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Virtual Human Hamster Wheel Generates Electricity While You Workout


The illegal nature of the big gulp drink in New York city, the Chavez requirements that hot showers happen on only certain days of the week, and cities developed for strictly bicycle travel (cars and trucks strictly forbidden) help feed the conspiracy’s that swirl in my head. Maybe we finally arrive at the answer to it all where there is an endless supply of electricity and we end such things as pollution, world hunger or this CO2 thing Al Gore keeps talking about.

Think of it, one day we are strongly encouraged by our government to workout on a daily basis at workout stations that create electricity on site and send it on the electric grid for the other human hamsters. Come to think of it we would be huffing and puffing quite a bit of CO2 so that begs the question if we would need to wear a carbon emissions capturing mask as we workout?

Okay that’s a little spooky, of course that scenario is very unlikely but the conspiracy theories are always a fun thing to work out in ones head as I sometimes like to do.

6Here is an awesome idea produced and actually being used right now in a park in Hull Northwest England. So far the park has generated 40,000 kilowatt hours of electricity based on information from The Great Outdoor Gym Company. That is enough electricity to run 3 – 4 homes for a year on electric power. You can like them on Facebook here.

In general people can typically make about a kilowatt hour of electricity per day. So in a smaller city like Tyler Texas that has about 50,000 people capable of working out at a gym that could feasibly be a very big human hamster lab experiment. Your talking a good sized amount of energy being produced! Creating several gyms like this across the city and offering incentives for their use, you could get 50,000 kilowatt hours created per day that would power about 1200 homes. They say each person can easily generate at least 1 kilowatt hour per day.

All the sudden this idea sounds really great but if it were to ever get coupled with a law of some kind that forced people to generate electricity each day via exercise you kind of would be a hamster in the government spoke. We would collectively solve the worlds energy and pollution problem by actually being in a literal “rate race”.

The justification in selling the law could be that it’s for the good of the health of the citizens and to reduce pollution but at the same time your talking about a lot of money these human hamsters would be creating in the name of the environment. At this level of government control you would actually be trading human dignity and authority over the environment for environmental authority and control over humans. Quite a bit of backwards thinking here but this is actually how many people think and lots of them seem to have no way to stop just how far off the deep end they will go.

In summary, there is always a trade off in our earthly environment in order to offer benefits to humans. Pollution is something that will always happen as long as there are people. We should always work to reduce litter, pollution, etc. and live in moderation. The electricity generating outdoor gym is a great idea and I wish we had one in Tyler TX, nonetheless I can’t help but think of myself as a little turbine spinning hamster using one of these and the government temptation of implementing something like this as a required part of society in say something like the year 2050.


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