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Electricity Opens Door to Natural Pain Killers in Brain

brainPeople routinely get hooked on pain killers from their doctors when only initially going in to be treated for a debilitating injury that causes pain in the back and joints.

What often happens like in the case of retired sports athletes is that an addiction to legal drugs occur and this sets their life to spiral out of control.

The good side of drugs to relieve pain is that it does just that but the bad consequences leaves marriages shattered, kids without a mother or father and life long problems. Many times the person addicted loses his life to the addiction way before their time.

University of Michigan researchers have discovered a non-invasive transcranial direct current stimulation that tricks the brain into giving off endogenous opioids. These are the most powerful natural pain killers that we know of.

Usually these naturally produced drugs of the body only occur during very traumatic periods the body has to fight such as a car accident, gun shot wound, etc.

The way it works is that a very small amount of current is applied exactly to the outside of the head that manipulates the neurons in the brain.

By doing this scientists can make the brain think that a traumatic event is going on which allows the opioids to be released without any accident actually taking place.

This new break through addresses numbing pain like any pain killer could do but it obviously does nothing to heal whatever the actual problem is causing the pain. Unfortunately the pain caused from a migraine cannot be dulled through this technique but it does work for many other forms of chronic pain.

The strategies currently being worked on are to research ways to further reduce clinical pain and boost pain tolerance.


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