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NRG Energy The Company That Owns Reliant Buys Green Mountain Energy

NRG Energy just bought Green Mountain Energy for $350 million dollars.

NRG Energy is the New Jersey based power generation company that bought Reliant Energy not that far back.

So Green Mountain Energy and Reliant Energy are now under the same corporate umbrella known as NRG Energy. Very interesting development.

I wonder what the Green environmental activists will have to say about a power generation company buying “Green” Mountain Energy?

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  1. platypus

    One word: monopoly. Individual or community energy independence is the only viable response to corporate providers that vie to buy each other out which results in growing monopolies. Let's remember, there is no board game called Free Market but there is one called Monopoly. And as the game suggests it starts as a free market, with say four players, until one eventually owns it all. Anyone who has played Monopoly knows what the objective is.

    • electricitybid

      They do seem to be buying up a lot of electric companies don't they. I can get hard after awhile to figure out just what large brand owns all these little ones. You may think you are buying electricity from a new company only to find out later you are still with the same provider in a way under the larger umbrella company.

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