing so by chastising what your not knowing?
    Sigh; Facepalm

  12. Augie

    Approached by a Glacial Rep in August to switch my electricity supplier for my business in Pittsburgh. Researched/ googled company and was reluctant to pull the trigger because of crap I read on sites like this. Since there was no deposit and no contract, I eventually relented. Although the meter reading(s) took what seemed like forever, I am comfortable I made the right call.

    Was just auto-billed for the second time– and currently paying about .065 kwh with Glacial– far below my local utility at .078/kwh. I intend on monitoring the rates, but so far the score is Glacial 2 Duquesne 0.

    • Augie,

      Glacial Energy is a large solid energy company and there is nothing negative about them you need to worry about that I know of. We are simply pointing out New Age Power Brokers unique compensation plan for selling electric service in Texas. New Age sales electric service for Glacial Energy in Texas and other states although these two companies are not the same. New Age is a broker and Glacial Energy is a very large electric provider. Just want to make sure no one confuses the two as they are not owned by the same company. They are completely seperate.

      New Age Power Broker doesn’t seem to be doing anything wrong or unethical we just want to point out the compensation charts you see with direct sales and MLM companies look too good to be true sometimes. It is good to go into one these opportunities knowing that you will not be able to count on a perfect business referral break down as in the compensation chart. The chart is only for representation purposes only although people who attempt to get you in to an “opportunity” like to make it seem that the chart is a possibility for those who invest all their time and energy into the opp which isn’t the case. We are not saying New Age is doing this or anything unethical with their business plan, model, or how they sell their electric service. We just want to make it clear what you can expect coming from a sober point of view rather than coming out of a hyped up sales meeting in a hotel conference room.

  13. James

    A friend approached me with a business opportunity I would guess because I work a place that use a lost of electricity. Well I am the world’s biggest skeptic on everything. This lead me to stay back and wait, this is what I have found in the 8 weeks I have been watching this company and as friends of mine that have companies switched to Glacier . In my own research I have found that the people that switch are saving between 8 and 12 % there are the flukes that same 20 to 22% due to locked in rates. Now in my case Glacier could not help me, first we are in a contract and we have a very completive rate which Glacier pointed out and said we are better off staying with are supplier which is not DQE. Hope this helps all you buyers and remember I am not pitching Glacier just calling it like I see it. Energy buyer good luck I am going to stick my big toe in before I jump in. PS no signing fee or contract is a great selling point.

  14. Thanks for the opportunity.

    I was invloved with a telecommunication company years ago that was during the recent deregulation of telecom. There were all kinds of questions and answers and doubts than ran amuck for years. But I hung in there and made a wonderful living helping people save money.
    I have waited patiently for years for the electric deregulation to occur.

    I have interviewed with several companies carefully investigating their CEO’s backgroud, leaders, compensation plans, ethics and solvency. I even went so far as to call the providers and manufacturers they represented.

    After careful considerations I found that the New Age Power Bid Company was the place I wanted to call home.

    I have been with them for exactly one (1) month and they are incredible!Being a direct sales company with a great commission makes all the difference in the world.

    The Voltage Control Guard that they offer works well in either residential or commercial or industrial and when piggybacked with the power degregulation in the states that are available – they certainly save a considerable amount of money.

    They are a honest and ethical company and fun to work with!

    I am so happy that I have this opportunity and happy for the revenue I receive.

    If anyone has any questions about the company or the people behind it I would be more than happy to share with you.

    D. Donovan

  15. GWA

    I question every post listed below and or above this one, that considers lower priced utilities a scam. If these new companies provide the service, they provide it at a lower or more competitive price – then we should all buy it!
    In our state, Glacial Energy is consistently providing commercial energy at a lower price. Consistently. And, if the customer does not like the results, he/she can opt out. YOU CAN OPT OUT!
    The only people continually trashing these new utility providers, are the old-school, blue blood, management heavy, borderline-monopoly-providers. You know who you are, and your time…is up!

  16. TOM


  17. Jill

    I have read this article and live in NH and own a large business in NH. We have been with Glacial Energy’s service for over a year and the savings that was shown to us has been proven true. There is no scam just people wanting to make noise. We spend on average $7,000 monthly on elecricity and have nothing but good things to say about Glacial Energy.

  18. Brandy

    I work for the lagest energy broker firm in the country and we represent many energy generation companys. Glacial is not one of them in fact when I see customers with Glaial as their supplier I always run into the same thing they were all told that the rate they were given was fixed for 1 year which is a lie and most of them don’t even realize this because their payment is taken directly from there checking account so they dont even pay attention to their bills to see exactly what their paying. Having a low fixed rate with the option for it to go down if the market price drops with a larger company is better then a variable with a smaller company, companies like glacial do not have the finacial resounces to offer business this. my biggest complaint is that they were lies to by glacial reps.

  19. Steve

    I have recently been offered a job as an agent in the Pittsburgh market for Glacial energy? It has the “too good to be true” feeling. Does anybody have any experience or insight into this?

  20. Bob

    Glacial is 100% a scam. First off they’re banks are located in the Virgin Islands (off shore). They require ACH payments which means that REQUIRE access to your bank accounts for payments. There is a real index and a glacial (fake) index. The real index is where glacial buys their power and the glaicial index is their made up price they sell the power to their unfortunate customers. That spread is where they make their money. They tell their reps that they are only making 3 mils but in reality they are making two or three pennys per kWh because they charge the customer the highest rate possible for all 24 hours of the day. As you know the index is an hourly product, so again, Glacial will charge their customers the highest hourly price for that day ALL 24 hours.

