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Howe Texas, Essential Services Guide

If you are moving into a new place in Howe TX we have a nice little relocator guide below that can help you get some of the typical services turned on, hooked up, setup, and in place so you feel right at home.

Shanda D. recently visited our website to compare energy prices and so we wanted to offer her and those in the area a useful services sheet. Sometimes it can be hard to know who to call for what service when first moving in and so we think the below information will at least help get you going.

Our website is devoted to encouraging you to compare and find a cheap electric rate with a great electric company serving the Howe Texas area. Below are additional resources you eventually may need at your Home in Howe.

Water Utilities
116 East Haning Street Howe, TX 75459‎
(903) 532-5571

Solid Waste and Garbage Pick-up
Bradshaw & Son Trash Services
1005 Houston Street
(972) 924-3014
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Jerry’s Trash Services
209 Edwards Road
Van Alstyne
(903) 482-6696
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Natural Gas
Atmos Energy Corp.
# 18, 5430 Lyndon B Johnson Freeway
(972) 934-9227

Titan Plumbing
106 Pitchfork Road
Howe, TX
(903) 532-5060
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Heating and Air Conditioning
Baker Air Conditioning & Heating Inc
215 North Denny Street Howe, TX 75459
(903) 532-6255

Amp Electric Inc.
8239 County Road 529
Anna, TX
(972) 924-5255
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Reynold’s Electric and Air Conditioning
2618 Sherwood Drive
Sherman, TX
(903) 892-1154

Kirk’s Painting
200 Meadow Lark Lane
Anna, TX
(972) 632-7772

Accountant and Taxes
609 North Denny Street
Howe, TX
(903) 532-1040

Auto Repair
120 North Collins Freeway
(903) 532-6112
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Financial Planning and Investments
Tim Hightower & Associates
107 King Avenue
(903) 532-8074
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Lawn Care and Mowing
Meridian Lawns
118 Magnolia Street
(972) 370-6624
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Special T Lawn Care
308 Acklington Drive
Anna, TX
(469) 585-1661
Website Google Plus Page

LeCrone Law Firm, PC
123 North Crockett Street #200
(903) 813-1900

Howe Family Dentistry: Karleskint Michael DDS
100 South Collins Freeway
Howe, TX
(903) 532-5545

Pest Control
911 Wildlife
309 South Denny Street
Howe, TX
(903) 893-2911

Texas Farm Bureau Insurance
1278 West Van Alstyne Parkway
Van Alstyne
(903) 712-4393

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