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Houston Electricity Prices Are Low Right Now

A Year In Review On Houston Electricity Prices

Last year we saw residential electricity prices in Houston go up to as high as 31 cents per kWh during the summer energy crisis. Right now as of Dec 12 2009 a 1 year fixed rate is going for 10.86 cents per kWh for a residential rate and even cheaper for commercial businesses. The ERCOT balancing energy market went off the charts in 2008 and several electric providers in Houston could no longer honor their fixed energy prices. Fortunately none of the Houston electricity companies we recommend were in the bunch that hiked up their promised fixed rates. The fact that our comparison chart shows only reputable Houston electric providers that have clear straightforward electricity prices and easy to compare terms gives Houston residents an easy way to pick a Houston energy company.

Comparison of Residential Houston Electricity Prices

Check out our straight forward electricity comparison chart below of multiple reputable electric providers in Houston. All fees and charges are bundled into the rate so there is no question left about what you will be paying. You will need to enter your zip code in Houston and click on “continue”.

For a commercial electric rate snapshot click here.

How Can Electricity Bid Help Lower Energy Rates?

Electricity Bid isn’t trying to be slick in their advertising and marketing language as we are about clear easy to understand layman type lingo without the hidden fees and charges. Our energy consultants are not coached in avoiding certain topics when customers ask interrogating questions. Our consultants do not need to make the electricity rates look better because we are not representing one brand. Instead of having several used car salesmen that are pulled off a car lot we have seasoned energy professionals that work for us because they can be a customer advocate instead of selling a brand. We have old TXU guys, and people from other familiar Houston electricity brands here to find the cheapest Houston energy rate among up to 10 – 15 electricity suppliers.

The Difference Between An Energy Consultant and Energy Broker

Based on your situation you may need to find a residential or commercial electric rate without having to pay a deposit. We have information on ways to lower or avoid deposit amounts altogether for those with no established credit or with less than perfect credit. Sometimes there is no way to avoid the deposit but we can atleast work with you. When you call a big brand energy company it sounds more like one way or no way to get electricity turned on in your name. When you call Electricity Bid you are offered some energy choices that fit your requirements rather than a set of rules you have to meet based on one providers rate plans.

Lowest Electricity Rate Wins The Bid

We are not obliged to work for a particular Houston electricity company which is why we are a true energy consultant instead of a shil company representing one or two brands. Our business model is based on representing you our client as your energy consultant rather than the electricity companies in Houston. We work so that Houston energy suppliers fight to win your commercial energy business or residential electric usage. By operating an integrity based business model where the customer is represented rather than the provider you are given excellence in price, terms and conditions in your energy contract, and a personal customer service experience. You don’t have to worry about a coached sales person strategically telling you things in a way that makes a horrible electricity rate sound good. We are your consultant in the Houston electricity market and that is why we continue to have a very high customer retention rate and earn the respect of our competition and clients.

You can call Electricity Bid at 1-800-971-4020


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