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Carbon Tax Costs in Texas as it Relates to Electric Service

carbonThe cost of using natural gas would go up by about 40 percent in 2013.

Your homes electric bill is made up of 45 % natural gas costs so you can imagine just how bad that would hurt your pocket book.

Operation costs for many Texas businesses would jump and this is where the costs would really be felt by Texans as everything you buy dramatically goes up in price.

Most of your gasoline price is already in the form of tax but consider that the price would rise by another 20 cents per gallon because of this tax in the first year, 2013.

You can expect your electric rate to rise by about 10 % on average in the first year, 2013.

The loss of income by Texas workers because of this fictitious global warming scare tax would by be about the equivalent of 105,000 people losing their jobs in 2013 and about 270,000 people losing their job by 2023.

Any kind of energy intensive manufacturing would lose about 4 % in economic output while non-energy-intensive manufacturing would lose about 1.8 %.

The refining sectors would lose about 4.4 % in economic output. All of this loss in output is simply because corrupt politicians want to siphon this money into a large tax scheme slush fund that will be used for all kinds of politically corrupt purposes that have little to do with saving the environment.

carbon-2Look at social security, medicare, Obamacare, the financial sector, quantitative easing 1 – 5 and all the government bailouts. The carbon tax scheme is just another government problem to solve a problem that will do nothing but make all your problems worse.

In summary, I voted against these corrupt politicians as best as I could but for those that did not this carbon tax is about to hit and you will get to enjoy the reality of it very soon while the politicians simply see it as a way to make another quick buck with no thought about the ramifications.


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