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Carrollton Texas Electric Choices

Located on the outskirts of Dallas, Carrolton was established in 1878, and has a population of about 125,595 and of these people all have a choice in electric companies they choose. Of course, children ask your parents before changing your electric provider.

Like its surrounding cities and towns, its only energy provider was once TXU because what was at one time known as TU electric was broken up into 3 companies when Texas deregulated in 2002.

carrolltonWhen you choose a cheaper provider you are still getting your electric service from a generation plant that you likely have always used. To help make sense of how this works consider that you have always had one electric line coming to your house and that my friends will never change.

In Texas the electric grid is a real-time grid which means all power that comes over the electric line to your house was just generated a few minutes before being utilized by your air conditioner and appliances.

This real-time grid means that the Electric Reliability Council of Texas closely estimates what the next days power needs will be and kicks on enough generation plants to make sure every home and business gets the power they need.

It’s amazing how efficiently our electric grid runs with very few outages or brownouts. It’s important for you to know that even though you will always receive the same power from the same generation facilities you can still shop for a cheaper rate.

Multiple companies compete by buying power as a commodity via a trade. These companies hedge their prices and break up all that energy for residential and commercial customers they sell to.

Some retail providers are much better at buying low and selling you cheap power and others aren’t nearly as good at it.

In summary, it is always to the consumers advantage to use a site like this compare electric prices and companies and choose the best rate. Our tool at the top is where you begin. Please enter your zip code and click on compare and you will begin your search for a cheaper electricity bill.

Now residents can choose from the best electric rates and companies by comparing them right here. For more information, call 1-800-971-4020.


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