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17 Year Old Generates Electricity in Bedroom with Algae Biofuel Lab

saraSara has aspirations much like you might hear from someone like Einstein, she wants to “understand the universe”.

At such a young age she most recently has taken this ambition to build an algae biofuel lab in order to develop algae that generates electricity more efficiently.

Underneath her loft bed she has a large cylinder container where she carefully selects algae that creates a higher oil content in order to create biofuel at a cheaper price tag and quicker than average.

Through her work she was able to come a way with the win from the Intel Talent Search contest which came with a $100,000 prize.

Sara Volz may have actually come up with a commercially viable algae-based biofuel that is much cheaper than traditional methods of working through the process.

Instead of tweaking the algae genome she has used herbicides to kill algae cells with low levels of the enzyme that makes the oil.

When you kill the low-level stuff you end up with all the high yield oil-producing cells.

Other researchers have approached the problem by tweaking the algae genome or selecting the prime environmental conditions for algae growth. Volz’s approach, she said, is different and lower cost. It relies on a herbicide that kills algae cells with low levels of an enzyme crucial to making oil.

Has Sara Volz become the new “big oil” and will the super sensitive and frenzied liberals from Hollywood setup a protest outside her home?

Sara will likely miss the spotlight of the protesters but that hasn’t stopped her from sleeping right above her plants and even on the same light cycle that the plants live from.

You will soon find Sara at MIT where she will be enrolling as an incoming freshmen next year.

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