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Texas Electric Company Complaints

It has been since October 2009 since the PUCT has updated their electricity provider complaint scorecard but here it is.

Oct 2009 Texas Electricity Company Complaints Scorecard

The PUCT is not allowed to disclose exactly how many customers an electric provider has accumulated during the year or a given month. Since we do not know the volume of customers being signed up it makes the scorecard a little skewed for larger or smaller energy companies. If an electricity company in Texas is not signing up electric customers on any given month it could make their scorecard look very good.

You can look at the PUCT filings to see how many complaints a particular Texas electric company has received to give you an idea about the volume of customers they sign up on a monthly basis. Hopefully this complaint scorecard will give you some idea on what energy companies are worth switching to. Thankfully several of the electricity providers in our comparison chart have decent complaint records with the Texas PUCT.

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  1. sally fuqua

    I have called Star TEX Power four times to come and handle a faulty breaker outside of our townhome. I even explained to them that in cold weather, when we turn on the heat, the breaker does not hold and our electricity goes off. I diagnosed the problem FOR THEM.

    Still they have not replaced the breaker and STILL our power goes off when it gets cold.

    What do we have to do to get some service!!!! AND a new provider!



  2. C Cook

    got one of those new smart meters and bills have jumped from 200 to 500
    got a bill today 874 dollars how is this possilbe with all these energy star appliances?
    This meter continues to say we are using 22.86kv even when I turn the main breaker off.
    Even with everything on in the house won’t add up to 22 thousand watts but they say is this meter is correct, but I know better.

    What ever happen to that guy that made a generator that would power a house for 6 months on a 9 volt battery?

  3. Jessica Weitman

    Green Mountain and Oncor put a new Smart Meter at my place because I asked for an actual read for the month of December because I feel I shouldn’t have to pay for electricity I haven’t used just because their lazy tech, Lonnie Griffin, didn’t feel like getting out of his truck to read the old meter in the first place. I’ve been sending complaints to everyone I was told to by Green Mountain, but the Attorney General and the PUC don’t want to do a real investigation, they just want to try to push the little guy around from their offices and continue to get rich believing their partners in crime.

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