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German Government Revising Climate Advisory Board Because of Prophetic Tendencies

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAfter years of Germany’s Angela Merkel relying on Chairman Schellnhuber to forecast the future Armageddon of the earth via man-made global warming she has finally decided to hopefully kick his keester out of the advisory council.

The problem is the damage is already done because even in the face of economic disaster related to Germany’s major investments in solar they listened to this activist advisory board instead and continued to shovel more money into green technology.

The junior partner of Angela Merkel’s coalition government has decided to block re-appointment of Professor Hans-Joachim Schellnhuber as the chairman of the German Advisory Council on Global Change for another 4 year term.

The WBGU directly consults Chancellor Angela Merkel on issues related to environment and climate world wide disaster. There are 10 people on this board and all of them are leaders in their various fields.

The FDP party, which is the coalition partner of Merkel’s government are not content any longer with the prophetic incites coming out of the WBGU advisory council.

With never ending alarmist remarks about sea level rises and glaciers completely melting off the face of mountains because of CO2 emissions the German government has finally conceded these prophetic announcements very well may not be true at all.

Germany’s green industry collapse is moving faster than most ever anticipated, and has the media reversing positions and even hiding archived news stories exclaiming the virtues of man-made global warming theory. It’s no wonder the German government is now moving against their activist climate science board.

Even now the German solar industry is dissolving faster than you can even see. 1/3rd of all solar businesses disappeared in a year. Solar subsidies of 100 billion euros and more [$130 billion] over 20 years have led to hardly anything of value. As of today there are barely 6000 employees in the German solar cell and module production.

Germany is now building 6 new coal power plants and stopping neighboring countries from dumping intermittent renewable energy into their grid which continues to show a shift away from these WBGU advisory scientists absurd claims about the demise of the earth due to CO2.

Instead of going with the current board of lunatic mad scientists the FDP party wants to see some fresh faces along with fresh ideas. Instead of having an advisory panel that seem to do nothing more than offer up naive plans that make no economic or scientific sense they hope for some common sense critically thought out solutions.

The amount of clear activistism based  mad science has shown a pattern over the years with dogmatism and no sense of reality dominating the ideas that influenced the Merkel government.

Professor Schellnhuber has even gone so far as to say in a sad demeanor that the earth would explode if the world population reached 9 billion and that the earth can really only hold less than 1 billion people.

In further talks with Merkel’s government you find where Schellhnhuber and his group of mad scientists had firmly decided that CO2 was going to warm the planet by 6 degrees Celcius by 2100 unless the government implemented their recommendations on drastic reductions in CO2 levels.

In a master plan given out to the German government the advisory board decided the earth needed a more authoritarian global government and a marginalization of climate science dissidents and skeptics.

His ideal would be that citizens and society would sit and listen to these scientists give their far out predictions on what people would do to the earth via CO2 emissions as well as policies that would be enacted and be powerless to do anything about it.

Prof. Hans von Storch admitted that these advisers had indeed taken on the role of prophets.

There was even a far out claim made by Schellnhuber where he declared that Himalayan glaciers would melt by 2035.

The main problem this advisory board has caused for Germany is the severe energy inflation consumers and industrial businesses have felt.

Once the energy inflation reached epic proportions of 24 cents per kilowatt hour to run electricity in your home it did nothing to stop further activist behavior by the board.

Rather than putting a halt to further green moves that cause energy prices to rise which have really hurt the consumer Schellnhuber and his WBGU demanded the government look past economics and push the green initiative even further.

At this point the advisory council seemed to have no sense of pragmatic level headedness about the practicalities of modern life and more common sense ways to clean up the environment.

One of the more absurd episodes of the WBGU happened when a recent comic book publication was issued for kids that was 140 pages in length showing Schellnhuber and his WBGU colleagues as environmental heroes rescuing the planet from greenhouse gases.

The comic book even showed those who released CO2 in the atmosphere as villains that had to be handled.

schellnhuber-comic-hereWith no more ability at being rational the WBGU released propaganda comic books, prophetic claims about the earth, glaciers, sea level rises, and criticizing Merkel directly they seem to have put themselves in a place where the government is set to gladly kick them out of their ivory tower once and for all.

What these problems with these activist scientists and his group with the WBGU boils down to is overselling their science to such a degree that it has done way more harm for true environmentalism than it has to actually help the real pragmatic cause people genuinely desire to do which is to keep the earth clean of pollution.

Spiegel has named a list of acclaimed scientists who are very critical of Schellnhuber and his activism. With this recent blocked appointment of Schellnhuber there has been praise from the skeptic side and anger from the man-made warmist side.

It’s not decided yet if Schellnhuber will get the boot from the Merkel government but even if that doesn’t happen there should be some new faces with some differing ideas than what we currently see on the board.

In summary, Germany has really led the way with carbon credits, solar and wind subsidies in hopes of reducing CO2 emissions but all it has done is permanently wreck the German economy and its consumers.

As you see the tide shifting from these radical ways to more pragmatic solutions we can only hope that the U.S. will look to this as an example and shift to more pragmatic solutions instead of continuing to fund companies like Solyndra, Fisker, FirstSolar, and other failures at the expense of the tax payer.

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