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Electricity Rates Are Cheap Right Now

Unless you are an energy professional you probably don’t spend a great deal of time paying attention to what electricity rates are doing in your town. Some summers you may have been able to sign up at a very cheap electricity price and then the next summer prices are high again. The same type of price fluctuations happen in the winter as well. Some people spur on the misconception that electricity rates are always higher during the summer. This is not always the case it is just that there is usually more price volatility in the summer time. This price volatility can cause electricity rates to go down dramatically just as much as go up.

Winter months can be just as volatile to electricity prices. Fortunately this winter electricity prices have remained low. Even today as energy prices are up you can still lock in at a very good electricity rate. For the last several weeks prices have been coming down and looking better and better. Electricity can only come down so much and at this time we are experiencing some very good energy price levels. If you are wanting to wait until electricity rates come down even further I do not recommend this strategy. We have a good position right now to lock in for 1 – 2 years on a very good fixed electric rate.

To wait and see if prices come down even further can get you in a delimma as you probably haven’t considered the risk reward of locking in your rate compared to waiting. By waiting you can see energy prices go up 10% per week until all of a sudden only 3 weeks of waiting for electricity rates to come back down your energy prices are 30% higher. Most people eventually become scared as the price seems to be ever increasing and they buy high.

We want to encourage those wondering when to lock in to a fixed electricity price to not wait until electricity rates spike up. Go ahead and get in at a historically low level in electricity prices. You can have a predictable fixed electricity rate that will not change or as long as you decide to sign up for. You can always do a blend and extend contract later on if electricity rates dramatically decrease even further. At this time I think we are close to a bottom in energy price levels.

To begin to sign up for either residential or commercial electricity in Texas you will need to click on the “Compare Electricity Rates” link at the top of this page. For commercial rates you may contact us by clicking here.


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