    Glacial is also what is know as a ponzi scheme and we all know that ponzi schemes eventually blow up. The reason Glacial is a ponzi scheme is because they have to charge a price higher than the actual index price to make money. If they actual index price blows up to 15 cents, then glacial will have to charge 18 – 20 cents in order to make money. Rest assure, the real index will one day blow up. If a customer then goes from paying 7 cents to 20 cents the next month they will call the bank and suspend the ACH. When this occurs it will occur for all customers at the same time. If all customers then cancel with glacial at the same time then glacial will be left holding the bag on millions and millions of dollars of power that they will essentially have a margin call on from the ISO. If there is no accounts receivable for that month they they will go belly up that fast. It will only take ONE bad month on the index for glacial to go BK!

    Again, if you do not financially hedge and fix your rate then there is a tremendous amount of risk on both the customer and the supplier. Just ask Franklin Energy (now out of business). This is the reason why Glacial requires ACH. because without it, if their customres ever decided to not pay, they would be left holding the bag on millions and milllions of dollars worth of power. With the ACH they can just take what they want at any time.

    so again, in my professional opinion, glacial is 100% a scam.
    They own ZERO generation! they do ZERO hedging. You think the risk of an index blow up is on their shoulders? heck NO! its on the customers. Good Luck!

  21. tim

    Glacial is a scam. Their quotes are based on small adders and then they jack up the prices. Once customers are on the plan for 6 months they figure that they are asleep at the wheel and raise rates to over 15 cents in many cases. When they complain the rates come down and when they cancel we smack them with extremely high rates.

    I used to work in the main office in the Virgin Islands and the motto by the leadership was “let’s squeeze them for every last dollar.” The leaders have no college education and no morals.

    If you sign up with them they will do everything possible to extract every penny from your bank account.

  22. iluvmycustomers

    I was hired in May 2007 to help Glacial Energy open up MD. They recruited me from an energy broker, so I had some experience in the industry. I was definitely leary about their quoted savings percent, which at the time was 30%, but, hey, they were paying me a good base salary, and I was naive, so I went out and sold it. Then I asked to get my customer’s bills to make sure I would end up with egg on my face. Well, guess what? My customers were being charged MORE than the utility rate, not just a little, but alot. I asked my manager about it, and he solved the problem by ordering our billing reps not to send me any more of my customer’s bills and screaming at me for hours. I work for an energy consultancy now. We regularly run up against unhappy Glacial Energy customers. The company doesn’t have financials, no CFO, and makes up rates as they go along. Their variable rate is a pass through of everything, which is not an ‘all-in’ rate, as they present it to unknowing prospects. They’re also paying their agents huge upfront fees (in the thousands of dollars) to get them into trade associations, chambers of commerce, fleecing their customers, protecting a few. They actually have an employee who’s job it is to scouring the internet every day, looking for complaints and bad press, then countering them posing as happy customers. They’ve been poisoning the electric market for a while, and now they’re poisoning the gas market. Their owner, Gary Mole, financed his $50 million personal jet on the backs of Glacial Energy’s customers. Their headquarters are in the Virgin Islands so they don’t have to pay taxes in the U.S.

    I cannot wait until they finally go out of business.

  23. Glacial Scam

    As a “BDM” with Glacial I signed up several friends and family in PA and saw invoices at 14.2 cents this year vs. the quoted rate of 7.7, 7.8, 7.9 etc…

    I will make Glacial Energy PAY for SCAMMING my friends and family. I work for Glacial Energy and broker for Gexa and Washington Gas. Every account that I heard was a customer of Glacial I am calling on them and switching them over and telling them that they were scammed.

    I still work for Glacial Energy and will try to waste as much time and resources of theirs as I can. Pamphlets = I threw them away. Ink Cartridges = now empty. Expense account = maxed.

    When they fire me I’ll threaten to contact the utility service commission. and force a severence.

  24. Arvie

    I was with New Age for several months. Signed up several accounts, had a group of over 30 people working down line. My problem was, they took my monthly web access fees but I never got a single dime in commissions from them. They would not return my phone calls and would not respond to my emails. I did file a complaint with the AG office to no avail. These guys are master of deception. It is a MLM, do not let anyone tell you otherwise. The commissions are based on how far down the line someone is as to what you earn from your group. I am now a broker with my own business and I make more on one nice account per month than I could earn in a year on that account with New Age. They were saying they paid 40% on 3 mils commission. That is 1.2 mils. they were getting paid 5 mils. Guess where the money was going. They kept laying it off on the computer system for not paying. I have a little knowledge of computers and have a friend that is a programmer. If that was the problem they should have fired their webmaster and got someone that knows what to do. This is a ripoff. All you who are selling for them look into doing your own thing or contact me and I pay 80% commission and help with leads.

  25. I personally know a few people that went with Glacial Energy and loved their service and competitive packages. There were able to keep costs down on a monthly basis by making the switch.

    • electricitybid


      That's a great comment and all but your name is "Sales Associate" how can people really trust your comment coming from a sales associate? We are really looking for satisfied or dissatisfied customers own stories not coming through a company sales associate.

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