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Essential Services in Huntsville, TX

One of the first things you will need to do when moving into a new place in Huntsville is to get your water, gas, and electricity turned on as well as getting garbage pick up service started.

We have provided all of these services and more available below to make the process of relocating simple and efficient. Our service on this website is to assist you in comparing electric rates and ordering this service online.

Please use the compare chart by entering your zip code to get started. You will be done in a coupe of minutes. I hope the below services are useful to you and if you provide a service you feel is deserving to be in this list please let us know.

Water Utilities
Phone: (936) 291-5431
Online Bill Payment and Member Registration

Solid Waste Garbage Pick Up
Fee Schedule
Phone: 936-294-5743
Fax: 936-291-1021

Natural Gas
Atmos Energy
Phone: (888) 286-6700

Affordable Plumbing Company
Phone: (936) 291-7886
Fax: (936) 438-8259
8 Frank Cloud Rd, Huntsville, TX 77320

Heating and Air Conditioning
All-Temp Heating and Air
3000 Old Houston Road
Huntsville, TX
(936) 291-7836

McCaffety Electric
1711 Sycamore Avenue
Huntsville, TX
(936) 295-2831
Website Google Plus Page

Wiley’s Painting
201 Elmwood Street
(936) 291-2014
Google Plus Page

Accountant and Tax Preparation
Kenneth C Davis & Co
1300 11th St # 400
Huntsville, TX
(936) 291-3020

Auto Repair
Tune Up Plus
1506 11th Street
Huntsville, TX
(936) 295-8981
Google Plus Page

Home Cleaning Service
Laura’s House Cleaning Services
Green Briar Drive Huntsville, TX 77340
Phone: (936) 874-2110
Website Google Plus Page

Lawn Care, Mowing, Landscaping and Maintenance
Liles Lawn Service
1841 Hwy 75N
(936) 581-6969

Scott A. Logan
3205 Robinson Creek Parkway
Huntsville, TX
(936) 291-6589

Pest Control
Precision Pest Control
130 FM 2821 Rd W
Huntsville, TX
(936) 291-9473
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